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    I'd set up a flower stall at the end of the road, you'd make a killing (no pun intended)
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    how to get rid of your rubbish...

    I have a large green wheelie bin that all my paper, card, tin and plastic goes in, this is emptied every other week. My landfill bin often goes in the back of my van on a trip to one of my customers who has a waste compactor, it's been as far north as Bury and as far south as St Albans :D
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    Part P dilemma

    Just let me know if you need a bit of 2.5mm red + black T+E :wink:
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    What role of work do you do?

    Maintenance for a lot of high street shops and pubs + local council house stuff.
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    who's British

    I consider myself to be 100% English.
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    blazing fires

    Do you work at Camden market by any chance? :wink:
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    who does not speed

    It depends on how many Bacardi Breezers it took to get in her in the first place! :wink:
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    Ha ha

    The socket that my tumble dryer's fed from is a spur from next door :wink:
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    who does not speed

    I'm a white van man with all the time in the World, I wish I had a pound for every time I'm tailgated for simply sticking to the limit. Country lanes with a national speed limit are the worst as I'm limited to 50 MPH where as cars can do 60 MPH. I always wonder if the driver behind thinks that...
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    Bloody ambulance chasers!

    Coal dust in his eye? :wink: I had an old boy run into the back of me in December after I stopped to turn right. He was sure it wasn't his fault and that he hadn't cracked my bumper. I now have a shiny new bumper courtesy of his insurence company. I didn't claim for loss of...
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    New RCD Consumer Unit keeps tripping

    Did your old fuse board have an RCD fitted? If the RCD is tripping under load then it could suggest a neutral to earth fault somewhere on the installation.
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    Cooker Wiring

    Hmmm, I'd say you've got a burnt wire problem. Probably caused by a loose/bad conection.
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    Fluorescent fitting C/W PIR.

    That's odd, I've a customer with a warehouse full off them. Two have fell down and he wants them replacing. They don't look that old. The ballasts in them are made by Phillips but they don't make the fittings.
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    Fluorescent fitting C/W PIR.

    Any idea where I can get a 6ft twin fluorescent fitting with a PIR on? The fitting in question operates by having both lamps on at a dimmed light until somebody approaches, the lamps then come on to full brightness. No wholesaler has been able to help so if anybody has a link to a site...
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    would you

    A Certain 'Warehouse' where you can buy 'Carphones' had all their shop fuse boards specially made by Proteus.