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    Dormer side wall - concrete tiles

    Thanks for your replies – but nobody has answered my main question about the special tilting fillet required at the rake for the angle cut tiles! This really has me stumped because if I have to use a separate tilting block under the longer edge(lowest cover) of every cut tile then I can’t see...
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    Dormer side wall - concrete tiles

    Hi, I’m about to lay Marley plain concrete tiles on my vertical dormer cheeks. I’ve never done this before but can see that if I just put a normal tilting batten down for the angle cut tiles at the base rake abutment(slope of the existing roof) then these angle cut tiles will sit with their...
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    Lead replacement flashing

    What's this stuff like compared to lead? How long will it last. I'm having to do window details etc on my DIY dormer. If this stuff is crap do they do plastic moulded parts instead of having to get someone to weld lead aprons etc. My dormer face will be concrete tiled and I've looked...
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    Drywalling after adding steel beams and posts.

    Thanks Jbonding - much appreciated.
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    Drywalling after adding steel beams and posts.

    Hi, I am doing a loft conversion and the structural engineer has specified steel beams running just below my existing ceiling. I plan on covering these beams with plasterboard and skimming. Can anyone tell me the correct way to attach the plasterboard to the the steel beams as I'm worried...
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    Trimming rafters for gable ended dormer

    Hi, I'm doing a loft conversion with my trussed rafter house built in 2001. The structural engineer has specified that I'll have doubled up rafters either side of the trimmed hole. 3 rafter will be trimmed giving a dormer width of 4 x 0.6 = 2.4m. I've noticed that some dormers require the...
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    Mega drilling of new floor joists

    Hi, I'm doing a fairly large loft conversion and my structural engineer has specified triple 145x45 C16 floor joists bolted to the existing roof trusses with M10 Grade 8.8 nuts and bolts and washers and timber connectors between each timber- holes at 60cm centres. It's a very large bungalow...
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    New bathroom waste and grey water drainage questions.

    New bathroom waste and grey water drainage questions. Hi there, I'm doing a loft conversion and my bathroom will be directly above and existing bathroom which has a 100mm dia waste pipe underneath. This waste pipe then Tee's into another waste pipe that runs from the kitchen out from...
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    Can you plaster/skim directly to steel?

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am doing a loft conversion and need to run some steel posts down through my existing 100mm (including 12.5mm plaster board each side) partition walls. Problem is my steel posts are also 100mm. Can a good plaster skim onto steel? Would he be able to blend it...
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    problem Filling Modena 102 Combi boiler central heating.

    Hi all, I hope sommeone can help me. I drained my central heating to re route some pipes under a beam. The beam is being fitted as part of a loft conversion. When I rerouted the inlet and outlet pipes they went down approx 30cm then straight for approx 30cm length then back up to original...
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    Made to measre joist hangers

    Hi, First post here. I am doing a loft conversion and I'll need 12 special joist hangers as standard ones aren't long enough. I'm hanging 3 off 145x45 joists bolted together in the same hangers. So hanger has to be approx 135-150mm wide. I estimate the length of the hanger has to be...