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    Samsung heat pump tumble dryer

    My Samsung hp dryer is now taking forever to dry a load. I stripped it down and emptied a huge amount of fluff from inside the casing and washed down the condenser etc. this definitely improved airflow through the machine greatly but it’s still not performing as it used to. it does get warm...
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    Best extractor fan for bathroom

    Thanks, that’s the one I’ve currently got but doesn’t seem to have nearly as much oomph as the xpelair did.
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    Best extractor fan for bathroom

    Looking for some advice, I had one of these for my en-suite and it worked well for many years (100mm variant)...
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    Electrical consumption oil boiler

    We typically use around 16kWh of electricity a day. Which is high but tolerable. What is interesting is that we were away for a couple of days and it seems like the house uses 5kwh a day with none of the usual appliances in use. This seems very high and I’m trying to narrow it down. We have...
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    High Temperature Heat Pump Vs Oil

    It would be air source, something like this which claims to deliver 80 DegC water All marketing information, on the face of it seems good, keen for real world feedback on such systems. If we had...
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    High Temperature Heat Pump Vs Oil

    We currently have oil fired heating in a 2006 build 4 bed bungalow with radiator (unfortunately not underfloor heating). Boiler has been very reliable to date and I've no immediate plans to replace it, but if and when it gives up the ghost I'm thinking about replacing it with a high temperature...
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    Bathroom Fan

    I've not had a look at it yet, it was easier to type something here than go into the loft. Will get round to it soon. Its one of these so doesn't seem budget, it has been in operation for about 13 years...
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    Bathroom Fan

    I have an xpelair in-line fan for my en-suite. I've noticed over the last few months that it takes about 10 seconds to build up to full speed. Sound kinda cool actually, like its some massive piece of equipment starting up... Anyway, this morning it just buzzed for a while then got going...
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    Drayton Wiser oil heating

    I'm considering adding the Drayton wiser system to replace the typical programmer with manual thermostat \ trv set up but someone mentioned on a different post that oil boilers tend to pull more current than gas boilers and cited this as a reason for premature failure of a programmer. The...
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    Hotpoint Tumble dryer recall

    When we moved into our house the previous owners left a hotpoint tumble drier. It worked fine for a couple of years before making bad noises so decided to get a new one. Being curious I thought I'd take apart the old one to see what was wrong with it and I was astounded at the amount of fluff...
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    Hello, We're looking to revamp our en-suite in a couple of months and have been pointed in the direction of 'crosswater' for the sanitryware / cabinets etc - any experience with this company? Any good? Also, does 6k sound fair to replace a shower tray with wetroom floor, replace existing...
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    Kingspan septic tank not working

    Throw a few dead cats in it .That'll get it going again
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    whats on my filter?

    Out of interest how old is your cylinder? Mine is cracking on for 13 years and clearly these things have a finite life...
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    Why are my flow and return pipes connected?

    Does it make it any better if it's a gate valve (like mine is)? Always thought it odd, and otherwise professionally installed system.
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    Oil Boilers - Range of Output

    Interesting - thanks.