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19 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
We typically use around 16kWh of electricity a day. Which is high but tolerable. What is interesting is that we were away for a couple of days and it seems like the house uses 5kwh a day with none of the usual appliances in use. This seems very high and I’m trying to narrow it down.

  • We have the usual smattering of tv’s, internet router etc on standby but I don’t think it’s that
  • A large fridge freezer which I thought was a prime candidate but seems it uses less than 1 kWh a day.
  • A smaller undercounter fridge which is a contender and I will be attaching a plug in energy monitor to that soon to see how much it actually uses
  • We have an oil fired heating system. As we were only away for a couple of days we just left the normal heating schedule running - do oil boilers typically use a lot of electricity? It’s not so easy to monitor energy consumption for that in isolation.
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I did a recent freezer check it uses around 850wH per day, so you are not far out with that.

In all day, deep of winter, we are using 7Kwh per day - gas CH, freezer, fridge/freezer, 3 x routers, 8x Smart Plugs turning things on and off, big flatscreen and laptop on most of the time I am up. All of which suggests your 5Kwh is rather high for unoccupied. Our unoccupied in the summer figure is around 3.5Kw, that being the 3x routers, Smart plugs switching lights on/off to simulate someone home and fridges/freezers working a bit harder in the summer heat.

Oil boilers will use a little more power when running, to run the injector pump. You could always fit a plug and socket on it, temporarily to check the consumption.
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Oil boilers use around 100w when they're firing, and next to nothing when they aren't. Your central heating pump could be drawing 110w if it's old (modern high efficiency ones use less than 45w)

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