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6 Oct 2014
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone,

I am trying to analyse our energy consumption. We live in an average size bungalow, there is a glowworm boiler in the basement, 10 radiators, hot water cylinder (a megaflo if it matters) and gas hob. Electricity wise we have the usual kettle, electric oven, computers, lights.

I have a year's usage of electricity and gas and it seems on the very high side.

From September 13 to March 14 (6 months in winter) we spent 4,519 kWh of electricity and 23,514 kWh of gas. For the next 6 months we spent 4,306 kWh of electricity and 12,227 kWh of gas.

I switched gas and electricity off and did not detect any obvious leaks.

So either we actually do spend all this energy or may be the meters are out of kilt, or a bit of both.

The gas meter is quite old and in 100s of cubic feet. The electricity meter is only a few years old, it is small, compact, has a little red light occasionally flashing as you use electricity.

Are there any further simple tests I can run to establish proper functioning of the meters at least?

For example I was thinking of switching on the kettle which is a known wattage and read the meter to see if it records the expected. But I may have to wait a long time with the kettle constantly on. And for the gas may be I can read the boiler labels, somewhere it will say how much gas it uses per minute , I am not sure.

Any help appreciated.
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Number of occupants especially teenage children, they use electricity by the Mw, and are always in the shower!!
Sept - March - 5692 Electricity 16641 Gas

April - Sept - 3883 and 5699

How do you plan to find leaks by switching things off? ;).

Very rare that meters are out.

Family of 3, heavy users, detached 4 bed house. LED lights, modern boiler heavy hot water usage.

Powerful PC on 24 hours a day.

I do however waste a lot of gas testing stuff out, although I'm not sure if this would have tangible effects on our bills.
lighting computers and games consoles/tvs are likley to be the main cost assuming you have no heaters running on electric

what sort off lighting do you have ???
do you have any low energy or led bulbs?
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Thanks for the suggestions. It seems the gas boiler is very old and very inefficient and the electric I have not determined yet.
When did you last have your boiler serviced? As part of the service, it would be cleaned, tested, adjusted, checked for correct gas rate and that it is safe to use. Money well spent?? ;)
Andy, your electricity seems very similar to Dan's but your gas is much higher.

To meaningfully continue the discussion tell us the make and model of boiler and the construction of the floor, walls and roof and size of your bungalow.

I believe "when was your boiler last serviced" is a relevant question concerning gas consumption. Check the appliance first before disappearing down a rabbit hole involving insulation values of individual houses. If he has an old 50-65% efficient boiler that hasn't been serviced in 15 years with matching high water content radiators.........

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