1. L

    Terrestrial and satellite installation advise needed.

    Hi, In my new home I have a single coaxial cable heading from outside to inside box where it meets coaxial cables running to TV/Radio sockets installed in all rooms. I am planning to install DAB, FM, DVB antennas using triplexer/combiner and satellite dish with with two LNBs attached to splitter...
  2. B

    Splitter before Distribution Box

    Is it OK to place a splitter before a TV distribution box. I have one TV that runs from a cable in the loft, the aerial also runs to the loft and these are currently joined. I have several cables that run from the cellar to points around the house. The easiest thing to do is to put a 8 or 16 way...
  3. D

    New aerial type?

    I lost the signal from my 30yr old aerial, it was pointed straight at a booster station a few km off. I turned the tv on to see what gives whilst I tinker with the aerial; when I disconnected the coax from the aerial the visual/audio returned? But the signal vanished when I reconnected to the...
  4. S

    Aerial cable

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone knew the reason for my aerial cable not fitting my ANT port on my new Samsung smart TV. The end of the cable and the port itself are the exact same size so I can’t fit either one into the other. Please help!
  5. B

    BBC1 and BBC2 Not Receiving - Log Periodic Aerial

    Hello I have bought a log periodic aerial from TLC It does not pick up BBC1 and BBc2 and possibly others. I thought this aerial type would be OK for Winter Hill. I am not close but receive an excellent signal with a bigger aerial on an...
  6. C

    Moved to a flat aerial socket loose and is not connected ?

    HI i just moved to a flat. The TV reception is sporadic at best and we have been needing to re-tune it every few days. I have tried to look online and all the sockets seem to be wired in and the live wire connected ? Does this look normal ? Any advice would be great thank you.
  7. M

    Is this normal?

    Hi all I live in a block of 15 flats, and we have a shared aerial which is wired to all the flats. The connection into my flat has just failed for the second time in 4 years. When this happens, the building management company pay "someone" to come and repair it each time, but to my eyes it...
  8. B

    TV aerial and cabling system

    Hello and thank you for reading this post. Would anyone be able to give a guide to likely price of the following work? Detached house built 2004 with lots of tv points to the various rooms. So nine rooms have tv aerial points. House on ground floor, first floor, and loft level room. TV aerial...
  9. pmc64

    Best configuration chain for additional TVs

    Hi All As you can see I have 2 fixed digital aerials (both the same models) supplying rooms 1 & 2 (Both supporting freeview TVs) In a domestic Victorian style house. Merseyside. I would like to know the best or correct way to extend their feeds to at least one extra TV each (FreeView) or Just...
  10. Scott Middler

    No aerial socket in lounge

    We've just bought a property and whilst renovating, we've realised that there is no aerial socket in the lounge. There are Sky cables that have been left by the previous owners, however we use BT for our TV and without an aerial connection we can only view the internet provided channels such as...
  11. Pigmy123

    Aerial cable problems

    I bought a new digital TV and have connected it to the aerial socket but it's not finding any channels. Because of the layout of the room, I've had to run a 15m aerial lead between the socket and the tv. I tested this before I ran it round the room and the tv found all of the expected stations...