alarm batteries

  1. D

    Eurosec CP8L strange fault

    A friend has a CP8L Eurosec alarm system, installed several years ago. The sensors, a mix of contact and PIR, are all wired, ie no batteries. The main panel has a Yuasa 12V 3.2Ah backup battery. The keypad unit is showing a LOW BATT alarm message which prevents the system from being set...
  2. J

    Castle Euro Mini alarm problem. Please help.

    I moved into a house with a Euro mini alarm plus a pyronix v2 tel unit. Never had a problem with it, but we don’t actually use the alarm often. We came home to the internal speaker making a constant alarm and the main alarm panel showing error code 485 loss of Comms please wait. No buttons...
  3. Pinstrypsoldier

    Disconnected alarm, lights still flashing on bell box

    Hi all. I’ve used this site a few times but only just now signed up to post something of my own! I had a smart meter fitted recently and during the installation, the power had to be disconnected. When this happened, the alarm sounded for 15 minutes (presumably because the battery is old/dead)...
  4. Angie S

    Premia 9 Help!

    Our Premia 9 burglar alarm is around 20 years old. We’ve just been woken up by the control panel beeping loudly and displaying battery fault error code- BF. Managed to silence it by pressing reset repeatedly but worried this will happen again overnight. Does anyone have the alarm user manual? Or...
  5. R

    replacement battery

    scantronic i-on 40 is complaining about "batt v.low/missing". system is 8 years old so I imagine it needs replacing. does anyone know which battery I need to order? thanks
  6. O

    External bell won't switch off

    Hi all. After some advice. I've got a veritas 8 alarm system. A couple of days ago the external bell started sounding. No activated zones on the panel and internal bell was not sounding. Exeternal bell only. Main battery was replaced last year. I thought the fault was in the bell box so...
  7. M

    removing wired alarm system

    Hi, I'm thinking of taking out my older wired alarm (SECURIT 700L ) , and replacing with a yale wireless one. How do I do this ?. I've noticed there's a large white box in the attic where all the wires lead to and which I think contains a battery. There is also a fused spur which isolates it...
  8. R

    Scantronic 9651 low batt beeping

    Please please please for the love of god can someone tell me how to disable the insanely annoying beeping I'm getting every 10 mins so that I can get a decent nights sleep. We inherited this alarm system with the house and its seemed to work ok until now. I don't care about replacing the...
  9. S

    Agility 3 - Tamper Alarm

    Hi Everybody, Hope one of you peeps will be able to help? We have the Risco Agility 3 installed. The batteries for the Wireless Keypad ran out so i called the installer who quoted £90 call out plus £65 for batteries. I thought that was a little steep and the guy said i could change them...
  10. A

    Replacing Securit 800L Battery

    Hi, The battery in our Securit 800L was last replaced 6 years ago and our alarm has started to sound when not set. It gives a tamper warning. I suspect it might need a new battery. My question is how can I open the case without the alarm sounding? Is there a code that I can enter into the...
  11. J

    Risco Agility 3 battery replacement

    I need to replace the batteries in both my external sounder and PIR sensors and as I reckon I know the batteries (CR123s??) I am keen to try to replace myself but need some help in disabling the tamper settings I am sure are enabled. Can someone guide me through the steps? Cheers Ian