1. S

    Door frame

    Hello We have a doorway which have no door installed, nor does it appear to ever had a door installed. I expect the doorway has been added to the house at some time It has a wooden frame, with a sand/cement edge (painted over) and then has wooden architrave attached to the send/cement. See...
  2. D

    Help… where is the architrave supposed to go?

    Hi Currently getting my bathroom done and I let the person know I wanted the old architraves removing and new ones fitting eventually because I’m getting new doors put in at the end of the month… only thing is, they have tiled right up to the frame with only a small gap? And the wall is half...
  3. R

    what can I fix this architrave to?

    So I have a door frame that is made of 20mm timber, and there is a gap next to it which is filled with a bit of timber , set back by 8mm at the top and 4mm at the bottom, and then some plasterboard another 12mm further back (see photo) . How can I build this up enough to fix the architrave to...

    Advice needed: how to level an archway under stairs

    Hi community Does anyone know how you can level a ceiling render which has a slight slope so that a door can fit nicely. I've attached a photo for reference. Research suggests using hard foam board. Scrubbing the slope... Cutting and gluing it on. Not sure if anyone here has better advice
  5. Danny Hardy

    Architrave & Skirting boards

    I am currently fitting the skirting boards & architave in my house, the old skirting boards were 69mm in width which ive now ripped off and iv'e purchased similar new fully finished mdf skirting boards ready to go on. The old architraves ive now ripped off were slightly smaller, more like 42mm...
  6. A

    Oil based undercoat and oil based egg shell for woodwork

    Hi, I have painted one coat of oil based undercoat on skiritings and architraves and was going to paint two coats off oil based egg shell. Is it ok to use oil based egg shell over oil based undercoat? thanks Ant
  7. R

    What caused this bumpy texture ?

    So I had some MDF skirting and architraves refitted and painted as part of an insurance job and I think they rushed the painting - the skirting and architraves are painted with dulux satinwood in grey, and they have a visible bumpy texture. I think maybe they sprayed an undercoat over...
  8. B

    Can you trim down architrave for a door frame?

    I need to replace 45mm-wide architrave on some internal doors. I can’t find much architrave of that width that I like. Is it possible — or even advisable —to buy wider-than-needed architrave and trim it down without compromising anything?
  9. S

    Architrave edge finish help

    Hi guys, hoping there’s a trade trick for cleaning up the edges of the new architrave I installed around the house. as you can see in the images the architrave was more or less identical width to the one I removed. The problem is that in some places the old caulking/wallpaper is vey obvious and...
  10. S

    Plasterboard protruding

    Door for utility has no archatrave framing and it is flush with the plasterboards one side however not on the other, pic below showing what it looks like, what would be best way to sort this? Maybe sande it to a chamfer or would it be better to cut some of it away so that I can fit some...
  11. K

    Traditional Architrave Replication

    Hi, My wife and I are renovating a tenement flat in Edinburgh. The building was built in 1897 and has some beautiful original features, along with some awful 1960s features! We'd like to keep the original architraves but a few of them are in poor shape and we'll be short a few metres for a new...
  12. K

    Fitting of Door Architrave/ Trim on Laminate

    Hello, Completely new to this forum and I'm also a S**t DIY'er so please forgive my lack of knowledge. I wonder what is the best method to cover a gap between laminate floor and uPVC door (see photo). I recently had the flooring done but the builder misplaced the trim that was originally...
  13. B

    Brick work around windows

    Hey guys - newbie here. Just started decorating the living room and since we moved in, there has always been a slight draught above the architraves. Decided today to pull the architraves off (we was just going to strip the paint and repaint) and all the sand and lime just fell to the floor as...
  14. F

    Filling crack around door frame and architrave

    Hello all, At the end of the very hot dry summer some 1-2 mm cracks appeared in the upstairs spare room at the back of my property, my guess because the wet soil dried out. From previous posts I've seen I don't think I need to worry about subsidence. The crack runs vertically along the edge...
  15. O

    Architrave beartrap

    Little conundrum here. 2 doors next to each other (well about 300mm between but near enough). One door opens inwards into the room, the other opens outwards (into the ensuite). Doors are the same height but of course the door linings are different heights on the underside of the top rail (due...
  16. M

    What Filler to fill in small nail holes in MDF architrave (Polyfilla Vs Gyproc Easi-Fill)

    Hi Guys, I just nail gunned my skirting and architraves around the home and now would like to fill the small holes. I was contemplating using a ready filler such as Polyfilla all-purpose or Gyproc Easi-Fill as I have heard this is just as good. But I worry this is only for use on plaster...
  17. O

    Finishing off skirting when architrave is level with wall

    Hello Please see images of work done by builders, they didn't fit the architrave and are only responsible for the skirting, but I think this just looks crap and there has got to be a better way of overcoming this problem. Many thanks for any suggestions I can put to them or any pics that have...
  18. C

    Door Architrave Query

    Hi all, been gutting the dining room this past month and now I am down to fitting new door frames, architraves and skirting etc. My door way goes into the kitchen and is on the left side of the wall with only half the door frame peeking out from the wall past the plasterboard, should I: just...
  19. L

    New linings and doors in paramount partitions

    Hi, I want to replace the linings and doors in our house as the doors themselves are beaten up and were very badly hung, not to mention the linings are fire damaged (previously painted over at some point). When I went to measure up I realised these are between 'paramount' partition walls -...
  20. E

    Problems with fitting architrave

    Hi. We are trying to fit an architrave. Both of the walls are with a bit on an angle and the wall on the right is so close that even the smallest architrave is too big. Plese help