1. JD2012

    Is a Dremel worth Buying?

    Is a Dremel worth buying? What sort of stuff can you use them for? Thanks
  2. O

    Checking torch and cell batteries with a multimeter.

    Can this be done without using a resistor (on the DC low volt scale) say by the amp setting or other? Thanks.
  3. D

    Erbauer 18V LI-ION Battery not charging

    Hi I have had my Erbauer kit (Power drill, lamp, Trimmer, etc) for about 1 year, and suddenly one of the batteries is not charging. It simply blinks as if ready to be charged but it is not charging once i put it in the (original)charger. it doesn't heat up or anything... it does not do much...
  4. W

    Yale Wireless Alarm Siren Box - D Cell batteries replacement

    The wireless Yale siren box takes 4x D cell batteries, the originals I got with it are powerone alkaline 1.5V Mono LR20, and have lasted 3.5 years (these are made by Varta). I just purchased and installed 4x Varta Longlife Max Power, but the low battery warning pips still sound after...
  5. S

    Black & Decker 14.4v Drill/Driver

    I have a KC14XC Drill/Driver that has done stirling service for many years. However, it had been relegated to the 2nd division by a later acquisition and eventually the battery died. B&D discontinued them years ago but I bought a Vintsky clone NiMh 3.0Ahr that seems to be fine Since I have only...
  6. W

    Texecom Premier Elite 64 - How to change batteries on Wireless Keypad?

    Hi, I have a Texecom Premier Elite 64, with comwifi module. I've recently changed the batteries in my motion sensors; and thought it would also be a good idea to change the batteries in the Wireless Keypad (just to keep the battery same date roughly the same). From what I can see online, its...
  7. J

    Pyronix Enforcer alert/alarm no longer setting

    My Pyronix Enforcer panel a few days ago started to make an alert sound whenever I try to set the alarm using the key fobs; the key fob flashes amber, the normal 30 secs alarm arming beep sequence gets interrupted just after a few seconds and the alarm doesn't set. I checked the alert in the...