1. G

    Concrete base cracked, bitumen coating with parquet (1960s)

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice please regarding the flooring in our 1960s house. We moved in to our renovation project recently and we are looking to move the kitchen into a kitchen/diner room at the rear. After lifting the carpet/underlay in the room that will form the kitchen, we discovered...
  2. P

    Roof Vent for Bathroom Fan - What Do I Need and How to Install

    I am starting a garage conversion and part of it will be a bathroom with shower. approx 4 sqm floor space. All 4 sides of the new bathroom will lead to other rooms so I think it is best to install an extraction fan which vents up and out of the flat roof. House was built approx 1970 and I...
  3. A

    Bitumen under upstairs bay window

    Hi all, I have an upstairs bay window that has bitumen painted underneath it (I assume to prevent damp) and then been wallpapered directly on top and it looks god awful. Its single skin so I want to insulate and board. Can I stick insulation directly to the bitumen with foam and then board and...
  4. N

    To Bitumen or not to Bitumen

    I am having some work done to lower the ground height around my house and have filled the old air bricks in (white bricks on photo) as my internal floors are concrete with a DPM. My question is should I Bitumen over the lower 2 courses of bricks (once the weather improves and the brick work...
  5. A

    Repair bitumen/asphalt type flooring

    I have a concrete floor which has some bitumen or asphalt type flooring. It has cracked in some corners - see pic. How do I repair this?
  6. T

    Vapour barrier under laminate enough?

    Hi, I recently bought a 3 bed built in 1960. I started gutting the place and pulled up what I now know to be Marley tiles. What I’m being told is I’ve essentially removed the dpm. I’m wondering if using a vapour barrier under my new laminate will be sufficient or is it more serious? Any help...
  7. P

    Breather membrane under bitumen sheets?

    I'm putting corrugated bitumen sheets on the roof of a garden building. The roof is a pent design, with a pitch of 10 degrees, and is boarded with 18mm osb. Is it recommended to put a breather membrane on the osb before laying the bitumen sheets? Thanks
  8. D

    Flat roof - felted with gravel (Internal leak)

    Just noticed I have a leak from my flat roof right in the corner of the room. Need a temp method of repair to stem the ingress of water. Weather is foggy and damp, it's a north facing garden and I hear a asteroid is about to hit my location. Putting aside the asteroid disaster for a minute...
  9. A

    tile over hard wood floor

    hello folks, im trying to decide what the best way is to tile over hard wood floor, one option i have got is to lay a layer of bitumen over the hard wood as a water proofing membrane (to vaoid the tiles from cracking over time due to flexibility and humidity of the wood) and then adding adhesive...
  10. M

    Tanking slurry vs bitumen emulsion. Damp garage wall.

    I have a garage which is built with the walls sitting on the concrete slab, with a DPC at floor level, single skin brick. Parts of the walls are below ground, when it rains water seeps through the DPC. I've dug out and exposed one side and will cut back the DPC as close to the brick joint as...
  11. E

    Do I have a DPM?

    Hello, I’m planing and laying click flooring on our ground floor. I intend to screed to get a good level using NA. Most of the ground floor are marley tiles. I’m planning on either screeding over the tiles or remove, depending on how easy they come up. ( I’m aware of the asbestos issues and...
  12. I

    Basement Stone Floor / Bitumen

    So, after starting a job today it soon turned into something else so thought I'd get the views of people on here. I live in a 1840's stone built end terrace. The previous owner has converted the basement but it leaks and the walls are often damp so it clearly hasn't worked. I'd love to rip...
  13. D

    prime/seal cut tarmac edge before laying cold tarmac repair?

    Would a bituminous roofing felt adhesive be suitable for priming a (cut) tarmac edge, before laying some cold repair tarmac down adjacent to it? It has to be a better job if a primer or edge sealant is used but the spray-on stuff is quite pricey. I was thinking of using something like...
  14. J

    Asbestos in bitumen under lino in kitchen - what to do?

    Hello, we have recently purchases a house that was built in the 50s and have had an asbestos survey done. The survey has revealed that the bitumen in the kitchen/diner area contains asbestos (Chrysotile)….. please advise on what I should do now. I really want to pull the grotty lino up but...
  15. fatmcgav

    Replacing Garage Roof

    Hey there, I'm after some advice on replacing the roof on our block-built double garage. The existing roof appears to be constructed of Tin Corrugated sheets, which have well and truly had their time, with lots of holes all over the place. The roof is approx 4.8m at the widest point x 6m...
  16. O

    Flat roof - is underlay essential?

    Planning on using a torch on cap sheet direct to fresh osb without using the recommended this a bad idea? If the cap sheet is bitumen backed and therefore fully water proof and has good adhesion to the osb I'm struggling to work out what the underlay actually does...unless I'm...
  17. Gavin Turnbull

    Self levelling onto self levelling

    hi all I have just laid a self levelling compound onto my old kitchen floor. Some of the old low levels were as low as 25mm from the highest point so I bought 16 bags of 25mm (up to) latex self levelling compound. The area to cover is 16 square meters. I think I haven't put enough down as the...
  18. O

    Leaking flat roof, repair or replace & rough cost...?

    Hi all, Yesterdays storm caused the flat roof to leak in various places, I actually made a hole where it was dripping in the living room ceiling and loads of water poured out. Going to put a tarp sheet over it for now with some bricks to hopefully keep most of the water out. Only a few months...
  19. C

    Converting an attached garage into a utility room

    I want to convert an attached garage into a utility room, having done quite abit of research on the forum and else where online. I wanted a few peoples opinions/thoughts on it if possible. Being a new build I can only presume that it will have been built with cavity trays in place, so am I...
  20. G

    Wood Burner & Bitumen Roof Sheets

    Hi, I'm considering installing a small wood burner in my block shed. the roof consists of corrugated bitumen sheets, insulated and lined inside with plywood. My question is will this roof cope with a flue from a wood burning stove. I've assumed that he heat of the flue, may be a problem for...