1. G

    Blockwork Pier Toothing / Tieing?

    Hello all, I am new to these forums. I’ll get straight to my query. I have had calculations done for three beams. One UC with two UB’s bolting to it perpendicular from each side (see attached) I need to build blockwork piers under each end of beam and tooth them into existing walls. One of...
  2. G

    Blockwork Pier Toothing/Tieing?

    Hello all, I am new to these forums. I’ll get straight to my query. I have had calculations done for three beams. One UC with two UB’s bolting to it perpendicular from each side (see attached) I need to build blockwork piers under each end of beam and tooth them into existing walls. One of...
  3. K

    Advice on Ways to brace/block sand

    Before you read on.. join me in laughter at my awful attempt of a “drawing” obviously my architectural skills are flawless. I hope this makes sense. It does in my head but that’s not always a helpful thing Initially we were repairing a wall going down into the basement. The wall has a 2...
  4. james538

    Patching a lare hole in upstairs floor

    I need to add a board to cover this hole in the 1st floor floor. The rest of the floor is 18mm tongue and groove, and there are joist on the edge of the hole. I need to fit a board to cover the hole and need to install battens? (not sure the name) to the walls to screw the new board to. I'd...
  5. wtr

    Finishing Internal aerated concrete blocks

    Hello all, I have Internal aerated concrete blocks (aac) that have been painted. I've read And I'm undecided on what I need to do. 1. Do I render? Then skim? (What's difference between plaster) 2. Originally...
  6. P

    What is the name of this block, please?

    Hiya, please can you help me? These grey blocks are on the inner-side, with red brick on the outside, of a house built in 1987. I'm trying to find out what they're called? Many thanks in advance!
  7. S

    Blocks don’t match advice please

    Hi, we have had some works done on our building after a car crashed into it, the blockwork on the building exterior was damaged. A contractor has since been (although has not yet been paid) and done the work seen in the photos. It looks terrible in my opinion and really devalues the property...
  8. S

    Thin concrete blocks (40mm) as foundation pillars for a garden room

    Hi, I have a thick & reinforced hardstanding that is going to be used to build a garden room within the permitted development. It was originally intended as a brick garage years ago but was never built. The hardstanding is NOT coming up or being drilled out.... The sub-base for the garden room...
  9. W

    Reinforcing a purlin thats ready to go...good idea?

    Hello! I found this forum from other "purlin nightmare" threads which had really good ideas. The roof section in question is an extension around 3m wide (completed around 15y ago) which is partly separated from the main attic by the old gable end, the main roof is built using trusses in the...
  10. J

    Single skin block wall roof to wall runner an issue?

    I have a small outbuilding built around 10x10ft in single skin medium density block. I have a 4% pitch roof and want the high point of the beams to sit within the wall to keep the roof blocked from the close fencing as its within the boundary. So my idea was a wooden 2x5 wall plate (runner)...
  11. R

    Concrete Block Strength

    Hi All... Possibly a stupid question, but here goes - how much weight can a concrete block (7.3N) and a Thermalite or Fibotherm (3.6N) actually support before it crushes? Reason for asking is that I have 4m lintel (Catnic extra heavy duty) going in above some bi-fold doors - its a single...
  12. Mr.Mincer

    Cavity block piers

    Hi everyone. I've to build a cavity block wall 8 courses high & 11m long. The block Laying etc is no problem,my question is how do I do tidy piers? I could do 4" solids ,2 flat,2 upright but I think that will be very chunky. How can I put piers in the middle of the wall so both sides looks...
  13. B

    Blocked off Chimneys on Party Wall (Leave, Vent, or... ?)

    So, we have 3 chimney breasts that are blocked off and are on the party wall - they are all papered over and I presume plasterboard/wood or similar has been used to block the gap. These are not vented at the bottom, which I thought had to happen. (Please note that I'd prefer not to have a vent...
  14. T

    Rodding access for soil pipe in eaves

    I am installing a new bathroom which will have a 5.5m run of soil pipe from the toilet to the stack. I am planning to turn the pipe 45 degrees immediately after the toilet, then a first run of 1m, followed by another 45 degrees, then the remaining 4.5m to the stack. This will all be with...
  15. D

    Chocbox - do I need to provide access?

    When extending cables in the ceiling, with a connector block inside a chocbox, do I have to leave access to this new junction? Thank you Dain
  16. SS-ProjectBuild

    Concrete cavity fill (225mm below dpc) question?

    Hi Guys, I will be filling my cavity as per title over the weekend prior to backfilling and compacting the ground. I know i need to use 8 part balast to 1 part cement gfor the mix...but i have read conflicting messages about the consistency of the mix....should it be wet or dry? Also i have...
  17. SS-ProjectBuild

    Help with lintel size

    Hi Guys, going to be building up to DPC for my project this week. There will be 2 bridges for water and electric supplies to run under the blocks... what size/rating lintel will i need (assumng i need 4 lintels also)? Thanks
  18. D

    Blocking up ground floor internal doorway - does it need dpc? etc

    Single leaf breeze (not supporting). I dug a 100sq test hole in the ctr and found conc. below the screed so I figure using conc. blocks will be ok. Do internal walls require a dpc? I'm assuming it would be good practice to dig out a channel in the screed and block up off the concrete below...
  19. SS-ProjectBuild

    Concrete vs Ash vs Thermalite

    Hi All, Ive been advised by my builder to use concrete blocks fro my outer skin of my outbuilding and internal skin/partition walls with ashblocks/ashlite.... i cant find much information on these on the net...has anybody else come across these (or if there is a different term for them)? Ive...
  20. U

    Garden retaining wall, concrete block k-rend and cavity?

    Hi folks, I’ve done quite a bit of research but can’t find the exact answer to the exact question I have; do I need a cavity in a 2 skin concrete block wall to satisfy k-rend requirements? Background. I have had a 1.5m block retaining wall built and hope to k rend it (eventually after other...