Reinforcing a purlin thats ready to go...good idea?

Discussion in 'Roofing and Guttering' started by wiganese, 13 Nov 2021.

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    13 Nov 2021
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    I found this forum from other "purlin nightmare" threads which had really good ideas.

    The roof section in question is an extension around 3m wide (completed around 15y ago) which is partly separated from the main attic by the old gable end, the main roof is built using trusses in the 90's and is in fine condition.

    The extension roof has a purlin construction which is bodged together in all honesty. However after insulating the attic - I noticed the purlin was atop of a brick that is loose which in turn is atop of a brick that is cracked the whole way around.

    I have no idea how this has survived this long and it scares me to think what is holding that purlin up. It genuinely looks like the mortar in the perforation of the brick is all there is.

    My plan is to build a thermalite?/dense block? pillar to the side of the face brick atop of the lintel with screw in ties just to make it safe for the time being so that if it fails - there's at least something to catch it/take the weight. Safety is priority - I'll be living here a long time.

    Is this a good idea, does anybody else have any golden suggestions?! Metal plates, straps - I thought about but wasn't sure there was a enough of the wall there to hold the weight.

    Space either side of the lintel is plasterboard and wont hold weight.

    Thanks again.

    Hope I provided enough detail.

    20211111_130634 (1).jpg 20211113_085931 (1).jpg 20211113_085935 (1).jpg
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  3. catlad


    29 Jul 2011
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    Looks fine to me, Put a twist wall strap on the bottom of the purlin horizontally
    if you are concerned.

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