1. S

    Wall preparation for tiling bathroom

    Hi all I'm currently doing my bathroom and have taken all the tiles off (It was completely tiled). Some came off a lot easier than others and many have taken chunks of bonding plaster as well as skim (see photos). The main bath wall had what looked like two layers of bonding coat and a square...
  2. P

    Eves loft storage space - to board or not to board?

    Am having a hip to gable loft conversion done hopefully this Summer. I've heard in some quarters that the eves cupboard storage space should not be insulated and boarded up in order to allow flow of air. Yet many people apparently have this done, either to avoid drafts, heat loss, or for...
  3. R

    re-attach old skimmed board or replace?

    I unscrewed this bit of plasterboard above a door so I could shim out the studs and straighten the board up. I managed to get it off in one piece without cracking it. Can I get away with screwing it back on or should I use a fresh piece of plasterboard? I have never skimmed so I thought I could...
  4. M

    Boarding collar ties

    Hi, I have collar ties on my loft with a decent amount of space above so was hoping I could board them and use for light to medium weight storage. Is this ok? I don’t want to risk putting weight where it shouldn’t be. There’s also 2 thin strips of wood joining the tops of the collar ties, o...
  5. M

    Loft boarding query

    A2AADDC9-F052-4A7D-BC20-DDA7E02E388E by Matty2000uk posted 2 Sep 2021 at 8:53 PM Is it possible to put loft boards on the area shown in the picture? Won’t have anything heavy on it mostly boxed of baby clothes and the odd box of light electricals. There’s currently 2 thin strips of wood running...
  6. C

    Elements board to thermalite block

    Morning all, I’m about to board out my extension/ bathroom with elements / jackoboard. The method suggest using a adhesive along with a mechanical fixing with washers. However my concern is thermalite blocks just crumble/ compress with anything hammered in. What suggestions are out there please?
  7. D

    Loft Boarding

    Hi All, I'm planning to board the loft of my new build house. Initially I had planned on using the loft legs and loft boarding panels that interconnect, however, the loft legs feel flimsy. I would like to run CLS timber the opposite direction to the current joints and fix the boarding panels...
  8. J

    Plasterboard to cover artex walls?

    Hi, So I've recently moved into my new property and one bedroom has horrible textured walls. I know the easy answer is a skim coat, but I cant afford a plasterer and am uneasy on trying it myself for the first time. The walls are of solid construction in my 1920's midterrace house. Would...
  9. C

    Storage in Victorian roof space 3 x 2 ceiling joists

    Hi, Would be nice to put some boards down for storage in this Victorian roof space and be able to move around, store Christmas decorations and other stuff. It's at the back above my sons bedroom, accessed from a hatch on the landing - headroom in centre is about 5', there is no lighting. The...
  10. T

    Loft Boarding - Clear Insulation or Crush it?

    Ive just moved into a 12 year old home. It has roughly 200mm of insulation (2 sheets of 100mm), but suffers from the "modern house syndrome" of only having 38x75mm joists. This means my insulation sits very proud. I'm looking to board it out. Now, conscious that the existing joists aren't the...
  11. acurachris

    Protecting steel lintel from the weather

    Hi I currently have a small extension which is accessed via an opening in the side of the house with a span of 2.4m. I will be taking this small extension down and building a bigger extension in its place. I am going to stud and board the opening although i'm not sure how to protect the...
  12. bettz1

    Tiling bathroom would it need boarding?

    Hi we're looking at getting our bathrooms tiled and we've had 3 quotes so far,and they all seem to disagree with if the upstairs bathrooms need boarding down. Lifted up the vinyl and this is what it looks like underneath The first plumber said adhesive glue would be fine, whereas the other...
  13. G

    Loft boarding and joists in my single garage

    Hi there I'm thinking of boarding out part of my single garage (3 metres wide) loft to create storage space and could do with some advice please, to check my research. The existing ceiling joists look very flimsy so my initial plan is to install new joists just above, but separate to, the...
  14. M

    Boarding up a panel wall of glass

    Hello, recently moved into 70's semi. Next to the door to the main bedroom is a section of glass panels, floor to ceiling, which form part of the bedroom perimeter wall. Previous owners cover over with wallpaper. I want to fill it in, so once all decorated it will look like a normal wall. See...
  15. F

    Insulating between loft rafters and boarding on top

    Hi all, posting first time on here as I'm in need of some advice please... Our loft has a boarded floor so that it can be walked on but there was a lot of debris falling from the roof which I believe was coming from the felt laid under the external tiles which over time has in some places...
  16. P

    Any views on my loft boarding scheme?

    Does anyone have any comments (good or bad) for this scheme to board out a part of my loft:- I'm going with 38 x 89 CLS studs running at right angles over the top of the existing trusses. Topped with 320 x 1220 chipboard sheets. This will be the central third of the loft. The sheets will be...
  17. L

    Ideas for boarding eaves of loft conversion.

    We have a loft conversion in our 1930's house and the very bottoms of the eaves have cupboards in them for storage. These are deceptively large but the problem that we have is because the house is so old there is no lining under the tiles, the motor is deteriorating and there is a good amount...
  18. M

    Advice required for boarding out a loft (with down-lights)

    Hi all, I am currently planning out the boarding/insulating of my loft. We have downlights in a couple of the bedrooms so I want to make sure everything is safe with regards to keeping them away from the insulation. My joists are 35mm wide and 90mm high - the spotlights stick out about...
  19. Chuckles586

    Rubble in loft, trying to lay boards

    I've paid very little attention to my loft space since buying the house last year, but I'm looking to put some boards up there for storage. I stuck my head up there yesterday and was surprised to notice that there is a lot of debris sitting on top of the insulation. I can't quite work out where...