boiler pressure

  1. M

    Filling Loop - no taps

    Hello - this is the filling loop to my boiler (hot water tank). I have looked for taps etc to repressurise my boiler but this is all there is. How do I open the taps to fill the boiler?!
  2. G

    Impact on water pressure with a shower head/Tap combo

    Hello, Does anyone have any info or advice on if/how much of an effect having one of the bath tap set ups that comes with a built in shower head attachment will have on the overall pressure? I have previously been advised that my current boiler might struggle with pressure and maintaining heat...
  3. E

    Connecting filling loop for Procombi A32 boiler

    Hi, I’m trying to top up the pressure but can’t work out how I’d go about connecting a filling loop because the valves are weirdly shaped and not what I’m used to. Any help appreciated!
  4. M

    Hot and cold bath tap

    our boiler pressure is dropping to 0 even after having the blender valve replaced, paid £80. Maybe 2weeks ago. This was when our pressure was at 0 and only cold water was coming out. Now my water is going hot and cold every 15/20 seconds from the bath tap. Any ideas only moved in a month ago
  5. I

    Repressurising Heat Line Capriz 24a

    Just moved into a new flat and we've noticed that the boiler pressure is below 1 bar. I've opened up the space underneath the boiler in an attempt to find out how to repressurise it but can't say I can work out what's going on! Can anyone help? The model is a Heat Line Capriz 24a. Pictures...
  6. P

    Potterton PERFOMA 30 HE boiler pressure dropping 0.1 bar per day

    Hi I have a 15 year old Potterton Combi Performa HE30 and the first 10 years are fine with no visible need to top up bar the annual service and then over the next 5 years, I have noticed I need to top up the pressure with increasing frequency starting with twice a year, then 4 times a year...
  7. L

    System boiler has lost pressure after temporarily taking down radiator

    Hello, We recently took down a radiator temporarily for paintwork. (We have an Ideal Logic System boiler with hot and cold water tanks in the flat, if useful to know). We re-fixed the radiator this morning but now have no hot water or central heating. We have an F1 error message - all water...
  8. A

    Worcester Bosch 280 RSF pressure etc. problems

    Morning All, Could I ask your advice about problems with a Worcester Bosch 280 RSF, GC 47 311 11? Initial symptoms were that the domestic hot water was taking a long time to get hot, the top half of the radiator nearest the boiler stayed cold, and the boiler had partly lost pressure a couple...
  9. Jools619

    Worcester Greenstar 42CDi boiler pressure key snapped and stuck

    Hi I have always left the key in the boiler since it was installed about 10 years ago as I was convinced I'd end up losing it or misplacing it somewhere. A few days back I tried turning it to add a bit of water to the system as its just a fraction below 1 and due to it being so tight and hard...
  10. B

    Ideal Response 120: searching for the Loop

    Hi everybody, I would be grateful if I could get some help on the issue I am having. My boiler (Ideal response 120) gives me hot water but no central heating. Pressure is at zero. I have looked here and elsewhere and I realise I am not sure: 1) where the filling loop is, and 2) how to go at it...
  11. O

    Need to re-pressurise EcoTec Plus 618 system - but how?

    Only been in this house few months, so haven't got 'acquainted' with our boiler yet. Back from holiday two months ago and spanner was showing and 0.4 pressure. Put on heating to test it and it fired up OK. Relief all round. Two days ago, we go dreaded F22 error and nothing was working, heating...
  12. TedTrippin

    Combi-boiler pressure keeps rising when cold

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch combi boiler. I'll update the thread with model when I get home. It's like the 24i except it has 2 dials for CH temp and HW temp. I noticed the pressure gauge was in the red. I went to check one of the rads which usually gets air. No air. I drained one of the rads...
  13. A

    No pressure on boiler Alpha HE CB33 Please help!

    Hi, can someone please advise me on how to increase the pressure back up on my boiler? I have no hot water or heating. I cant see any valves on my filling loop to turn. I have attached a picture of the filling loop, if someone could please please tell me what to do to get the pressure back up...
  14. JinxyK

    Having problems restoring boiler pressure

    Hey guys! I'm pretty noob with all boiler associated issues. But I still thought it would be a good idea to bleed the heaters on my own. And so I did, but now I am having trouble restoring the pressure. It is now at 0 and every time I try to increase it to 1 water starts flowing through the...
  15. J

    Glow worm betacom 24A pressurise

    Hi we have moved into a new house snd one of the radiators needed bleeding.. i have bled the radiator but the the pressure has dropped to 0.4 , i have searched for a video or instructions on this model but ive had no joy. can any body shed some light .. i think its the black one but i wanted to...
  16. S

    Combi boiler pressure too high?

    We have a combi boiler which is now showing between 2.5 and nearly 3 bar. The pressure release valve is constantly dripping outside. The boiler is all working fine, ie heating the water when needed etc. I also have the central heating to come on every day for about 20 minutes just to keep the...
  17. T

    Vaillant Ecomax boiler pressure gradually dropping daily

    Hi guys, I've had problems with my boiler dropping pressure since the last few months. Particularly after having the heating on. It wouldn't go up and over 3, but would go down to 0. So I've been topping it up daily. Alongside my living room radiator that had a leak from a nut on one side -...