1. S

    Brick outbuilding --where to start?

    Hi there, Finally getting around to this after moving house in 2021! We've got a single-skin brick outbuilding, with pretty modern roof and doors/windows. But the brick walls and especially the (concrete) floor are in poor condition, so I'm wondering what to do. It's extremely damp in there --...
  2. D

    Attaching brick to wood

    Hello i am replacing my garage door with a door and window. Going to do the foundation first... As for the bricking, how do i attach the brick work to the top of the main garage opening. it is a 9-inch wood lintel. i don't want to replace this lintel just yet. From experience, I am aware of...
  3. A

    Mortar mix for pointing and grinding depth

    I have 1930-40 house with what I've been told is accrington brick. The mortar looks like a black ash mix which appears to be poorly pointed with some red dyed mortar which has blown out in multiple places. The full house need repointing and I wanted to ask what would be the best mortar mix for...
  4. J

    Rebuild exterior window surround

    I have an old window which I am getting replaced and in the process of removing some of the timber, the brickwork around the window has crumbled away. Just wondering what to fill this with? I am thinking of building a form and filling in with concrete. Does that sounds sensible or is there a...
  5. D

    Advice for repointing

    Hi, After some advice please to repoint some brickwork above patio door. Could anyone please advise a product that would be fit for purpose and match the existing mortar colour? Also, any thoughts on why the brick work in the middle is that colour? House is 1930s semi. Thanks
  6. E

    Internal skirt removed to brick

    I've recently had an issue with damp next to a party wall where we had a unit pushed up to it. We're fairly certain now it was condensation / lack of air movement. Neighbour has no problems on their side. The skirting board was rotten, so I've taken it out and was surprised to find a second...
  7. D

    Blocking up garage door

    Hoping for a bit of advice. We have a single garage not attached to the property, but shares one wall with the neighbours garage. Since it’s too small to fit most current cars, I’m looking at converting it to an office, and to do this would require blocking up the garage door, which I’ve come to...
  8. R

    Can anyone identify this type of brick?

    Hello, Looking into a 1930's house and noticed some cracks in the brickwork, can anyone identify the type of brick used and let me know any issues assocaited with it. The picture is below. Thank you.
  9. B

    Brick identification

    These engineering bricks have grooves on one face. Do the grooves serve a purpose ? Such as a better key for rendering over ? How would i search for this type of brick, as the lower half of my property is rendered and I need some for an extension. Alternatively, after Ive laid up to DPC with...
  10. R

    Can anyone tell me what brick this is please?

    Appreciate any help on figuring out what these are to build up a garage wall and porch wall
  11. H

    Advice needed- cracks around windows interior and exterior

    Hello, I'm considering purchasing this property but I'm worried about cracks around the windows both internally and externally. The windows sit one on top of the other and the external crack in the picture below sits between the two of them. We're first time buyers in our 30s and have already...
  12. M

    Drilling into what looks like brick - hit a blocker almost immediately

    Hi all, drilling into what looks like a brick wall in our cellar, to hang something up, but after around 5mm the drilling just stops, with both normal and masonry drill bits. I used a stud finder and metal/wires finder and they both said nothing was there in the area. I’ve attached an image of...
  13. R

    Broken brick: poor trademanship?

    Hello. Got a Ring floodlight installed today and the traders have broken the brick on which they installed the mount (not saying anything to me afterwards). I understand you can drill outdoor brick without damaging it. Would this prove to be poor tradesmanship from them? Is the cam secure to the...
  14. B

    Wet plastered wall - Fixings for shelving - 1900's Property

    Hello everyone, I recently became the owner of a house built in 1905, by far the oldest property I have ever lived in, so I'm slowly getting to grips with the construction methods that were used at that time and the fun and games that come with owning a property from that era ... My project...
  15. T

    Is it possible to turn this house front into brick?

    Hi, is anyone able to tell me if it is possible to make the front of this house brick please? If so, what would the process be called and if anyone has any budget range estimates that would also be great. Thank you
  16. Twtiger89

    Opinion: How Best to Close?

    We purchased a house with an attached garage that opens to the back garden, however its not been completely closed off. We’d like to close the garage as when it rains water comes in but also to protect any stored items. Whats the best way? I’d like to put in a uPVC door with glass to allow...
  17. P

    What is the name of this block, please?

    Hiya, please can you help me? These grey blocks are on the inner-side, with red brick on the outside, of a house built in 1987. I'm trying to find out what they're called? Many thanks in advance!
  18. B

    Missing brick under service panel

    Hi All Can anyone help with a possible issue I have discovered. I have been going around the house sealing up gaps to prevent draughts. Recently I discovered a misssing brick just below soil line . It is directly under this grey service box (not sure what it is) I was wondering if I could...
  19. J

    Render or replace spalled brickwork?

    Hello! I am a new homeowner and completely lost in the dark. I have noticed some spalled brickwork at the bottom of my side wall. No damp on the inside, think they’re just old and weathered. Any advice? Do they need to be removed? Or could I get away with repointing and the getting render on...
  20. M

    Enhancing colour of old handmade bricks

    Can anyone recommend a product that will boost the colour of handmade bricks please? I'm laying some halved bricks (cut side up) as a bit of a patio, and would like the colour to be intensified. TIA