1. M

    Enhancing colour of old handmade bricks

    Can anyone recommend a product that will boost the colour of handmade bricks please? I'm laying some halved bricks (cut side up) as a bit of a patio, and would like the colour to be intensified. TIA
  2. J

    Attempt to build a brickwork retaining wall - Tips - helps advice needed

    Hi Everyone, I`m rising my patio to make more large area to the same level and need to build an L shape retaining wall 750mm tall. We have used a bricklayer for some job in the past but look like they have now completely lost their mind. Waiting time 2 month from we book them in and cost...
  3. C

    Opening up my 1930's fireplace

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for your assistance I'm hoping to open up my fireplace to the original size As you can see in the photos, the mortar line to the left and right where it has been bricked up from but I didn't immediately find a lintel above, or bricked arch or bricked soldiers to...
  4. J

    Chimney Breast Lintel

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help! I removed the gas fire and surround we had on our chimney breast and found this underneath. I know that the central brick part (the bit that looks newer/highlighted in green) was installed around 20 years ago (house is 1960s). I want to remove the...
  5. B

    Are these cracks in external wall anything to worry about?

    1950s terraced house, ex-local authority, generally solid as a rock I noticed some cracks today, might have been there forever, I never looked for them. The first picture is under the front downstairs window, right in the middle (horizontally and vertically), so on the oposite side of the...
  6. R

    Best Way of attaching a Lean-to carport beam to red brick?

    I am putting up a carport on the side of my house and am not sure what the most suitable and strongest anchoring bolts are for the 2"x6" C16 beam to red brick. I've seen expansion bolts, resin anchors or thunder bolts. Recommendations, brands etc. would be great, thanks!
  7. N

    Crumbling house!

    Hi all, i am reaching out again - looking for a general view on whether this is very bad, bad or simply something to fix. Knowing very little about house and bricks, i have noticed a burgeoning and cracked piece of paint on the side of one external door, i have opened it a bit and found very...
  8. B

    Fireplace / chimney mould?

    Hi, can anyone confirm whether the black stuff in the photos is mould? I think it may be mould but perhaps covered in dust, so I’m not sure. The photos are from an old disused fireplace that is now simply a hole in my bedroom wall with a breeze coming through it. I’m on the top floor with two...
  9. U

    Anyone know what this type of brick is called?

    Hi all, I've just had an extension built. I rescued the "slopey" bricks from the old window sill with a view to reinstating them under the window of the extension. I cleaned them all up and put them in a pile but, unfortunately, my over-zealous gardener - on the scout for in-fill, has smashed...
  10. P

    Single skin Brick shed: Advice to replace wooden door and window with lintel in 2 pieces

    Hi all, I have a single skin brick shed at the bottom of the garden that I want to renovate and convert to a office, I want to replace the existing wooden door and windows (if you can call them that) but I'm not sure how to go about it, the lintel is in two pieces and I'm not sure if it will...
  11. S

    Brick Match

    Any ideas what would match the attached multi? Closest i've found is a Harvest Buff Multi
  12. C

    HELP!? Keeping A 1970's Single Garage Dry?

    Hi All! First time post but have been a long time reader of the forum. I bought my first property in 2020 which is a 1970's maisonette which includes a single garage which is one of the middle garages in a row of 4. Last winter and whenever there is heavy rainfall the garage becomes damp as...
  13. M

    Can I demolish this wall that previously housed an old boiler

    I am hoping someone can give me a little more knowledge on if this wall can be removed and be made flush in line with the door. Please see photos attached.
  14. N

    Bricked up gap between walls and roof

    Hello I'm looking for some advice for how to remedy what appears to be a bodge by a previous owner. I have a standalone single story garage which I'll soon be renovating into a workshop (new plasterboard, insulation, flooring...) but I want to be sure the structure is sound and secure before...
  15. I

    Repoint now or next year?

    Hi, I was wondering if our wall needs repointing now or could it wait till next year? Any chance serious problems could occur if left? It looks the same as last year and we have had no leaks or damp. It's a cavity wall. I am thinking of getting an extension done next year so it would be...
  16. E

    ?Oversailing at DPC

    I've lived in my current house for over 20 years now- 1940s semi. I must admit, I never pay close attention to brick work etc, but I know there are no cracks or obvious signs of subsidence. I'm planning on resurfacing my driveway and as part of this, I've had a really good look at the DPC. I...
  17. BBBerks

    Separated and Eroded Mortar: Concerning, or just in need of some repointing / TLC?

    Hi all, first post here after a bunch of research and probably going a bit stir crazy. We're scoping out some projects for our 1970s mid-terrace townhouse, which had me looking at the walls. I've noticed a few issues, which I'm hoping are just normal ageing for a near 50 year old house and...
  18. J

    Weep Holes. Bees getting in. No photo. (ed.)

    Not sure if this should be posted here but wasn't sure about the appropriate location. I have recently bought a new home. Outside the house I've noticed a few white-ish tubes coming out of the wall and saw some bees looking as though they were climbing inside. From the post linked below, I'm...
  19. T

    DPM for 1ft engineering brick retaining wall?

    Hi guys, I’m building a single skin, 4 courses solid engineering brick retaining wall to retain a small garden lawn. I’ve left weep holes every 2nd brick at ground level and will backfill with 10mm pea gravel, but wanted thoughts on whether a polythene membrane should be put along the side of...
  20. H

    Drill can't go through external wall

    I am trying to drill a hole to insert a fibre extension cable from the outside to the inside of a brick wall. This wall is part of an extension built between 1989 and 1995. I have a Bosch Hammer drill, that never had any trouble going through brick. But now it's really stuck - it goes in about...