1. W

    St Helens Windows bodged brickwork & upvc door installation

    Hello everyone, just registered and have a big problem. I have a double glazing company remove a front door & brick up the opening, remove a window approx 9' x 6' and replace with a upvc door. Basically was swapping door over & getting rid of the window. Problem that was reported from day...
  2. J

    Plaster on external wall blistering (damp?)

    Hi all, Got some really valuable advice last time I posted, hopefully I'll be as lucky this time! I've just moved a table away from a wall in my kitchen and discovered what looks like blistering in the plaster on an external wall - see attached. This is just my diagnosis based on a quick...
  3. D

    Repair Brickwork Coming Away From Structure

    Hi All Does anyone have any idea what I can do to repair the below brickwork which is coming away from the structure. It's not a problem at the moment however I am planning to upgrade the door and frame and want to make sure that it remains strong and secure. Thanks Khuz
  4. Sappy

    What Lintel should we use?

    Hi all, We are in the process of building a new garage and a brickie is going to face our block walls and build pillars and apex etc.. we have left three 500x900 gaps for Windows on the block wall immediately below the roof plate. There is to be no cavity as such between the block and brick...
  5. P

    Confused about mortar mix for fireplace

    Hello, Im making our builders opening smaller in order to install a gas fireplace, by installing a steel lintel (as concrete will crack) and bricking up the hole above. However Im confused about what mortar to use! The DIY store sold me a bag of "Natural Mortar" which apparently contains lime...
  6. LydiaSixx84

    Brickwork disaster

    So we had a coal shed knocked down which was tied in to our kitchen wall. Then we've had a bifold door put in. At the time we planned to render the brick, but now we've decided it would look tacky and out of character for the old house. The builders have done a really rough job of the brickwork...
  7. Mjrobson82

    Cracks in mortar in joining bricks

    Hi I've lived in my house for 12 years and the current kitchen window before we moved in, used to be patio doors to the garden. The previous owner bricked it up and put a window in. I think he did the work himself. I have always noticed some missing or loose cement between the new bricks he put...
  8. SpiderAnt

    Removing and filling in a small chimney (moved from Projects)

    I have an old chimney stack up from the kitchen and through to the bathroom. The kitchen stack part has already been removed (before we moved in), the bathroom stack is still there, not ventilated and was - i think - responsible for a big damp patch coming out on the adjoining bedroom wall. I...
  9. A

    Bricking up conservatory windows (1 side)

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum and about to buy my first house. This house has a conservatory with no seperation from the main house. So the whole of the ground floor back wall has been removed. Anyway, one side of the conservatory is a dwarf wall and uPVC DG windows which look out onto the...
  10. pompeyritchie

    Major brickwork cracks in detached garage

    Hi. I’ve had a good look through all the posts but can’t find anything that matches my problem. I have a 5m x 2.5m single skin brick detached garage with an apex tiled roof. The garage sits on a concrete block foundation which is at the top of a fairly steep garden and public footpath. One side...
  11. H

    Making a VERY small back yard into a usable pleasant place

    Recently I bought an upstairs flat. It has a very small yard out back (see photo) which was previously used only to store the wheelie bins. I would like to try to do something to make use of the outside space. The plan is to clean up the concrete with a pressure washer, add hanging baskets...
  12. F

    Shoddy job?

    Hi there, I'm concerned about some building work I've had done and thought I'd get some public (and hopefully expert) opinion on it. I've removed an internal wall to make my bathroom bigger at the cost of my bedroom. Unfortunately there was a window effectively spanning that wall. So I've had...