building control

  1. B

    Unhelpful BCO

    I email the building control company prior to doing some work, giving them bullet points of what I'm going to do and for them to give me a heads up if they're going to want to see something in particular, and whether I'm doing it correctly. But they refuse to be helpful in any way. All they...
  2. B

    Building regs submission

    I’d like something clarifying if anyone can help. If your architect submits plans to your building control control company, and they approve the plans. Are building control then allowed to question elements and request deviations from the plans they already approved? Or is their job to...
  3. S

    Planning permission is approved, confused on next steps

    I have had my planning permission for two story side extension approved. I am finding my self very confused now on what to do before the work can start. I called my local council today and they advice me that there are two ways to go about it. 1. Building Notice - simpler and work can begin...
  4. N

    Moving an ashlar stud wall in loft conversion

    I have an existing stud wall as part of a historic loft conversion. The plan is to move it back to increase the room space, insulate and turn it into cupboards rather than loft space. As far as I can tell this wouldn’t require planning or building control. Is this the case?
  5. P

    Repointing "specialists" Puroconstruction disaster London NW25AS

    I have had Puro Construction on site doing the repointing on this 1920s building, it does not look right, can someone please advise we are in a dire situation with them at the moment
  6. D

    Building Control Company Lost Licence

    Hi all, I found out from a builder that my Building Control company had lost their licence and were due to cease trading so rang up for a partial completion certificate. No other company will touch it now and say it must go through the local council. I spoke to the council and they said make...
  7. N

    Deflection in beam and fixing

  8. A

    Garage conversion but meters on walls?

    Hi, so we are converting our garage (linked to the 1960's house) into a habitable room. The walls are double leaf brick without cavity. I will therefore need Celotex Insulated internal plasterboard sheets - do you know if 75mm cellotex is the minimum acceptable thickness? Can I simply bond it to...
  9. J

    Retroactive Building Control for DIY Window Install

    Hello all, We're in the middle of planning for extension which is likely to happen next year. As part of the works I plan to do the internal reworks this year (mostly just moving a stud wall to create a corridor upstairs to the new bedroom) and then have the extension built next year and knock...
  10. A

    Airbrick position with ducting tube

    Hello all, I need some help and advice: A building control officer has recommended a builder to use 6" high timber frame joists to be used with 100mm insulation inside the frame as the proposed suspended timber frame joist of 4" high isn't strong enough for the underfloor heating, because of...
  11. R

    Is this still party wall?

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help with understanding if the wall still constitue as party wall? Properties under question are two semi detached houses (not the adjoint ones but the one that are NOT joint by party wall, i.e. the detached part of semi-detached houses - if that makes sense)...
  12. B

    Roof Truss Design - unusual - Building Control

    Hello In the attached photo is a roof truss I think I need on my garage, that I wish to build. It's of a slight unconventional design it seems. I was just wondering if something like that will be passed by building control? I was also thinking that, would they a support to be added that is...
  13. C

    Building reg - interlinked Smoke Detector

    I’ve just built a double storey extension to the side of the house. I installed a Kidde dual smoke + Carbon mono alarm, one upstairs and one downstairs. Now I’ve 4 bed house (and its not being rented). I had the pleasure of building reg inspector doing the final visit and after calling his...
  14. C

    Removal of Chimney Breast - Building Control?

    My Daughter lives in a semi-detached Bungalow and would like to remove the Chimney Breast, below the roofline. She has spoken with a structural engineer who is in the process of designing a solution and is aware of the need to comply with the party-wall scenario. But, she can't get a clear...
  15. D

    Do you need subbase/sub base and sand under a screed kitchen floor?

    Hi! We were quoted for a floor to be smashed up and replaced with a new floor. The estimate described there being a sub base, sand then DPC, insulation and 65mm fibre screed. We were away the day it was prepped for the screeder, but when we had a peek under the dpc just before the screeder...
  16. R

    Building control inspection appointment

    Hi, I am in process of replacing my existing flat roof with new flat roof (re-roofing). I need to apply for building control inspection with my LA (I belive its for compliance for energy efficiency etc or something similar). It comes under minor work with building control notice form. How...
  17. Col3232

    Building control drawings - future optional jobs after extension

    I am in the processing buying a bungalow that needs a fair bit of work. The first thing we plan to do is to add a side extension under Permitted Development. We will get a LDC to cover that too then submitt a full set of building control drawings. Depending on how much we end up spending on the...
  18. 1

    En-suite without building regs approval

    We suspect that one of the toilets (en-suite) in our flat has been built without building regulations approval about 8 years ago (by previous owners). Our freeholder now understandably requires us to check the works have been done to a good and safe standard, and we’re having to apply for a...
  19. J

    Replace outbuilding roof

    I'd like to replace a brick outbuilding's roof from corrugated metal to corrugated plastic to use as a shed/greenhouse. Its just used a shed, very old, no insulation etc and used to store garden tools and misc junk It 3.8x4.5 meters and built into a slope. The highest point is 2.5m. The back of...
  20. J

    Buying single glazed house - diy double glazing

    I'm hopefully moving to a house (about 90 yrs old) with the original single glazed windows. They are in good condition and the wood is sound, apart from one one. I'd like to replace the glass panes myself with double glazed units designed for retrofitting. According to the manufacturers...