1. S

    4m x 5m Timber Shed - Can I put metal/Plastic/composite sheets over existing wooden cladding?

    I want to add metal/plastic or composite(depending on price) cladding to the 4 external sides of my shed to cut down on painting/maintinace each year..Can I install sheets to each side of the shed by just attaching them directly onto the existing wooden cladding? or do I need to use battons...
  2. S

    Cladding membrane

    Hi all, First Post so apologies if this seems an obvious question: Some of my external house cladding has blown off in recent storms. I am going through insurance to get sorted but have noticed that the cladding is held onto wooden battons fixed to the breeze block behind, there is no membrane...
  3. G

    Tiling 45deg corner with stone cladding - how to cut

    hi guys I've started tiling my media wall with stone cladding and hit a brick wall. I need to tile the corners and since the cladding I've bought doesn't offer corner tiles I will need to cut it myself. Normal 45 deg cut won't work as the cladding I have varies in thickness (stone-like effect)...
  4. J

    Old existing staircase in need of restyiling. How to over clad it. Help

    As per attached photos. I have an old staircase which need a bit of modernization. I have seen someone cladding it with solid timber flooring but not sure how works around the bullnose area. How would you do it. Any help and tips is welcomed Tnanks
  5. oursurveysaid

    Ply Underneath Aluminium Fascias

    I'm about to fit a couple of bespoke aluminium fascias to my extension, replacing the rotten plywood and timber mess left by the builder. My question is: what should I do to the new plywood I'll be installing, which will then be clad in the aluminium? Can it just be primed or sealed, or does it...
  6. A

    How to do temporary waterproofing during re-cladding the exterior or a house

    I have this idea that I want to re-clad the exterior of my house. It's likely asbestos so I'll be getting professionals to remove the existing cladding and eaves. After they've finished that, I'd have to quickly waterproof the exterior of the house as there will be a bit of time between having...
  7. Hedi

    Timber Cladding

    Hi All, I bought a timber cladding house which built in 1920. My neighbors and the previous owner also claim that they never need to replace any timbers, just paint over it. But then I look at tje current stage of the wall, I am not quite sure does it needs replacement to all or just a few...
  8. Jakeh83

    Level block wall before cladding

    I'm putting stone z clad on my house front I've nocked the old render off but there's some big pits in the block, adhesive can be bed 15mm thick but some of the pits are deep, my question is can I create a flat sirface by filling with something first to flatten then apply adhesive on top?
  9. M

    Cladding, vent, gap... what thickness battens to use

    I read a few different views on the thickness of the battens to use for attaching cladding to a solid brick built building. I was under the impression that 25x50 roofing lats are the norm, but the last couple of posts I've read say the battens should be 2 or 2.5 the thickness of the cladding...
  10. M

    best method to drill through external clay cladding

    Hi whats the best way to drill a hole for air condition pipes ~50mm wide through clay cladding and what would needed to cover the hole to prevent rain water coming in ? Image of wall below, Thanks In advance! M
  11. maty87

    Shed issues

    hi i have a new shed thats 1.5 years old and since 6 months old its shown signs of not well made as as it has shrunk and expanded its warped and pushed some of the t+g cladding out at the join retailer not interested and no solution to a fix either im trying to see what the supplier can do...
  12. T

    Removing PVC ceiling cladding

    Hi guys, We've got PVC ceiling cladding in our bathroom which temporarily needs removing from one end of the bathroom (see image below). Does anybody know how to remove these? I would imagine I need to remove the coving first but the coving appears to be firmly attached to the panels. Any...
  13. Hutcheg

    Water ingress during build (ed.)

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of building an office in my garden. It's been pretty slow progress due to having 2 small kids, and having a tough time with my mental health. Due to Covid, the roofing sheets I ordered at the end of October still haven't arrived. I've constructed the roof...
  14. M

    Fixing wood cladding on a gable end

    Im hoping someone can help me - I am planning to clad my gable end with cedar cladding - currently it is mock tudor - I will remove the black wood detail and inspect the white sheathing/boards - I am hoping these are ok to batten onto and then clad - my question is whether I need to membrane...
  15. T

    What is the purpose of fascia boards compared to cladding

    I'm rebuilding a flat roofed garage and am wondering what the point in fascia boards are here because the rafters don't overhang the wall, instead they finish flush with the edge of the wall. Is there any reason I shouldn't clad right up to the roof line? A rubber roof will be installed with a...
  16. T

    Thermal expansion noises in dormer cladding

    We had a full width dormer extension built earlier this year which has dark grey cladding and a flat rubber roof. On warm sunny mornings there's lots of cracking noises as something expands. It responds very quickly to the sun coming out and the will be a cracking noise every few seconds a...
  17. B

    T&G Shiplap Vertical

    I've bought some T&G Shiplap cladding for my garden room. The intention was to mount it horizontaly but I think it would look way better vertical. Can anyone see any issues with that? I will counter batten to create an air gap, and I have installed a breathable membrane over the OSB sheathing...
  18. Molsy

    Loft ceiling cladding

    Can anyone suggest a budget (white) cladding to hang under rafters in a cold loft that will look half decent? I have to cover approx 16000 mm x 2600 mm So far I've found 3m long hollow PVC soffit. Will this be suitable? TIA
  19. T

    Cladding Bay Window with Scaffold Boards???

    Hi We have a square Bay that is currently Mock Tudor & a bit tired & tatty. Cement panels, framed by Wood. Some of the Cement has crumbled. I want to replace it with Wood & thought Reclaimed Scaffold Boards would look fantastic & be durable. Given that Scaffold Boards don’t have Tongues or...
  20. R

    Shed cladding - to re-do or not to re-do

    Hi All, I'm looking for opinions. I have an old shed that I am looking to convert into a workshop. The shed has been clad in treated tongue & groove (vertical) some years ago (not by me). As you would expect, as the wood has weathered and aged, gaps have opened up between the boards. There is...