1. S

    T&G cladding a room what order of install?

    Hi all I am finally finishing off the summerhouse and the last bit to do is the internal walls. These are being clad with horizontal T&G. The room is 2.8m x 2.5m with the longest walls being the back wall and front (75% windows and doors) I was intending to start with the back wall but wondered...
  2. S

    Larch cladding fixing advice

    Hi, about to do the exterior of our garden studio clad in Siberian larch planks. We have a shadow gap and the planks will be fastened to battens. What would you recommend for the most unobtrusive finish ? Tongue-Tite Plus Stainless Steel T&G Screw or Lost Head stainless bright nail...
  3. B

    Advice -Overboarding leaking shower panels?

    Hi all. I have a downstairs shower on back room ( main bathroom is upstairs) and it’s leaking from the vertical joints. This happened after I removed a disability seat/handrail. I did silicone over them and force it into the slight gaps but it has returned. I only require 4 panels each...
  4. D

    Alternative suggestions to composite cladding, where walls won't be seen

    Hi all. I'm planning a garden room/office which will be situated towards the corner of the outdoor space. It's a SIPs build with HouseWrap and battens as you'd expect. The front and right side elevations will be visible and clad with composite interlocked cladding, but the left and back won't be...
  5. A

    Replace metal bead on timber window

    I am getting some Cedar cladding installed around a timber framed window.The window has a metal strip or bead along the bottom edge. This will not be wide enough to bring any rain water out over the cladding. Are these metal beads easy to remove - I tried but couldn't. The carpenter has put a...
  6. E

    Drilling through cladding to put up hanging baskets

    I bought a house which has a lot of cladding around the back. I hope that's the right term. Personally I find it ugly and wish it still had just the red brick underneath but it is what it is. I don't know exactly what you call this - I don't think it's pebbledash as I don't think they're any...
  7. Recci

    External cladding to steel column

    i need to add external render cladding to the outside of my steel column. Can someone please help me with the buildup detail.
  8. S

    Insulating summerhouse (during build)

    Hi All I am planning to build a summerhouse/home office so it will need insulating. I wonder if you kind people could offer me your thoughts on what I am thinking of doing? Floor support will be timber frame and joists (47x100) on concrete piles. I was intending to put baton in the joists at...
  9. T

    Flat roof battens

    Hi All. I am looking for some advice. I need to fix some cladding up the wall and wrap it over the roof parapet. I really need to secure the cladding to the parapet and it’ll need an air gap that is continuous with the wall. The parapet is marine ply with EPDM and is at an angle of about 30...
  10. J

    How to spec out scaffolding requirements

    I'm thinking of doing some work on the gable wall of our house and would need scaffolding installed. Set back ~30cm (is that gap allowed?), from the part of the wall to be worked on. This would be to allow some repairs to cracks in the render of the wall, some repainting, and then installation...
  11. S

    Yet another nail gun question

    Hi all I have some garden projects planned. I need to build some picket fences and build a large summer house with T&G cladding. Lat work I did was a log store and I used an electric Tacwise nailer (max 40mm) which worked but I feel the nails arent long enough. I have a fair few Dewalt 18v...
  12. J

    Penetrating rain through gable wall - will this work?

    Hi all, We are getting penetrating rain coming in through our gable wall. The gable is made of block work added for a hip to gable loft extension, with a very thin concrete render over the top. There is some cracking visible as seen in the photo. We are thinking of the following solution: 1...
  13. S

    4m x 5m Timber Shed - Can I put metal/Plastic/composite sheets over existing wooden cladding?

    I want to add metal/plastic or composite(depending on price) cladding to the 4 external sides of my shed to cut down on painting/maintinace each year..Can I install sheets to each side of the shed by just attaching them directly onto the existing wooden cladding? or do I need to use battons...
  14. S

    Cladding membrane

    Hi all, First Post so apologies if this seems an obvious question: Some of my external house cladding has blown off in recent storms. I am going through insurance to get sorted but have noticed that the cladding is held onto wooden battons fixed to the breeze block behind, there is no membrane...
  15. G

    Tiling 45deg corner with stone cladding - how to cut

    hi guys I've started tiling my media wall with stone cladding and hit a brick wall. I need to tile the corners and since the cladding I've bought doesn't offer corner tiles I will need to cut it myself. Normal 45 deg cut won't work as the cladding I have varies in thickness (stone-like effect)...
  16. J

    Old existing staircase in need of restyiling. How to over clad it. Help

    As per attached photos. I have an old staircase which need a bit of modernization. I have seen someone cladding it with solid timber flooring but not sure how works around the bullnose area. How would you do it. Any help and tips is welcomed Tnanks
  17. oursurveysaid

    Ply Underneath Aluminium Fascias

    I'm about to fit a couple of bespoke aluminium fascias to my extension, replacing the rotten plywood and timber mess left by the builder. My question is: what should I do to the new plywood I'll be installing, which will then be clad in the aluminium? Can it just be primed or sealed, or does it...
  18. A

    How to do temporary waterproofing during re-cladding the exterior or a house

    I have this idea that I want to re-clad the exterior of my house. It's likely asbestos so I'll be getting professionals to remove the existing cladding and eaves. After they've finished that, I'd have to quickly waterproof the exterior of the house as there will be a bit of time between having...
  19. Hedi

    Timber Cladding

    Hi All, I bought a timber cladding house which built in 1920. My neighbors and the previous owner also claim that they never need to replace any timbers, just paint over it. But then I look at tje current stage of the wall, I am not quite sure does it needs replacement to all or just a few...
  20. Jakeh83

    Level block wall before cladding

    I'm putting stone z clad on my house front I've nocked the old render off but there's some big pits in the block, adhesive can be bed 15mm thick but some of the pits are deep, my question is can I create a flat sirface by filling with something first to flatten then apply adhesive on top?