1. K

    Atmos HE 32 Combi intermittent hot & cold water.

    Hi, 1st poster. I have a Atmos HE 32 combi and get intermittent hot water on the DHW side. The boiler and system are 10 years old, CH system flushed on installation, and 5 years ago as well as inhibited afterwards. The unit is connected via a Solar HW store and the problem has existed for a...
  2. T

    convert unvented cylinder to heat bank with combi and PV immersion

    Hi All, I've been studying this and other forums for months off and on and putting all the ideas into a do it all system. I am posting my plans for fitting a heat bank to a combi boiler using a converted 300L unvented cylinder for comments / suggestions and probably ridicule. First a bit of...
  3. J

    Electric only flat ... removing water tank and upgrading system.

    Hi All ... First ever post. I have just bought a one bed one bathroom ground floor flat with not a lot going for it in the way of storage. Currently in the hall way there is a cupboard that houses an immersion tank, shower pump and also water tank. The place has no gas so a combi is out of...
  4. W

    Fill my heating circuit for my Glow Worm Ultracom 24cxi Combi Boiler

    Hi All, I wish to fill my heating circuit for my Glow Worm Ultracom 24cxi Combi Boiler... I have switched off the boiler and opened both the grey taps through 90degrees and nothing happens. I am no expert and my boiler is in this current state of the attached pictures. Do anyone have any...
  5. F

    I want to change from combi to unvented

    Hi all 4 bed detached, two bathrooms and cloakroom, 16 rads, and 4 people including two young children. Out hot water demands are growing by the day and if it wasn't already awful for just the two of us, our 10 year old Ravenheat combi boiler is proving entirely insufficient for our water...
  6. D

    Council contractor wants to replace conventional boiler with combi

    Hello I live in a 3 bed/1 bathroom mansionette and I've always had a conventional boiler, so when the boiler is working ok it's something I'm happy with and I don't give it a second thought. After on going issues with my current boiler (Baxi Solo 3 PFL 50), the time has come for a replacement...
  7. M

    Boiler Pressure Gauge in S-Plan heating

    Hi All, I just moved in to a new house and have a question. Heating and DHW are fed by Worcester bosch CDI30 setup within S-plan (2 motorised valves, indirect cylinder etc) and also expansion tank + feeding tank. Question is - as this is a non pressurised system - should I be concerned with...
  8. S

    Rd 532i combi boiler - no heating.

    Hi there, I have a rd 532i boiler that has stopped working yesterday. I still have hot water but I don't have any heating. The thermostat is electric (checked for battery) when I took the fascia off the boiler got an error code. I have checked the out door condensor pipe which is not...
  9. U

    Glow Worm Energy 35 Store combi

    I am considering replacing my gravity fed system with this one or should I go with an unvented cylinder. Mains pressure around 10-12 ltrs/min @ 1.5 -1.7 bar in the kitchen tabs. Any thoughts or reviews?
  10. B

    Gas Combi Heating Boiler ... 2 separate Timers ?

    Is it possible on a gas combi boiler to have 2 completely separate timers fitted side by side, 1 for central heating and one for hot water to run independantly of each other without a problem ?
  11. J

    Hive receiver into Glowworm Betacom 24 boiler

    Hi, I have just bought a Hive thermostat, but I can't work out how to connect the receiver into the boiler. I have connected the backplate to the permanent live / neutral from the spur, but not sure where the Common, Heating Off, and Heating On terminals need to be connected to in the boiler...
  12. D

    Only shower hot water fluctuates; boiler turns on & off often

    Hi All, New to the forum; but read through a lot of threads and solutions for possibilities around combi boiler, before posting. Bought a flat that has a Ariston MicroGenus (not sure how old). The hot water in the shower (both through shower head and bathtub tap) fluctuates from hot to barely...
  13. J

    Water in outer flue combi boiler

    Hi, I have a Glow-Worm Flexicom 30 cx installed in a ground floor flat. A couple of weeks ago it started reading error messages F4 and F13. The Glow-Worm man who came round opened it up to find some water inside the boiler and said that we had to call the installation man as it looked like an...
  14. dilalio

    ATAG IC Economiser 35: Price?

    Released last Wednesday (30:10:15), the new range of combi boilers from ATAG. Can anyone tell me the price the IC ECOMISERs are being sold at, to a/c holders? I know they only sell to gas safe, account holders, but end users need to know the price tag so they can compare with the brand...