compression joints

  1. J

    MDPE Lead Loc Plus - does it need to be exact size???

    Hi there. I have measured the lead pipe and it's 22mm.. I bought 2 MDPE Lead Loc Plus for 7lb, 23mm lead before accurately measuring. My question is do they need to exact match ie what's the tolerance as I read it's better to get a 22mm fitting for a 23mm pipe and shave it down so it's...
  2. E

    Philmac transition joiner is leaking

    We had a plumber come round to fix a leaky lead pipe. Long story short: we had the lead content tested and we don’t need to replace it all under the house. But there was a section that came out of the ground before joining on to the internal copper pipes. The bit of exposed lead had a leak in...
  3. P

    Removing lockshield extension tail

    Hi, I have a standard radiator (1/2" female bsp) on which I'm installing a new lockshield/TRV kit. The lockshield is similar to this: What happens if I remove the nut and everything on its left in the pic, and screw the valve directly into the radiator (with PTFE)? This would simplify my...
  4. V

    JG Speedfit with Compression Fittings?

    Hello Please advise me, is it safer to use speedfit pipe with compression fittings rather than the usual plastic fittings? It just strikes me they are likely to last longer because they rely on an olive rather than a rubber seal which eventually degrades? Some of my fittings will also be...
  5. BillyWillySilly

    Old compression fittings - leave well alone?

    I've been diagnosing some heating problems and found that we had 5 radiators coming off a 15mm feed, part of which was setup in a series. No wonder the last two didn't get hot. We will soon be dot and dabbing over a wall where some of these pipes come down, and I have decided to cut the series...
  6. G

    Testing joints

    Hello, I'm looking at slightly moving some pipework for some rads, as well as changing some valves over to TRVs. As I'll be doing a full drain down, was thinking it may be useful to make up the pipework and joins and test beforehand? I can't seem to find a tried and tested method anywhere? Was...
  7. hellopaul2

    Leaking compression join / tee - how to replace?

    Hello, I recently had to adjust a tee in a compression joint; the pipe teeing off the straight pipe was angled too far up, so I slightly loosened the two nuts (by about a quarter turn), re-angled the whole thing, then tightened the nuts again. Then a very slow drip started from both the...
  8. M

    External Waste Pipe leak for the kitchen sink. Opinions on possible solution / tips / advice.

    Hi Guys, Wondered if you could all help me please regarding my kitchen sinks external weld waste pipe. Six years ago had an extension done on the home, though in the last 2 years my kitchens external drain waste pipe has been leaking a little from the outside on the wall. Could anyone advise...
  9. K

    Expansion vessel kit male connector appears to be very slightly less than 15mm

    Hi, I just fitted a wall mounted 25L expansion vessel to the heating circuit of an oil fired combi-boiler. The machined 15mm male inlet connector on the expansion vessel kit is connected to a female 15mm compression nut with olive and plenty of PTFE tape. The female compression join comes from...
  10. K

    drip from radiator fitting

    Hi Photos show there is no slack on the compression fitting to allow me to get any ptfe tape on. Because it's not possible to move the compression nut back so that it exposes the olive. What can I do?
  11. K

    Boss Super Green

    ive been using Boss Super Green on the olives of my compression joints, is this ok? Seen a few bad comments about it and just want to check it won't leak like this, as I'm just putting a concealed shower system in. Do I have to take all the joints apart and refit or should they be ok?