1. T

    Covering unused smoke detector hole

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum, but I suspect not the last one... I'm replacing one of my ceiling mains-powered smoke detectors with a battery-powered one that is also much smaller. The diameter of the old one was 12cm and the diameter of the new one is 6cm. After taking off the...
  2. M

    Veritas 8 Alarm Panel Cover Removal - Help Pleasey

    Hi folks hoping someone can help with this quandary... I Moved into a house with an old Veritas alarm which seems to need a new battery, but I cant get the alarm box front panel off. It has two white plastic lug type fittings with a flat head slot. These just turn to 4 positions but none of...
  3. B

    UPVC French Door Frame Material Inconsistency

    Hi. Can anyone advise as to what is going on in this picture?! I am having a garage conversion done and the white UPVC French Doors have a metal (aluminium?) bottom rail/frame which doesn’t match the rest of the installation. Before I get fobbed off by the manufacturer and/or builder, I am...
  4. G

    DIY Lead Flashing - Opinions Please?

    Hi All, Recently added a new single storey extension with a gable style roof that abuts the existing house wall. I took a gamble, and decided to have a stab at doing the step and cover flashing myself. I knew it was a risk. Now hlat the point of boarding it out, however I decided to do one...
  5. J

    Plasterboard to cover artex walls?

    Hi, So I've recently moved into my new property and one bedroom has horrible textured walls. I know the easy answer is a skim coat, but I cant afford a plasterer and am uneasy on trying it myself for the first time. The walls are of solid construction in my 1920's midterrace house. Would...
  6. T

    Does anyone recognise this light cover?

    I'm trying to track down a replacement for a ceiling light I believe was originally fitted to my bathroom in the late 90s. There are two lights but the cover from one is missing and I've had no luck in sourcing a replacement. The diameter is 30cm and here are a couple of photos: Thanks in...
  7. B

    Combimate Front Cover

    Hi, my husband’s just replaced the crystals in our combimate for the first time and now the cover (which also switches the water off) won’t fit back on?! He’s tried everything, taking it all apart again etc but it just won’t go back on, any suggestions?
  8. T

    Boiler vertical flue cowl / rain cover broken

    So monday when i came home from work and found the (cowl cover / rain plate ?) had been blown off by the wind. what are my options? can i get the cover sparately.
  9. hellopaul2

    Where to buy a 300mm dia Osma inspection cover?

    Hello, I was hoping someone would have a recommendation where I could buy a plastic, 300mm diameter Osma (or compatible) 3-screw round inspection cover (some idiot managed to MELT one in my garden and I need to replace it). But I've found plenty of larger ones, or places selling the whole...
  10. eveares

    Missing bus bar cover from a 12 way 2012/2013 vintage MK consumer unit?

    So the other day was in the main 12 way plastic MK CU in my house what is from around 2012/2013, I was doing some IR and R1+R2 tests to get readings on a circuit that I have done minor works on recently and noticed the removable bus bar cover was missing. How important is the bus bar cover and...