1. S

    Leak through bay lintel, and some cracks

    Hey folks. We've had issues with leaking around this bay before and had 2 different roofers out to do repairs in the last 2 years. The most recent being this repair to the valley, which I've never had much confidence in (the roofers seemed more interested in trying to sell us a new roof than...
  2. B

    Crack above bay window

    Hi, looking for some advice on getting the crack above my bay window fixed. I’ve added a picture of it. One contractor has quoted me £300 for using hex bars to stabilise the wall and repoint it. Another has quoted £1790 to do the work and advised that extra work may need to be done on the...
  3. H

    Advice needed- cracks around windows interior and exterior

    Hello, I'm considering purchasing this property but I'm worried about cracks around the windows both internally and externally. The windows sit one on top of the other and the external crack in the picture below sits between the two of them. We're first time buyers in our 30s and have already...
  4. M

    Cracks on coving joins

    I put up duropolymer coving last summer, used plenty of non solvent adhesive also in between the joins. Before painting, I put 2 coats easi fill over the joins and feathered out, sanding in between, then emulsioned over. Soon after I noticed cracks in all places where the joints are. How do I...
  5. Dustin Oliver

    Should I be concerned?

    I’m in the process of building my first home. The house is under construction but I have found several issues. I noticed that one of the windows were sticking and has this separation/crack in drywall. Should I express any concerns to the builder??
  6. Rob broom

    Minor cracks in mortar

    Hi. There are few photos attached. Can I get some advise on what cause these cracks please? the blocks have been in place for about 2 or 3 months. the cracks are less than hairline. mortar mix was 4:1 sand cement with additive. Is it any if the following reasons? Thermal. Shrinkage. Drying...
  7. H

    Cracking in brickwork where extension meets building, SUBSIDENCE??

    Hi, I am a new member here, in the process of buying a 3 bed 2 storey 1970's house and have noticed cracking in the masonry where the rear (single storey) extension meets the building. The cracks are stepped and go through both the bricks and the mortar. The extension itself is around 15 years...
  8. L

    Very concerned external and internal cracks

    Hi I hope someone can help me please, I am concerned about my mums house as there appears to be some stepped cracking outside coming through the render. I now this has been there a while as it was filled in five years ago when the outside was painted but as you can see it has appeared again...
  9. F

    Cracking at wall joints

    Couple of questions on same topic. When boarding up to an existing wall or ceiling what do you do about skrimming? Can I use jointing tape which will be covered on the new wall by the skim and on the existing wall use easifill to hide the tape edge? Where I have existing cracks where walls...
  10. M

    Small Patch of wall plaster cracking/pushing out

    Hi! I have had a little patch, about the size of a large coin on my exterior kitchen wall, then keeps pushing outwards/cracking/splitting. If I repair it with filler, it’s fine for about a month, then gradually happens again. Any ideas? Photos attached.
  11. R

    Using old Engineering bricks for pathway and dwarf wall

    Hi I am planning an extension that will involve removing some old outside walls. I would like to reuse the bricks to make a path and patio and also to build a dwarf wall. Will the bricks be OK for the path and patio? This is the look I was wanting Also I was wanting to build a dwarf wall...
  12. I

    Stair / step crack underneath window

    Hi there I viewed a house yesterday and spotted cracking underneath the window - diagonal stair cracks from each corner of the window running down towards the centre (upside down triangle), illustrated in the attached photos. I'd say they have reasonable width (although I wasn't able to...
  13. D

    Crack prevention at top of door.

    I have a 1st floor block wall with doorway to build and was wondering if I should mesh the door corners. Low ceilings provide only 9.5" above the door frame. The wall isn't loadbearing and is perp to an exterior wall that has no cavity in it's lower half. Does it make any difference to increase...
  14. W

    Cracks in a couple of places

    I am about to buy my first home, it's a 3 bed semi, built in 1937. The house has a couple of cracks that are worrying me because this is all new to me. I only got the valuation survey, and that came back ok. I'm wondering if I should seek a structural engineer to come out and see the house...
  15. A

    Repairing cracked roof edge mortar

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on repairing the edging mortar on a slate roof. I've attached a couple of photos below to illustrate the problem. It is the edging between the roof slates and a granite gable end wall. The roof is 12 years old. The mortar has cracked along its full length allowing...
  16. N

    Plaster cracks behind woodburner

    About 2 years ago we had a 5kw wood burning stove installed in our living room. We had no chimney breast so it was installed in front of a plaster wall, with a length of uninsulated pipe, followed by twin wall pipe which runs through the ceiling. Behind the stove is Victas heat resistant...