1. R

    Storing fire doors until fitting

    I have a couple of solid core 44mm fire doors that won’t be fitted for a few months. One is finished and the other has a narrow glazed panel and hasnt been finished. I did have them vertical leant against the wall for about a month, but I just read that can warp them. I don’t have room to lay...
  2. F

    Tilt Turn Door Gearing

    Hi, I have a tilt and turn door that operates in an unusual way. This is a left hinge hanging door; looking at door from the inside, the hinges are on the left and swings inwards. The standard or typical positions to open/close/tilt the door should be as follows: 6 o clock position (close...
  3. B

    Can you trim down architrave for a door frame?

    I need to replace 45mm-wide architrave on some internal doors. I can’t find much architrave of that width that I like. Is it possible — or even advisable —to buy wider-than-needed architrave and trim it down without compromising anything?
  4. G

    CNC MDF Wardrobe build - Gap between overlay wardobe doors

    Hello all. We are having a loft conversion and would really like some built in wardobes to fill most of one of the walls. After hearing some pretty frightening quotes from other people who have had built in recently, I have decided to get the wardrobe CNC'd at a local place in 18mm MR MDF...
  5. M

    Solidor composite front door

    Hi, I'm looking to have a local company purchase and install a composite front door and they use Solidor and Door-Stop. They recommend Solidor over Door-Stop but the Google reviews look atrocious for Solidor with so many complaints (114 reviews and around sixty of them giving 1 star very bad...
  6. A

    Plasterboard over doorframes

    Hi all, We are currently week 7 into our garage conversion and the doors and windows have just been installed and plasterboard and plaster now completed by our builders. Whilst we were painting the room, we noticed the plasterboard and plaster actually goes over the door/window frames which I’ve...
  7. S

    Factory-primed doors, blotchy black paint! *Help please*

    I recently bought a factory-primed white door from Wickes. I was told by their customer service team that it was ready to paint using a water-based paint. I was recommended their own water-based interior wood paint. However, after two coats I’ve noticed the paint is very blotchy. I painted the...
  8. A

    Magnet on bifold doors

    Hi I have bifold doors in place with the magnet to hold the door open set in the middle (going by what manufacturer set out), but the door comes away from the magnet when even slightly windy. A second magnet can’t be placed nearer to the end of the door because of the restriction with the...
  9. P

    Upvc window and door frames sagging.

    I have a 3m x 4m conservatory, upvc windows on both sides with double doors in the ctr of the 4m frontage with windows either side of the doors. Recently I have noticed the top of the door and window frames sagging making it difficult to close and lock the doors. I removed the utility board...
  10. C

    Smart Viso Glide vs Cortizo

    I'm hoping someone can offer some advice or has previously purchased either brand. We are having 6 metre wide sliding doors installed into a new rear extension. Both options have 3 panels and use aluminium frames. Smart Viso - 35mm interlock sink in track direct fix 3 panel slide in both...
  11. S

    Hanging Doors Sectional Garage

    looking to hang a couples of side hung doors on a sectional garage. whats the best way to fix the Hinges to the concrete sections. if I build a wooden frame how do I fix it securely. door are jeld-wen wooden at 40kg for the pair. 2134x1981 oepening for doors any suggestions on frame and Hinges
  12. SteveFranklin

    Door Frame advice

    Hi, I need to fit a new FLB external door to replace an old one. The door itself is easy enough to get as they are much the same from the same suppliers. Question is, which door frame do i need? I'm just after a simple door...
  13. C

    Door Hinge Attachments

    Hello All, I've just purchased some new internal doors and they have come with these metal plates in the slots cut for the hinges. There's three of these per door (top, bottom, middle) and I've tried (unsuccessfully) to find the correct hinges that with either fit into the attachment or into...
  14. C

    untidy glazing seal in old wooden door.

    I recently had new glazing fitted in the front door and it's surround. The joins between the glass and the wooden frames are uneven and bumpy. Should I use caulk, then paint over it, or wood filler? Glazing sealant? Thanks for your advice
  15. M

    Flush Hollow Core Doors Price..

    Now were in Covid lockdown might as well replace kids old bashed Flush Hollow Core Doors. Who got best price online?. Nothing fancy (eg flush like our other doors) as price important. Thx..
  16. J

    Replace a yale cylinder on a UVPC door without key

    Hi, I got my internal porch door which I 'm unable to find the key anymore. The door is already unlocked but the cylinder won't come out as usually the pin inside keeps it stuck. On youtube, a guy snaps it on both sides but to be honest I'm worried to apply a lot of force as I will be damaging...
  17. J

    How to pick up right door dimension when ordering new doors

    I know could sound a very stupid question but I have removed my old door and would like to order new ones. I have the structure opening dimension at the moment and don't trust the old door as it ms like they were customized in size. For instance, what would be the difference between structure...
  18. D

    Unsprung heavy door knobs

    Ok the wife has bought some fancy, and bloody expensive, door knobs problem is they are unsprung. I got a medium sprung latch and it doesn't seem strong enough to spring the knob back on its own, I did notice bolt is through the latch perfectly a lined it will spring back. I haven't drilled any...
  19. P

    Doors to small, can I decrease door frames/jams?

    Hi, I am doing up my house on a VERY small budget. I have bought some second hand pitch pine cottage doors complete with hinges and locks. All of them are too narrow for the 8 door frames I replacing doors in. Is there an easy way to add to the frames/jams without it looking too bodged? I'm...
  20. Sappy73

    Sliders Bi fold door issues

    Hi all Please can you help me with some issues we have with some Sliders Evo Ultimate aluminium bi fold doors. Two external sets were fitted by our builder on a single storey extension and when it rains they leak a lot! The company who supplied them to our builder has been out and just...