1. D

    Flat Roofing Covering

    Hello I have recently recovered a flat roof dormer with Sika Sarnafil here is my video covering the project has anyone else used this product before ? Loft Dormer Flat Roofing Don’t Worry We Are Professionals Sorry about the title couldn’t think of anything
  2. S

    Insulating 1960's bungalow dormer bedroom and loft

    Hi, Looking for some advice and comments on insulating an old 1960's bungalow, specifically the loft area which has been split and one side converted into a dormer room. Essentially one side is the old loft area, and the other was converted and is the older style dormer room (pic attached). I...
  3. T

    Cracks around concrete lintel

    Hi all I’m a complete novice looking for some advice after spotting some cracking around a concrete lintel on a dormer bungalow (mid 60s built). Is this something I should be concerned about? Recently spotted it although there’s no telling how long it’s been there. It can be seen both...
  4. M

    Wood vs. Steel for Dormer Loft Conversions: A Debate with My Architect

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking advice regarding a dispute I'm having with my architect. I enlisted their services to create a plan for a dormer loft conversion on my 2-bedroom house. The project was divided into two stages: designing the rooms and roof, which went smoothly, and producing the...
  5. T

    Pitched to flat roof ridge ventilation - how to do it?

    Hi all, Really hoping you can help with a problem with the roof of my newly converted loft. I had a torrid time with the build (over budget, overran, had to do loads myself) but it has been generally finished and has been signed off by building control. The loft conversion is a full width flat...
  6. J

    Advice.Neighbour wanting dormer loft on single party wall

    Evening all. Looking for advise regards neighbours wanting a larger dormer loft putting in on there property. I have a few concerns to this. One being noise issue as can hear ever footstep on the landing as it is, not to mention when they are in there loft as it is. Second is structure as its...
  7. mariogg

    L shaped dormer tiling - inside corners flashing

    I’m tiling the dormer using concrete plain tiles, but I’m stuck on the inside corners. On the outside corners I used the 90° tile corners that come in pairs for left and right but on the inside, what type of flashing do i need? Specific type of soakers? I know you can get inside corner tiles...
  8. D

    Dormer conversation

    Hi can any one see any issues with this plan I’ve had done. I can understand how I don’t have a beam for the ridge with I have the dormer timbers connecting straight to the rafters
  9. C

    Rear dormer - party wall built up in brick or tile hung?

    Hi, Permitted development has been approved for our rear dormer loft plans with a tile hung design on the party wall side. Our architect designed it to sit away from the party wall. During our party wall award process, our neighbour flagged that their preference was for us to build up the...
  10. mariogg

    Dormer cheek flashing into party wall

    Hi all I’m in the process of a DIY loft conversion and don’t seem to find any information regarding the flashing of a dormer cheek against a party/brick wall. please see photos attached, there will be hung plain 10x6 tiles on the dormer cheek, and the slates below the capping stones as shown...
  11. R

    having a huge dormer built.

    We are in the process of having a huge dormer built. The approved drawings the builder is working from says single layer membrane roof covering bonded to19mm plywood, also sides from 25mm plywood (exterior grade ply). The builder has used 11mm OSB3 board all over (also gaps all over between...
  12. S

    New build dormer

    Hi All, I was wondering if you think I could fit a dormer in my property. Just for a bed / table and storage for my teenage daughter. We can’t afford to move out so hoping we could go up. Nobody else in the area has one, it was built in 2010. Before I start getting quotes etc I was just...
  13. D

    Dormer drills A095

    Hi. In the late 60's and during the 70's as a kid I'd use my dad's Dormer drills. They were black. Good drills. About 10 years ago now I bought two metal boxes of Dormer drills, A095 N0.202 & A095 No. 18. Paid about £150 for both. from Greenwood Tools Ltd of Bromsgrove. The drills are tipped...
  14. M

    Neighbours Dormer question and my roof on Victorian Semi

    Hello My neighbour has almost finished their L Shaped Dormer and the Builders/Roofers have damaged my roof etc and have now after a lot of chasing they are working to make repairs (they were standing on my roof to complete the Dormer - i consented to this under the understanding that they repair...
  15. S

    50m3 Calcs under permitted development

    Hi, I would appreciate some advice. we are currently in the middle of a 2 story extension which includes extending the original loft space. This has been through planning permission and was granted. we have now decided that whilst the gable wall is down we are going to convert the entire...
  16. T

    Thermal expansion noises in dormer cladding

    We had a full width dormer extension built earlier this year which has dark grey cladding and a flat rubber roof. On warm sunny mornings there's lots of cracking noises as something expands. It responds very quickly to the sun coming out and the will be a cracking noise every few seconds a...
  17. B

    Dormer window

    Hi - am I right in thinking that a dormer window which faces the street requires planning, irrespective of its size and shape, whereas the back can be done within permitted development rights? We’re going to build both at the same time, so need to get all permissions first. Thanks, Ben.
  18. S

    no insulation in the void of my dormer

    I just bought my first flat, the building was originally a single storey with ridged dormer windows to the front. Not sure when it was split into 2 properties or when the flat roofed dormer went in at the back. I was removing plasterboard to put in a shower and found a low stone wall, covered in...
  19. Tim Gent

    Party wall options for a terraced house full-width dormer

    We are planning a loft conversion with a full width rear dormer, which is very common in our area. We've had mixed views about how to deal with the party wall and so I'm seeking some wisdom. The first option is to build inside the boundary with a typical dormer with a timber frame. All the loft...
  20. R

    Insulating an old victorian Dormer

    I'm renovating our top bedroom and half the room is dormer style. I've no idea how to insulate this, could use some advice. The roof felt appears to be the old bitumen type. I'd obviously like the room to retain heat better but just as importantly, I want to reduce noise as we're on a main road...