1. hamzahc

    Trying to fix holes drilled too big between plasterboard and... brick?

    Hi all - first time posting so hopefully this is the right place! I'm trying to drill some holes (just moved into new rental property) to mount our TV. I initially drilled smaller holes but realised there was plasterboard and then an air gap and then what appeared to be brick or mortar? I...
  2. ukmercenary

    Power Drill Missing part

    So ive had my power drill in storage a long time but now when I want to use it the chuck is missing a part. When I say 'chuck' I don't know if that is the right word but it's the inner bit which grips onto the drill piece. Not sure where it is and how to replace it? see photos...
  3. N

    New Drill

    Hi everyone, My old corded Bosch Hammer drill, model PBH 180 RE just went up in a puff of blue smoke after what sounded like a few pops and bangs while drilling into masonry. It still appears to work when no pressure is applied, but I think with it's age ( around 20 year old ) it won't be worth...
  4. P

    Avoiding drilling pipes behind bathroom tiles

    I want to hang a toilet-roll holder in my newly built bathroom and I'll have to drill through tiles. I'll be drilling about 6 inches from the side of the cistern and, on the other side, about 6 inches from the screen of a walk-in shower. Can I assume that bit of the wall will be clear of...
  5. D

    Hang curtains on rsj problems

    Hi, I’ve a 4M sliding door with a universal steel beam above it and I’m trying to hang curtains by drilling into the underside of the steel and affixing the mountings. I’ve bought HSS drip bits (dewalt) and self drilling (not self tapping) screws (4.2mm x 50mm). Nothing seems to work. This is a...
  6. M

    Drilling into what looks like brick - hit a blocker almost immediately

    Hi all, drilling into what looks like a brick wall in our cellar, to hang something up, but after around 5mm the drilling just stops, with both normal and masonry drill bits. I used a stud finder and metal/wires finder and they both said nothing was there in the area. I’ve attached an image of...
  7. R

    Broken brick: poor trademanship?

    Hello. Got a Ring floodlight installed today and the traders have broken the brick on which they installed the mount (not saying anything to me afterwards). I understand you can drill outdoor brick without damaging it. Would this prove to be poor tradesmanship from them? Is the cam secure to the...
  8. L

    Erbauer battery charger problem?

    Hi, I’ve had an Erbauer 18v cordless drill combo for a few years and always been able to charge the batteries without issue. However when i inserted one of the batteries the other day there was a ‘pop’ and a burning smell from the charger and it wouldn’t work..no lights on, nothing, totally...
  9. O

    DEWALT (vs. Makita) Cordless Drill Help Needed

    Hi all, First time posting here so please excuse incompetence. We bought a DEWALT DCD776 to help with our home renovation. It's been through some light to medium work so far and has generally been really good to use. Recently, we have found that inserting screws (any type) has been challenging...
  10. M

    Incompatible or faulty? B&D drill battery fully charged. Doesn't work. Other's do... Why?

    Two B&D 18v NiCad batteries. They both fit my old 18v B&D EPC18 drill, but only the 2-pin/prong A18E battery works. The 3-pin ML:HPB18 is completely dead in the drill, but, after testing, seems to be fully charged (16.6V = OK for a not-new battery?). So, is this because the batteries are...
  11. D

    Dormer drills A095

    Hi. In the late 60's and during the 70's as a kid I'd use my dad's Dormer drills. They were black. Good drills. About 10 years ago now I bought two metal boxes of Dormer drills, A095 N0.202 & A095 No. 18. Paid about £150 for both. from Greenwood Tools Ltd of Bromsgrove. The drills are tipped...
  12. stratford_noob

    Joiner able to drill 16mm/85mm straight hole in wood?

    I've got some custom made floating shelves from overseas that are supposed to be hang on M16 threaded rods on the brick wall, and they came with predrilled 16mm wide and 85mm deep holes (to screw in the threaded rod). However while I was measuring things up, I forgot to check for cables, and of...
  13. H

    Drill can't go through external wall

    I am trying to drill a hole to insert a fibre extension cable from the outside to the inside of a brick wall. This wall is part of an extension built between 1989 and 1995. I have a Bosch Hammer drill, that never had any trouble going through brick. But now it's really stuck - it goes in about...
  14. bettz1

    Worth repairing Worx drill?

    My worx wx390 drill has stopped working. Had it about 5 years and only used a handful of times but noticed there was what looked like oil leaking when it was left inside the case. Opened it up and got a multi meter tested the battery and trigger all working fine so is it the motor? When the...
  15. E

    Hammer drill markings rubbed off

    Hi! I've been given an old Hitachi DV 18DMR. Works pretty well. However the markings are rubbed off of the cap. So I can't tell if I've set it to screwdriver, rotation, or hammer. I've found the manual, which explains what the different positions do, but no pictures or clues I can use to draw...
  16. T

    Guidance or regulations for making holes in external walls

    I need to put a hole through the external wall for a kitchen extractor and there's already a couple of other holes in the vicinity. I can't find any regs or official guidance for how large a hole you can make and how far they should be from other holes, openings etc. Is anyone here aware of...
  17. E

    Create hole in kitchen unit side for washer waste pipe

    Hi, I need to create a new hole for my washing machine waste pipe as it currently gets squashed by the built in dishwasher next to it. In photo attached current pipe goes through hole at the top and you can see is squashed. I need a hole like the lower one to feed the waste pipe through as I...
  18. D

    Black & Decker BD155 drill

    I was given a very solid B&D BD155RT electronic hammer drill. It only worked intermittently, for a rotation or two at most, and does not even do that now. Have cleaned commutator and replaced brushes to no avail. All visible wiring and mechanicals look in good shape and the trigger switch seems...
  19. John459

    Ryobi rpd500 drill chuck change

    How do I do it please? John
  20. GoodOne

    DeWalt 18V XR Brushless - Is it faulty?

    Hiya, I've used this power drill a couple of times and just realised that the chuck spring in and out. Anyone knows is it faulty or normal? You may take look at the clips below, which I uploaded for reference. Thanks