1. fatmcgav

    Loft wetroom ensuite questions

    Hey there, We're currently in the planning stages of our dormer loft conversion project which will form a new master bedroom and ensuite. Ensuite is looking to be about 1.8m wide by 2.6m long, with the shower running width ways on the external wall. Currently, I'm planning on using an Abacus...
  2. D

    En Suite Queries

    Hey Everyone, So I am doing an ensuite in my house. The walls have bonding (old) and have been skimmed (6 months ago). Looking back that probably wasn't the best way to go. My original plan was to use No More Ply, screw wooden battens into the wall for the shower area and screw the No more...
  3. Louis1104

    Purlin Position

    Im in a chalet bungalow, there’s currently two bedrooms upstairs but on the side of the bedrooms there’s a fairly large loft space which I’m looking to put in an en-suite bathroom. My only issue is I’m currently facing is the purlin and the supports coming off it. Could the rafters be doubled...
  4. 1

    En-suite without building regs approval

    We suspect that one of the toilets (en-suite) in our flat has been built without building regulations approval about 8 years ago (by previous owners). Our freeholder now understandably requires us to check the works have been done to a good and safe standard, and we’re having to apply for a...
  5. O

    New shower room soundproofing

    What it says. An odd large cupboard in the House of Pain is going to become an ensuite shower room (shower, sink, loo) for the main bedroom. Problem is there's only a half brick wall between it and another bedroom. I've got 100mm to spare so will be putting a stud wall in the ensuite on the...
  6. W

    6 en-suites with electric showers - How to keep it safe !?!?

    Mate is going to get rid of gas and set up a 6 Bed HMO with all en-suites and wants to makes sure he asks the electrician (& other trades?) the right type of questions / instructions so everyone is safe and it all works. There are two issues as far as I can see: High amount of electric load...