1. D

    Bathroom through-wall extract fan

    Apologies, if not the correct forum but couldn’t find one more appropriate, I am replacing our 4” extract bathroom and notice that both the original and new fans don’t fit flush onto the tiles because they fit into a downwards facing pipe fitted through the wall. I had considered using flexible...
  2. J

    Trianco TRG45 gravity feed boiler fan removal

    I really do feel a bit stupid asking this but I can't work out how to get the fan out of my boiler for cleaning - it seems to be held in with three pins, and on a base of cast metal. I've twisted it, lifted it, pulled it, hit it - what am I missing? Cheers
  3. P

    Roof Vent for Bathroom Fan - What Do I Need and How to Install

    I am starting a garage conversion and part of it will be a bathroom with shower. approx 4 sqm floor space. All 4 sides of the new bathroom will lead to other rooms so I think it is best to install an extraction fan which vents up and out of the flat roof. House was built approx 1970 and I...
  4. W

    Standard 6AMP Pull Cord Switch as Fan Isolator?

    I've been trying to get around to replacing the old bathroom in-line ducted extractor fan in the loft with a new run-on version as the one up there currently is next to useless. As there is a pull cord switch next to the shower, I assumed (I know, never assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME)...
  5. K

    Two flat vent channel ductings through one external hole

    Hi All Is it fine to run two rectangular 204x60 channel ductings (one on top of the other) through a single external hole as shown in the enclosed drawing? Drilling a second hole is not possible. The two flat channels each 204x60 would go through single rectangular hole 204x120 and would be...
  6. Weepywilson

    Please help! Wiring timed extraction fan

    so I have a Manrose extractor fan and I’m trying to replace an old fan which is running through and isolation switch and controlled by the main pull bathroom light switch, I had it setup properly before somehow but the timer function was not working, I’ve been trying and trying and with the...
  7. cwhaley

    Ventilation Regs

    Hi all, having a small extension built and so far so good. We’re about halfway up to the roof of the single storey build. Just thinking ahead and have been asking about means of ventilation. Building control have said that the new downstairs WC (containing a toilet only) must have means of...
  8. P

    wiring a bathroom fan

    Any ideas/help. We are renovating the bathroom where all wiring is in the loft and over boarded so cannot get at. The lighting circuit is wired via a junction box somewhere under the floor. So only exposed wire is the live/neutral for the pull switch and at the other end, live/neutral of the...
  9. C

    Neff Oven fan not working and bulb inoperative

    Hi all, I have recently been fitting a replacement kitchen and with the kind help of some of the people on here have finally managed to get to a stage where the appliances are in. The oven is a Neff b1881n0gb, but the fan doesn't work. Listings show that the fan is bespoke for this model oven...
  10. D

    Siemens fridge freezer - fan?

    Hi Siemens KG30NVW25G fridge freezer is cooling the freezer, not the fridge, which sits above. I’ve removed inner rear panels and there doesn’t seem to be any obstruction to the shaft leading from the cooling pipes in the top part of the freezer to the fridge. It’s now been defrosted. When I...
  11. W

    Two wired extractor fan connecting to three wired old fan

    Hi! I am removing the old extractor fan in my bathroom - the old has three wires - live, switched live, and permanent live. It is hooked up to the fan isolator. my new fan only has two wire inputs. Permanent live and neutral. can I use my new fan with two of the three wires which went into...
  12. D

    Water dripping from shed ceiling

    Hi there First time using this forum so many thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide, it's very much appreciated! I'm in England - cold winters, warm summers. I have a new shed (installed December) which, for the last two days, has dripped onto the floor from the ceiling for five...
  13. A

    PIR fan triggered by interference

    The Manrose XF100PIR 4 Inch Toilet Extractor Fan with PIR I fitted in a downstairs loo starts for no reason in the evenings, sometimes three times, sometimes not at all, but usually at least once. Nothing in the room moves (towels, mirrors, gloss paint, all been checked). The isolator switch is...
  14. A

    Wiring a Fused Fan Isolator

    Hi I am installing an extractor fan that has a built-in humidstat and timer. I ordered a '10A 3 Pole Fan Isolator Switch with 3A Fuse' to combine having both a fan isolator switch and a FCU. Has anyone wired one of these up before or would they have a good idea how to do it? It's more the 'L...
  15. L

    Extract Fan Controls

    So I've bought an inline duct fan ( that needs to come on when the kitchen lights are on. The issue I'm having is that it also needs to come on when a humidity sensor...
  16. G

    Bathroom inline extractor fan in loft

    I want to install an extraction vent in the ceiling of the shower cubicle: Is this a done thing/recommended in general? If I use an inline extractor fan which is installed in the loft as shown above, does this count as a non-classified area (DIY fair game)? Are there any kits for this type...
  17. A

    Wiring diagram help - Replacing inline fan with timed inline fan

    I'm replacing an inline extractor fan with the exact same model with a timer function but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring diagram. I've removed the wires from the old fan and got the new one ready but I'm struggling to understand what to do next. The previous wiring setup was shown...
  18. D

    Advice needed on extractor fan system

    Hi, Before I ask anything at all, I am just going to start off with a disclaimer that I will not be undertaking any electrical work myself, I am just looking for general advice. I've lived on the top floor of a purpose built 4 storey apartment block for a few years now. Up until a couple of...
  19. D

    Bathroom extractor supply cable

    What is the supply to an extractor, is it just taken from the lighting, extended in line from the light and operated via the bathroom light switch?
  20. D

    Replace obsolete electric fan oven thermostat Stoves DF550SI

    I have a faulty obsolete (20yr old) oven thermostat incorporating a separate oven fan/light switch tab. Can't find a 'universal' replacement. If I fit a standard 2 tab thermostat, and connect the fan and light, they will switch on and off with the element which is not ideal. I have a Stoves...