flat roof

  1. N

    EPDM Repair Advice/Products

    Hi. We have had a flat roof kitchen extension built, with EPDM and two skylights. The company that built it pulled out of the project neat completion, it was really weird and I don't know why they didn't finish it but I get the feeling that they misquoted and were just cutting their losses at...
  2. TeachMeObiWan

    Thoughts on a beam

    Hi, I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts or suggestions or recomendations. I have a crappy old conservatory that needs something doing. Also it's too hot, so my thinking is to convert it into a garden / sun room. It's currently a lean-to with the left side wall being the garage wall, so the front...
  3. SpaceWorm

    Garden Room Warm Roof

    Alright ladies, I am planning a garden office build with a flat roof within 1m of a boundary and want to avoid a cold roof and the issues that come with them, especially as I want downlights. I have more than enough 50mm PIR board that I have pulled out of my roof (crap, non-compliant loft room...
  4. O

    Inverted Warm Roof

    Hi, I want to keep the roof height to a minimum and thus planned to install a cold roof rather than a warm roof. Because this requires venting, which can be problematic, the inspector suggested an 'inverted warm deck' / hybrid. The cold roof plan was to put in 100mm of insulation between...
  5. TeachMeObiWan

    Seems a bit steep ?

    Hi Everyone, I just had a quote from a builder, and it astonished me. I'm not looking for any specifics here, but I'd be interested to hear anyones thoughts. Im looking to knock down an old carport (3m square) replace it with a small porch extension, same size but with a pitched roof that's...
  6. N

    Flat roof insulation advice

    Hi :) I have just bought a house in need of much renovation! One room is flat roof and I am unsure if I need to add any insulation between the rafters or if there is a layer of inuslation above the boards and the space between the rafters is for air flow. Any advice welcome :) Thanks
  7. S

    Bodging a flat shed roof

    I have a patch of flat roof where the felt has ripped off exposing the plywood deck. As this is an unheated shed roof which will be in need of proper re-roofing soon, I want to do it as quickly and cheaply as possible - e. g. Bostik Roof repair brushed over the ply and lapping over the...
  8. G

    Damp in corner of ground floor extension

    We have a ground floor extension with a flat roof. There is a damp area in the corner. The ceiling use to be wet but we had this fixed and so the ceiling is never wet anymore.The damp never gets any worse even in heavy rain but also doesn’t dry out. The Celcon bricks are exposed at present so we...
  9. T

    Wood glued over flat roof - will this last?

    Our builder told us he used glue to attach treated wood over flat GPR garage roof in order to extend our pitched porch roof over front of garage (he built the frame in wood and glued it over the GPR flat roof). Is this acceptable, to use glue to attach wood? My concern is that its not strong...
  10. Rachael1976

    Conversion of coal shed/outside toilet

    Good evening. We have submitted a lawfulness certificate to convert some outbuildings connected to the house which include an integral garage/stable type space and an outside toilet and coal store into a kitchen diner and utility. The planner is fine with the majority of the application but we...
  11. D

    Green Roof Joist sizes

    I am putting a new flat roof on a brick built garage, stage 1 is to get the roof watertight and stage 2 next year is to make it into a green roof, probably sedum. The garage is approx 5.25m x 3m with joists to run across the width (3m) I have been looking at some of the weight considerations...
  12. R

    having a huge dormer built.

    We are in the process of having a huge dormer built. The approved drawings the builder is working from says single layer membrane roof covering bonded to19mm plywood, also sides from 25mm plywood (exterior grade ply). The builder has used 11mm OSB3 board all over (also gaps all over between...
  13. D

    Flat concrete roof rust

    Hi My house was built in 1950, it has a single story extension with a flat concrete roof. The roof does not leak but has always had condensation on the inside through the winter due to not being insulated. Whilst renovating I have removed some plaster from the ceiling and found that some of...
  14. S

    Fixing a cowboy job roof gone wrong... and saving money!

    Hi Guys, new to the forum and DIY in general. Note, I have no DIY experience at all, except for assembling home furniture. I had a garden building built in 2018, and now the flat felt roof has already failed and caused a massive leak inside the building. Large puddles form on the roof, and...
  15. R

    Flat Felt Roof

    Hello all, I have a flat felt roof Garage, which is in the middle of a large block. There’s a substantial amount of water ponding on top in a bottom corner. (I cleared this today along with cleaning out the guttering) There’s no guttering at the rear where the ponding is, only at the front so...
  16. D

    Flat roof - felted with gravel (Internal leak)

    Just noticed I have a leak from my flat roof right in the corner of the room. Need a temp method of repair to stem the ingress of water. Weather is foggy and damp, it's a north facing garden and I hear a asteroid is about to hit my location. Putting aside the asteroid disaster for a minute...
  17. DerMitchie

    Moving rafters in existing flat roof

    This is a section of my flat roof extension. The top rafters simply support a suspended ceiling below the original ceiling. The bottom ones are only approx. 500mm short and are placed inside the RSJ that supports the building and connected to the frame that supports the roof light, I cannot...
  18. DerMitchie

    Flat channel ducting through flat roof joist

    I have a simple question, to which I have been getting conflicting answers: Can I cut a section out of a flat roof joist to run through some ducting? Happy for it to be flat channel. The rafters are 170mm. I've seen some info but think it's about floor boards: I have seen enforcement...
  19. DerMitchie

    Flat roof joists in the way for ducting to pass through

    Our Victorian property has a flat roof side extension for the kitchen. The kitchen ceiling is in part under the original property and in part under the flat roof. A long RSJ props up the original wall of the house. We are going to fit a ceiling extractor above a new kitchen island. The...
  20. SS-ProjectBuild

    Correct nails for Timbers

    Hi, I will be framing my flat roof using 9 x 3 timbers.... what size/type of nails do i use to brin git all together (noggings/overlaps/framing etc) ? Thanks.