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  1. D

    Flat Roofing Covering

    Hello I have recently recovered a flat roof dormer with Sika Sarnafil here is my video covering the project has anyone else used this product before ? Loft Dormer Flat Roofing Don’t Worry We Are Professionals Sorry about the title couldn’t think of anything
  2. M

    Is this pooling acceptable on new flat roof?

    I had my flat roof completely re-done a few weeks ago. Stripped down to the joists. New boards and 3x layers of felt. Then it rained and this happened. The roofer said pooling is normal but I’m worried that there are lots of joins in the felt that could open up and there is such a lip on the...
  3. H

    Advice needed for terrace waterproofing

    I need advice for a solution for a totally botched job by some roofer cowboys. They said they would fix the issues with my terrace leaking by using liquid rubber. The fibreglass terrace floor was to be replaced by these guys. However instead of stripping off the previous floor and boards then...
  4. J

    Position of VCL - warm flat vs warm pitched

    Hello. When I look at construction details for warm flat roofs I see the VCL is placed above the joists. However for a warm pitched roof the VCL is placed below the rafters. For example see the attached image from...
  5. R

    Fixing a bodged lean to utility roof - EPDM + Hot Roof?

    Hi all, I moved into a property a while back and it's got a kind of lean to building attached to the side. It's essentially a custom sized insulated (poorly) shed. I've had a ton of issues with the roof felt leaking at one end and despite some rather rushed patching I'm not overly confident in...
  6. M

    Bay window flat roof drain leaking

    Hi all Currently renovating our bedroom. We have a bay window which has leaked on and off. We thought we fixed the leak by painting some of that liquid roof stuff on and repointing the stone. But there's been heavy rain and I think the internal drain is failing now. I noticed the damp again...
  7. J

    Crown roof - warm or cold better?

    Hello, We’re figuring out the design for our crown roof - something like the attached image, where we have a flat part on the top (with appropriate fall to stop water pooling), and then it would be pitched on three sides. Would this kind of roof be better as a cold roof or warm roof? I...
  8. M

    Flat Roof Extension-Parapet Height

    Hi all, I'm planning on having a flat roof extension (5x3m) with a parapet style walls but stuck on height requirements for the parapet wall. I'd like to have the parapet style walls with either stone or metal coping to avoid having plastic trims/ visible gutter pipes/etc. but I'm having...
  9. N

    First and last joist position (flat roof)

    I've got a single skin building, wall plate is on and it will have a cold roof. Where do I position the first joist and the last joist? E.g. How do I create an overhang for drips on the side but also have a place to stick the edge of the ceiling plasterboard? Front and rear overhang is...
  10. T

    How to repair a hole in my PVC flat roof

    Hi, Hopefully somebody can give me common sense advice on a problem I'm having. I lost all hope. The picture shows a flat PVC roof over my back bedroom before the hole was cut out. I don't have a current picture, but it was leaking a bit in one place and a rouge contractor cut out about...
  11. D

    Flat roof coating recommendations

    My garage is about 5 years overdue repair and i’ve recently been cutting out and replacing the qworst affected OSB (sagging/ponding) with fresh boards, refelting and sealing gaps & overlaps with Cromapol. Where there are very small ponds I plan to fill these with a bit of Cementone, then cover...
  12. T

    Warm or cold flat roof for concrete deck with overhang?

    Hi, I have a single-skin brick extension with a concrete flat roof from the 50s/60s that I’m getting re-covered. The concrete roof overhangs the exterior by 100-150mm. I’m trying to decide whether to go warm or cold roof. I originally thought warm but now I’m concerned about potential...
  13. F

    Flat roof - felt vs. membrane - pros and cons?

    Hello, everyone. We need to get a flat garage roof - with a large upstand at one end - replaced. It's a double-length garage, and a decent width (i.e. you can still get a modern car in it) so a large area. The woodwork underneath appears to be in generally good condition apart from some...
  14. T

    Pitched to flat roof ridge ventilation - how to do it?

    Hi all, Really hoping you can help with a problem with the roof of my newly converted loft. I had a torrid time with the build (over budget, overran, had to do loads myself) but it has been generally finished and has been signed off by building control. The loft conversion is a full width flat...
  15. handcraftedfloats

    Flat Roof Insulation

    My new(refurbished) bathroom roof is going to be, corrugated metal and Plastisol, 12mm structural exterior ply (fibre glass sealed and planning exposed beams(mono trusses). Can someone direct me to a site showing insulation design and detail options, please.
  16. Moonhead

    Protect flat roof

    I've got an old flat roof on my extension that is well due a change, it's not leaking but it's definitely dry and cracking in places and has a carpet of moss on it. We're planning on replacing the roof when we have the bathroom in the extension done next year. I've started to remove the moss...
  17. T

    Garden room roof support

    Hi all, I am planning to build a garden room which will be 6.6 meters wide and 5 meters long/deep. I have managed to find joists that are 6 meters long which will give me the overhang on the front and back. The roof will then have firring strips on top, 18mm OSB board and then EPDM rubber on...
  18. F

    Options to maintain apartment block flat roof

    We've got a flat roof on top of our apartment block that is approx 30 years old, and are looking for general advice on maintaining it, as we are concerned about the discoloration. Some basic questions we have are: - What is the roofing material? Zinc? Tin? Lead? Something else? - Is the...
  19. S

    Garage/workshop flat roof options - Joist hangers or wall plate?

    Hi All I am planning ahead in regards to my flat roof for the garage. It is completely isolated in the garden and there are no walls on either side to use the bolted wall plate. The builder is in process of laying the block work sometimes this week. I have watched EPDM videos on youtube and it...
  20. P

    Pitched roof on top of old flat roof

    Had a leak from upstairs downpipe so fitted a new rubber boss. First time popping my head into garage roof hatch since moving in. See photos I’m thinking of tearing the remains of the garage flat roof out and insulating and boarding for storage. Will I be ok removing the short vertical...