1. Jag Mann

    Latex or Fibre Reinforced Self Leveling Compound

    Hi, I have a fairly even concrete floor (about 120 sq meter) but has some damage to it at places where the top chippings have come off in a couple of places (about 20mm deep), but in total this damaged area is just about 2 sq meter in the whole floor. anyhow I am planing on ordering slc but...
  2. S

    What are these??

    Evening all, Probably a stupid question to people in the know but i have hit a brick wall when trying to work out what my floor is made of. Its a 1940's ex council house. What i'm after knowing is: what are these tiles? What is their purpose? Do i need them? I only ask so i don't go taking...
  3. Jag Mann

    Plywood Floor Finish

    Hi, I am debating to use the current newley laid plywood floor as the finished surface in a small ofifice. Idea is to sand and stain the ply using polyurethane varnish with 3-4 coats. It will be a medium to heavy use area so concerned about the viablity of this solution. Total area is 18sq...
  4. H

    Hoover fridge freezer drains water onto floor - by design?

    Hi, I recently bought a new Hoover 'frost-free' fridge freezer. In a nutshell, water drains from inside the fridge onto the floor at the back of the unit. Now everything appears to be working as it should (it's only been in use for a week) but looking at the back of the unit, it appears that...
  5. C

    The attic (erm... loft?) from hell - where to begin

    Hello, I've just moved in to a new house this week. I'm really keen to get all the cardboard boxes with "attic" written on them into the attic, but after having my first peek up there yesterday, I'm not sure the boxes are headed up there as fast as I'd hoped. I've taken some pictures, but they...
  6. C

    Floor levelling compound you can screw/nail into?

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can get a floor levelling compound which you can screw or nail into? Something which cures to a wood-like consistancy? If so, can anyone suggest the products? Thanks!
  7. N

    Help identify floor construction, next steps

    Hi. Renovating a single room extension (c1980s I believe) attached to a c1800 stone house. I intend to install a laminate floor, and because of some undulations need to level the existing base. When lifting carpet grippers (tacked down but also glued in places) parts of the floor lifted with...
  8. B

    Put a Damp Proof Membrane between joists and flooring or not?

    Hi, I've searched the forums but cannot find an answer to this specific question. I have a 1960s bungalow that I'm refurbishing. Ground floor was: Ash solum on earth, sealed (badly) with bitumen. Suspended floor joists with tongue and groove timber flooring (void below floor is ventilated). I...
  9. S

    Filling a void in the floor, ready for the installation of a log burner.

    Hi I've opened up my fireplace and installed a lintel ready for the installation of a 5KW, 85KG log burner. As I got down to floor level I noticed it was very damp, so I removed the quarry tiles and found soil. I am intending to hammer in some hardcore lay some DPM and fill the 3 inch void...
  10. Gowardo

    Self leveling only a part of a concrete floor

    Hi guys, Hope you're all in good form :) My latest project in the house is leveling (and then covering with laminate flooring) my garage concrete floor. I think the best bet would be leveling compound as it's pretty uneven in parts. I have a couple of problems though: (Please see pictures...
  11. C

    Sagging ceiling (and floor above) likely problem/solutions?

    Hello, I'm looking at buying an old Victorian house, irca 1890. Its in a row and is attached to houses either side. It has a few issues, but the most worrying one is sagging of the living room ceiling, and corresponding sagging of the floor above. I'd like to know what the most likely reason...
  12. Gerrydelasel

    Why do people still tile floors?

    Thought I'd start my own discussion thread. This has no particular motive, I'm just curoius what people think! OK, I am guilty of sometimes deriding modern materials as 'naff' and 'not as good as the real thing', but when it comes to tiled floors, I am puzzled. These days you can buy vinyl...
  13. B

    Suspended timber floor over insulated concrete floor ~ insulation needed?

    We have built an extension and had the base built for us ~ the usual layers of hardcore, sand, DPC, rigid insulation, more DPC and poured concrete. Because we want a 'traditional' timber floor, we allowed for joists and floorboards. At last inspection BCO said we needed air-bricks to ventilate...
  14. StephenStephen

    max span for 22mm floorboard? planing tanalised for floorboards?

    I'm just sorting out joist spacing for a ground floor suspended timber floor. I'll be using some of the original floorboards, and will need to replace some. I'm intending to mix them around and sand the lot. I don't mind a bit of a patchwork effect. They will be 22mm, a mixture of widths. I'm...
  15. B

    Prepping floor help

    Hi Guys We've just completed an extension and are now looking at our flooring options. We're considering either Karndean flooring or an engineered wooden floor. My question is how should be prep the current floor (see pics attached) as there is a slight different between the height of the...
  16. T

    Ceramic tiles large

    600x1200mm wall floor tiles 600x1200mm ceramic wall floor tiles marble effect I have stored in the garden the Mrs wants me to get rid of them any takers ?? Approximate 40sq metre area coverage £2300 worth to good to go in the skip I'll take a few hundred for them if anyone wants them
  17. E

    Architrave problem

    Hi. I would like an advice about architrive and vanyl flooring. Our builer replaced some of our skirting boards and architrive in 1 part of the kitchen. We had vanyl flooring installed that day also. Unfotunately the skirting board and architrave he bought are about 20mm wide. I dont like the...
  18. B

    Laying hardibacker on concret floor

    Hi all, I am currently working on our downstairs bathroom. We are bringing the floor level up to match the other floors in our house. I have laid all the concrete blocks just below the required height. I now want to lay Hardibacker on top of the concrete blocks. My questions are: Should I lay...
  19. M

    Uneven concrete/bitumen floor

    Problem: Tiling a kitchen floor. Half is covered in bitumen (from parquet floor). Half is a new concrete slab. There is a 35mm level difference across the floor and is fairly lumpy. Possible solution No.1?: Use latex self-levelling compound such as arditex na. BUT: I am slightly worried...
  20. C

    Insulating an overhang

    I've just moved into a 1920s house which has some quite eccentric features. One of these is the two front bedrooms overhang beyond the downstairs. One room was insulated by the previous owners - don't (want to) know what with but it seems to work. The other room has a bigger overhang - it...