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    What are these??

    Evening all, Probably a stupid question to people in the know but i have hit a brick wall when trying to work out what my floor is made of. Its a 1940's ex council house. What i'm after knowing is: what are these tiles? What is their purpose? Do i need them? I only ask so i don't go taking...
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    Thick Underlay for Wooden Flooring

    Hi all, First post on here but this forum has helped me on many occasions with its useful information, advice and of course general banter! I am in the middle of a large house extension and renovation and it seems my builder and the glazing company have got their wires crossed and what I...
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    Underfloor heating underlay

    Hi Perhaps someone might be able to assist me pls. I will be putting in underfloor heating in a flat/apartment. The rubble has been cleared from between the joists. Insulation will be put in-between the joists. Then aluminium plates, resting on the joists, but sitting between the joists will...
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    Replace part of carpet

    I foolishly damaged a 3x4 area of my wall to wall carpet in my living room by washing it repeatedly and not letting it dry before I put a chair mat on it. I now think there is mould growing and various treatments I tried have not reduced the smell. There is some leftover carpet that I found...
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    Uneven concrete/bitumen floor

    Problem: Tiling a kitchen floor. Half is covered in bitumen (from parquet floor). Half is a new concrete slab. There is a 35mm level difference across the floor and is fairly lumpy. Possible solution No.1?: Use latex self-levelling compound such as arditex na. BUT: I am slightly worried...
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    rough countersunk holes

    Is there a trick of the trade to repair over-large and rough-edged countersunk holes? I have a lot of exposed plain pine floor-boards in my house and the woods is mostly in good condition, nicely sanded and treated with Danish oil, so it looks good. The boards are screwed down onto the joists...
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    Height of kitchen units from floor (when fitting lamintate flooring later)

    Hi all, I am installing a new kitchen. The units come with a plynth that is 150mm tall and adjustable legs. We will be putting down laminate flooring (probably 8mm + 5mm underlay) which will be installed after the units are fitted (so they dont sit on the laminate). My question is: I have...