1. H

    Stubborn condensation on windows

    Long story short, we have: 1950s house Double glazing, only about 10 years old, good condition. No condensation between the panes. Trickle vents OR openers that we leave open a crack during the night Two adults in the house, no pets High outdoor humidity (it was 91% RH last night!) and humidity...
  2. Lulusun

    Distorted reflections on window glass

    I’ve ordered grade A double glazed windows and the way light and other objects, like overhead cables, reflect off the glass gives the impression that it is warped or wavy. For example the straight cables look like they bend in two directions. The neighbours windows don’t have this but there are...
  3. W

    What rooflight

    Hi I'm am looking at purchasing 3 flat rooflights from and was wondering if there's anything or any brand to lookout for. I know I want laminated inner pane and and aluminium frame. There seems to be the same specs in different brands and different prices.
  4. K

    Arched Windows- Help!!

    Hello knowledgeable people, Looking to replace steel frames single glazed windows. They cannot be refurbished. Most windows are fairly straight forward for a heritage aluminium frame. However… we have two larger bow windows each made up of five windows, each is arched. Aluminium company cannot...
  5. G

    Triple vs double glazing

    Hi, looking for some advice. It's not really DIY as I'm getting someone else to do it but was wondering if anyone has experience with triple glazing and the benefits/drawbacks of it. My whole house is currently triple glazed and I'm planning to get a 3x4 m sunroom built (2 sides glass/bifold...
  6. B

    Greenhouse roof glazing - get clips high up

    Once again Google is pointless. We have to put a last pane of glass in the sloping roof of our new greenhouse. I have successfully mounted and clipped the other panes using W clips. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the W clips high up the pane towards the ridge. The previous ones were...
  7. S

    installing new double glazing front of house ahead of a rear extension?

    Hi Currently in a 4 bed 1950's detached. Pretty solid construction. Planning to put in a rear extension. Will be a mix of single story and double story (as 50% of rear is already extruded on both floors). appreciate the work will cause some movement. We do need to re-glaze the whole house...
  8. D

    Cracked curved glass on steel frame

    What is the correct way to fit CURVED single panes of glass onto a steel frame to prevent cracking as shown in picture. Existing appears to of been installed using an exterior adhesive / sealant. I assume cracking occurred as a result of stress caused by curing of the sealant and differential...
  9. A

    Filling big void around UPVC windows

    Hi all. I'm planning on internally insulating the front of our house and have just stripped back the wallpaper and am taking the UPVC surrounds off the double glazing to fill the voids. There is a massive void above the double glazing in the main bedroom (8 inches between glazing and brick)...
  10. D

    Velux leaking after glass replacement

    Last Monday had a cracked Velux-type window (centre-opening) replaced by a local glazier. He removed the old double-glazed unit and replaced with a brand new double-glazed unit, by unscrewing the metal bits holding the glass into the sash. Then screwing the metal bits back onto the sash once he...
  11. G

    Duplex Spacerbars - Georgian style Windows

    Hi All, I recently replaced the glazing in my house, with Georgian effect panes which are made with horizonal and vertical duplex glazing bars, to give the Georgian small pane effect. The problem I am faced with is that the horizonal and vertical spacer bars make up the smaller panes, are a few...
  12. A

    Painting over linseed oil putty

    I've putty pointed some windows using linseed oil putty. Can I paint over this type of putty using a water based paint? For the record I have some water based zinsser exterior allcoat. The putty doesn't seem to indicate anything, all it says is allow 7 days to dry before painting. It's the...
  13. A

    Linseed oil glazing putty drying time

    Hi, I have a window which needs to be putty pointed from the outside. I note linseed oil glazing putty can take anything between 7-21 days to dry before it can be painted. Does it matter if it rains within this time period, in other words will rain have any negative impact on the putties...
  14. S

    New windows just fitted, many questions...

    I have just had my whole house fitted with new double glazing. The back bedrooms face onto a fairly busy road, so I asked for acoustic windows, as I had been told that they were AMAZING at blocking out noise. However, every car that drives past can still be heard quite clearly. It’s only a...
  15. cwhaley

    Gap on uPVC door

    Yet another post on uPVC doors I know... There are three roller cans on my back door — bottom, middle and top. The top and middle pull the door into the frame tightly and there is a good seal. Unfortunately there is a gap at the bottom and I can quite easily push or pull (from outside) the...
  16. E

    Glazing Unit in New Composite Door Moves

    Recently got a new front door - the Endurance Fuji door which has a narrow pane of glass in the middle of the door. Is it normal for the glass unit in the door to have a slight movement to it when its pushed? The reason I pushed it was because I can hear a small amount of outside noise coming...
  17. A

    What type of putty for single and double glazed glass?

    What type of putty do I use for a single glaze glass and double glazed glass? I note there are different type e.g. linseed oil putty and butyl putty? How long do you have to leave it before you can paint or stain over it? Any decent brands recommended?
  18. D

    How to adjust this hinge?

    Hi there, my left hand side french door seems to come away slightly from the top, and so I have to lift it up on the middle edge while shutting to get it cleanly over the threshold. The gap between the door and frame is wider at the top than bottom so I thought maybe I need to adjust the hinges...
  19. M

    Glass Conservatory roof

    I need some advice on installing a glass conservatory roof. I am designing a glass roof which will be 4000 mm long and 4 mm thick and approx 700 mm wide. From some research it looks like I will have to join this roof together as a 4000 mm double glazed unit will be hard to buy and heavy to...
  20. Moyoltd

    Single glazed uPvc window

    Hi everyone, Working on a property (listed council block) which has single glazed upvc windows in some rooms and double glazed in others. Identical windows just the beaiding is wider. Could i get replacement beading for the single unit? Thanks for the help