1. whatsthenews

    Paint faux pas

    Mistakingly picked up the tin of acrylic eggshell instead of the acrylic primer and undercoat I'm supposed to be priming and undercoating old oil based gloss work on door frames. Once the eggshell's dry, can I just use the primer/ undercoat on top of it, and then the eggshell, or do I need to...
  2. F

    Painting satinwood over old gloss - losing my mind!

    Hi all! I am having an absolute headache trying to work out exactly how best to do this. I've spent hours researching and there seems to be so many conflicting comments out there. I wish to repaint all of the gloss in my house with a satinwood finish. There are several layers of paint on the...
  3. D

    Bonding filler to gloss paint

    I have several strips to fill on an interior window casing and sill [new window frame slimmer that old frame]. One side of each strip filled needs to be feathered onto gloss paint. To help it bond I will course sand the paint, BUT what is the best single part filler to use to give a long term...
  4. L

    Gloss that doesn’t yellow

    We’ve got a downstairs WC It gets no daylight so the gloss keeps going yellow. Are there any products that don’t yellow?
  5. L

    Gloss going yellow

    Hi, All of our skirtings and windowsill are painted with Dulux High Gloss All of the areas covered by photos, ornaments etc have gone yellow. 1. Will the colour return to normal? 2. Are there any products that don’t turn yellow?
  6. M

    Staining over white gloss

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of redecorating the hallway and stairs and I'd like to stain/varnish the handrail a dark brown which is currently painted white gloss, is it possible? What's the best approach? Is there a primer that could be used over the top of the gloss and then able a...
  7. I

    Painting Staircase Bannister from white gloss to wood effect

    HI, My staircase bannister is currently white gloss and very old looking. Its got layers of gloss from over the years. I would like to give it a dark wood effect. Is there any paint available to paint over the gloss without having to remove it the old gloss or any trick? Thanks Sid
  8. A

    Preparing exterior wood to paint gloss over satinwood?

    Ok so i've made a bit of botch up. I lightly sanded down some exterior gloss window frames and primed using dulux primer under coat and then painted the frames using dulux satin wood which is only suitable for interior instead of the gloss which is suitable for exterior. Can I paint over...
  9. J

    Gloss lead paint

    In my house the wood has all been painted with a gloss lead paint. The doors, the skirting and the windows. I know I cant paint directly over the gloss and I dont want to sand it because of the dust and with it being lead paint. I have seen a few people recommend primers but wondered what...
  10. C

    Remove solvent paint from lacquered wood floor

    Hi I need some advice on how to remove dried solvent paint of a newly laid wooden floor which is dark brushed oak. It's driving me mad. Worried about removing the lacquer if I use white spirit. Thanks in advance. Casa
  11. L

    Best paint and prep for interior wood

    I've not painted a lot of interior wood so I'm trying to work out the minimum required work to get a decent result on my banister. It's currently painted in white gloss that's starting to bubble and peel, revealing old gloss paint underneath. In well worn parts you can see small strips of dark...
  12. rosie88

    Paint not drying

    Not sure what to do next. I had to plane the edges of a door recently that a cowboy builder had installed. I sanded, undercoated in my usual water based primer/undercoat and used the very last dregs of a crown non drip gloss. There was brown liquid in the bottom so I just mixed it together...
  13. P

    Garage Door- Painting

    Hi, I'm in the process of removing the paint of my galvanised steel garage door. The paint was peeling off so needed removing. I'm wondering what the best types of paint are to repaint it? Once I'm back to the galvanising should I go for something like red oxide primer, undercoat then gloss...