1. R

    Filled-in gully just below DPC?

    Hi everyone, just looking for a second opinion on our filled-in gully! We recently found a broken drain below the gully outside the kitchen of our 1910 house (which the sink and washing machine drain into, so this had just been pouring into the ground for who knows how long!). We have just had...
  2. C

    Foul waste and open gully

    Can the foul waste from a WC go on the same underground drain as an open gully? Basically the the gully would drain directly into the foul waste pipe? Hope the sketch below shows what I mean. Black is existing, blue is new. I can't send the WC drains to the SVP because there isnt enough fall...
  3. J

    Connecting to a gully underground with a shower waste

    Planning a wet room with a flush floor where the waste will run through a slab and through the wall to discharge to the drains outside. Using something like the below bottle gully, would building regs allow me to connect the shower waste underground in one of the top two 40mm inlets? As far...
  4. mrfixit1

    How to raise a gully by 15cm using an adapter or something

    What do you experts say? Grey water and rainwater drain into a gully that needs to come up by 15cm, it used to be underneath a concrete path that was used as a hopper, now I'm going to use gravel. Is there something I can buy off the shelf? I have an idea to use a 110 plastic hopper with a...
  5. DerMitchie

    Concreted Gully

    Hi there, We moved into a victorian property a couple of years ago, which already had a wrap around extension built in the 70's. The kitchen wastes run alongside an internal wall and then through what would have been the external wall at the back and down into what is now a concreted floor...
  6. S

    fit dishwasher piper under 120 cm wide corridor

    Hello, I have a dishwasher installed in a wall of a 120cm wide corridor. On the same wall there is gully and so there is a pipe going to the gully on the floor. See the picture. Now I need to move the dishwasher on the wall in front. So the pipe would cross the corridor and therefore it must...
  7. A

    gully pipe

    fitted new gully but will pipe be to close to finished floor hight, it shortest route, and just clears footing as it is now
  8. D

    Gully lead set up?

    My gully was never put in correctly and has always been iffy, I'll have to bite the bullet and get it replaced. The run is long and has rolled joints when apparently it should have steps to accommodate sliding laps. The lead is sat on a membrane (on top of ply) but I was wondering wether a...
  9. D

    Lead code (10m gulley)

    What code and size rolls would this gulley need (approx. 350mm wide at base). I'd like to try and price the lead myself. It's been priced to replace, with a new raised section/step in the middle. They reckon it'll be done in a day. Access to the roof is easy, without need for scaffolding or...
  10. T

    Cracked Gully Pot replacement

    Good Evening all, I have started to have a go at replacing a cracked Gully pot, and having exposed the pipework want to take a pause and just double check my next steps are going to be OK. So, for reference: This picture shows: Left hand small pipe - Something dodgily put a drain run that...
  11. P

    Rainwater not run to drain, pours into garden

    Hi All I live in a semi, and we have a patio at the back of the house, what I noticed is that the part of the roof sloping backwards has downpipes connected to the patio roof. I also have another downpipe which meets the downpipe of the patio on the surface of the garden, when I lifted up some...
  12. H

    Rainwater drainage

    My house is mid-terrace. There are gutter downpipes every two houses, so 1 downpipe is shared by two houses. My rear garden slopes towards the house and slightly to the left where the downpipe joins the gully. So it looks like the slope is on purpose or in any case useful at directing rain water...