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    Increase height of Zanussi integrated washing machine?

    Hi All. We have just bought a new Zanussi integrated washing machine, model Z814W85BI. Problem is, it's sitting lower than the Zanussi machine it replaced, so the kickboard that's supposed to run along the bottom front of the machine won't go back properly. So I need to raise the machine by...
  2. B

    What size microwave?

    Hi all. I am about to have my new kitchen installed but am a bit confused by integrated microwave sizes. The unit is a tall (2340 mm) oven and appliance housing. So is it simply a matter of overall size - the legs (150 mm) which leaves 2190 mm. Then take off the doors and the oven...
  3. D

    Is there a generally accepted height to set top of bath rim?

    I bought a new bath & screen but without a bath panel, although the panel is listed on the manufacturers website as 550 height, this doesn't say top of bath is 550 off floor, or where this dim comes from.. Manufacturer won't give further info..
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    Knotty 6 panel doors - Position of door hinges

    New doors and linings: what heights are door hinges traditionally fixed at? (762x1981) thank you, Dain
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    Summer house roof - How do I keep it strong yet shallow

    Hi All, once again turning to you for some advice. I am building a 3 x 3 m corner summer house, which has a diagonal of about 4m I need to stay below 2.5m to avoid planning restrictions and struggling The option I'm looking at at the moment is.... Base - 3" (3 x 2 on concrete with a membrane)...
  6. C

    Fitting sofa through front door.

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody could give me any advice. I'm looking to buy a 3 seater sofa, the problem I've got is, im not sure if it's going to fit through my front door. My front door dimensions are: Height - 73" (186cm) Width - 29" (74cm) The sofa's dimensions are: Height 37" (94cm)...
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    How do I raise height of click vinyl without leveling compound

    Hi, (Sorry if answered elsewhere - couldn't find it) Short version: Is there some kind of thick underlay which can be used under click vinyl to raise its height to match adjoining tiles? Needs to allow heat transfer from under floor heating and not be too squishy for the vinyl planks. Long...
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    Measuring height - permitted development

    Hi, Under permitted development, I believe that we can have the extended part of a single storey extension as tall as 4m in height. If we have a parapet wall similar to that shown in the following drawing then is it A or B that needs to be no higher than 4m? Thanks!
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    Shower acting weird?

    Hi everyone, I have recently entered a new property. The property is served hot water by a gas combi boiler at a fixed temperature of 55oC. The bathroom of the property has a shower mixer with a tap, similar to the one shown on the attached image. From the beginning, this setup has been...
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    Advice re: French doors please?

    Hi all, just afer a quick bit of advice. Am looking to get some French doors installed in place of an existing window. Got someone in to measure up & quote for this. All ok so far, until the final measurements are taken Dude says we *must* have a fan light because the doors would be too...
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    Work at height regulations

    I was not sure which forum to post this in. I've been asked to replace the lamps in some lights in a church. These are attached to wooden beams that are 6.6m above the floor. I was going to simply use an extension ladder leaning against the beam but I have been told that working over 6.0m...