hot water cylinder

  1. B

    What is this on my hot water CYLINDER? (Ed.)

    Hello! I've been lagging the pipes on my hot water tank in the loft. I noticed this valve on the tank. There seems to be tiny amounts of water coming out of the red button. Anyone know what this is? Is it normal for water to come out? Thanks for your help!
  2. L

    Hot water cylinder & immersion problems - 2 switches

    Hi there! Wondering if anyone can help - we’ve just moved into a new flat and having some problems with the hot water. It’s fully electric (which is new to us!) and we’re not on Economy 7. There are 2 timer switches for the hot water - we believe that the bottom one (red) is for the regular...
  3. A

    Vibrating hot water return on indirect cylinder

    Hi, I have two indirect water cylinders (Gledhill) connected to a gas boiler (Vaillant). The system is setup/programmed so that the tanks heat up twice a day for about 2 hours. When the tanks start to heat, one of them makes a loud vibrating noise, sometimes for about 15-20 mins, sometimes for...
  4. A

    PLEASE HELP: Fitting Surrey Flange to Cylinder with 22mm Male Output

    Hi, My Thermostatic Mixer shower suffers from low pressure, so I was looking to fit a Grundfos hot water pump to boost the hot water supply of the whole house also covering the solution I have a Gledhill EnviroFoam Cylinder with a 22MM Male output which is soldered onto the tank (Manufactured...
  5. C

    Hot water Failure

    Hi, My hot water isnt working, and the issue appears to be electrical as the display for my programmer says it is not recieving power. I have replaced the fused spurs and that has not resolved the issue. I took the face plate off of the switch and noticed this black cable is not connected. Is...
  6. L

    Combi boiler AND 2x water tanks??

    Hi everyone, wondering if I can get some advice We have purchased and moved into a one bed flat which had a combi boiler and central heating system installed in 2014. For some reason though, we have an airing cupboard in which there is a massive cold and hot water tank. We think the water...
  7. Y

    Pre heating water into combi boiler?

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35CDi combi boiler running on LPG. This works very well providing both hot water and central heating. I have recently installed a PV solar/battery system and expect to have more electrical power than I need for about 8 months of the year. I am looking at...
  8. P

    Nest thermostat with 2 hot water cylinders - how?

    Hello all, been a frequent visitor here for lots of tips over the years, but this is my first question. I would like to upgrade my Drayton digistat 3 (central heating) and separate Drayton LP711 (hot water) controllers to a single Nest system that controls both CH+HW. System is open vented...
  9. S

    New flat - how does the heating work?

    I moved into a flat in May this year, can't figure out the heating and hot water system. I've tried the FAQ's and searching but can't find anyone posting a question in exactly the same scenario. The letting agent has been useless. The flat has a Dimplex RXPW4 pilot wire controller in the...
  10. C

    New build hybrid heating system - badly configured?

    Hi, I've moved into a new build, built by CALA Homes. Overall, the house is great, but I'm not so sure about the heating system. Outside there's a Daikin air-source heat pump. In the garage there's a gas boiler. Upstairs there's a hot water storage tank. Concern 1: The heat pump only heats...
  11. A

    Main direct unvented hot water cyllinder

    Hi, I've been quoted for a job from a plumber and he's quoting me for a Main direct unvented hot water cylinder. Does anyone know if this brand is any good? The name makes it very hard to search for it online as it keeps returning results for "mains".
  12. martinwb

    Hot water Cylinder "Gurgling"

    Today we had a visit from a BG engineer and his notes say replaced PRV in boiler. I assume this is a "pressure release valve" Anyway since he left when my hot water timer comes on to heat the tank its like a loud gurgling noise next to the 3 way valve in the cupboard upstrairs. Now when we...
  13. nmg196

    What is the impact of removing cold water tanks from the loft?

    I'm considering a loft conversion in my house as as part of adding an extension. However right in the dead centre of the most useful space, are the two tanks for cold water and central heating. If I have an open vented setup, what is the least I can do to convert to mains pressure and remove...
  14. BillyWillySilly

    Water hammer / noise on hot water system fill

    I previously posted that I thought I was getting water hammer when the header tank in the loft was being filled. I suggested I replaced the float in the tank but the problem did not go away. A plumber suggested that I install a shock arrestor which I did to the pipe which feeds the tank...
  15. R

    Water tanks located in the middle of first floor, I'd like to remove them, what are my options?

    I'm renovating an 1880s semi-terraced 5BR house. Much of it is still original, with some rooms lacking power outlets. One thing which has been "updated" has been the installation of radiators, and a combi-boiler (located in a back stairwell on the ground floor, see photo). However, there are...
  16. P

    Reason for usual HW shutoff valve location

    In a conventional system, the standard arrangement is to have a gate valve on the (typically 28mm) cold feed pipe from cistern to cylinder. Out of curiosity, I was wondering why you won't find it on the hw pipe (typically 22mm) going out of the cylinder instead. Of course, positioned after the...
  17. N

    Hot water cylinder going cold over night

    We have a hot water cylinder with two immersion heater, one standard, one booster. We are with SSE on the Total Heating Total Control system which switchers the main immersion heater on at various times during the day. We had a power cut last Friday and since then the water has been cold and...
  18. Oceans247

    Best heating and hot water system for a full reno terraced 3 bed house?

    Hi there, I am doing a full renovation on a mid-terrace 3-bed house (inc loft) and single-story rear extension. It will have 1 family bathroom with bath, and 1 ensuite and 9 to 12 rads (inc heated towel rails. Electric underfloor heating in family bathroom and ensuite. I was going to put in a...
  19. LJK

    Upgrading domestic hot water

    Hello - always been impressed with this forum, and the time has come for a first post... I have inherited a partially complete hot water system. Currently a 3kW immersion heater heats the water in the (direct) hot water water cylinder. We find the supply inadequate for the family (cold showers...
  20. G

    Worcester Bosch Hot Water Overheat

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch 35cdi System boiler with optional diverter valve (diverter valve enables it to be used with a hot water cylinder). The control package is via Tado and integrates via the Worcester EMS bus system. My issue is that when the system is heating the hot water tank, it...