PLEASE HELP: Fitting Surrey Flange to Cylinder with 22mm Male Output

11 Apr 2023
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United Kingdom

My Thermostatic Mixer shower suffers from low pressure, so I was looking to fit a Grundfos hot water pump to boost the hot water supply of the whole house also covering the solution

I have a Gledhill EnviroFoam Cylinder with a 22MM Male output which is soldered onto the tank (Manufactured confirmed this). The issue is the Surrey Flange I ordered Link does not fit this tank due to its soldered 22mm male output. Please can anyone provide a suitable flange or how I can fit this pump, ideally I want to avoid fitting an essex flange as this will not solve my problem (I'm boosting the whole hot water supply).

My plumber couldnt fit the Flange and plumbed the outlet of hotwater from the tank to the pump inlet and the output runs to the vent/hot water supply. This causes the pump to run, but has not boosted the hot water pressure at all. Instead the pump continues to run and doesnt stop even when the tap is closed (I suspect the water is running to the vented output continiously).

I'd really appreciate any help or advice, losing sleep over this at the minute. I've spent over £500 and still no solution to my problem. See pictures below


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Take the shower hot supply from the capped-off 5th tapping 2/3 of the way up the cylinder.

A skilled plumber could find a way to extend this tapping internally towards the centre of the cylinder obviating the risk of air entrainment.
Get rid of your so called plumber and find someone with half a idea what there doing.
That cylinder has 22mm Compression outlets you can't fit a threaded Surrey flange.
Open vent wants to be connected to top connection.
Pump feed in to connection on side of cylinder pump feed out to supply to taps.
Not ideal but probably best you can do with that cylinder.
Thanks both for your reply. Unfortunately, Im a right pickle and I only discovered this plumber doesnt have a clue once he started the job.

@polesapart Are you suggesting I just take the shower hot supply from the right capped connection or for the whole taps?

@Exedon, is there not a flange that will be compatible with this cylinder? And are you suggesting I vent the cylinder to the expansion pipe towards the top and cap the supply to the hot water. And re-direct the hot water supply from the capped outlet on the right?
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The Surrey/warix type flanges are intended to work on threaded cylinders typically 1in bsp.
Assuming the open vent connection only goes to vent over tank yes connect just that to top connection.
Currently unused connection to feed pump pump outlet to feed taps .
@Exedon Thanks so much for this. That makes sense, sorry for the noob questions. I will post the results as soon as I have implemented this.

1. Will feeding the entire HW feed from the side have any impact to the system? IE will water get colder quicker?
2. Are there any other considerations I need to make from switching from top feed to side feed for the taps?
3. Will their be a constant feed of hot water to the upper expansion pipe once I plumb the HW from the side? Or will only air go through this pipe.

Thanks in Adance!

Would also be open to any other suggestions anyone has!
Piped correctly no water will pump through open vent.
Much better hot flow the only impact.

Get your so called plumber to get rid of that horrible flexi on top of cylinder!
Get your so called plumber to get rid of that horrible flexi on top of cylinder!
And put the pipe back to the vent ! or at least put a T in the horizontal pipe - taking the flexi off the side of the T. At the moment the cylinder can't vent properly !!:eek:

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