hot water

  1. B

    Boiler thermostats

    Hi I have a electric boiler with 2 x 7" thermostats in it, before I got hot water 24/7 without touching the control switch.I recently replaced one of them now I have to keep switching it on every time I need hot water can anyone tell me whats wrong
  2. P

    Help - No hot water to shower

    Hi Can anyone help. Lived here for 7 years, hot water pressure all over the house has always been fine but to the shower in the ensuite it's always been low (cold pressure is fine). Last couple of days the shower has only run cold, have took the shower off the wall (aqualisa aquarium mixer)...
  3. LilMissModette

    Too hot!

    Can someone please tell me why my bathroom radiator comes on when the hot water is turned on.... Is that meant to happen?
  4. D

    ICOS/Ideal HE18 Hot Water but No Heating

    I have an ICOS Ideal HE18. Got up this morning to NO HEATING but water is working fine. I've done as much checking as I can - I'm no expert. I have hot water, my wireless room thermostat appears to be working (I've reset it to test it) and it's turned up to 25. I've fiddled with the valve...
  5. I

    Viessmann Vitodens 100 Combi Issue

    I have a 4 year old Viessmann Vitodens 100 Combi boiler feeding an unvented hot water system and underfloor heating system. My issue is with the hot water circuit. When the hot water system switches on in the morning and the boiler fires up there is distinct rattle/judder which lasts a second...
  6. L

    Vokera Maxin 24e hot water issue

    Words of wisdom gratefully received please! I have a Vokera Maxin 24e combi boiler supplying 7 double radiators, one kitchen mixer tap, one bathroom sink mixer tap and one bath mixer tap with shower attachment. Boiler last had a major overhaul 9 years ago when I bought the property (it wasn't...
  7. Mike2007

    Megaflo problems

    The 250ltr cylinder I have isn't supplying hot water. It's supplies luke warm water or intermittent hottish water. It has been drained down and recharged. Plenty of hot feed from the boiler primaries. There is red hot water from thermo pressure release valve near the top of the tank but...
  8. C

    Mineral wool blocking tank/pipes

    Hi all and i hope someone can verify what im thinking is wrong. Ok just before xmas i go to have a hot bath and theres no pressure at the running on economy 7 central heating with hot water cylinder.header in the attic. If i blow down the sink hot tap water comes out of the hot tap in...
  9. S

    Hot Water Problem

    Hi I would be very grateful to receive some ideas to resolve a problem I have with my hot water. I have 2 large Heatrae Sadia Megaflow cylinders fitted that are now around 12 years old (They are 250 or 280 cant recall which) Overkill for the house really! There are 2 immersion heaters fitted to...
  10. S

    Rd 532i combi boiler - no heating.

    Hi there, I have a rd 532i boiler that has stopped working yesterday. I still have hot water but I don't have any heating. The thermostat is electric (checked for battery) when I took the fascia off the boiler got an error code. I have checked the out door condensor pipe which is not...
  11. P

    Bizarre - Central Heating requires Hot Water to be active

    Just moved into a bungalow, about 15 years old. The heating programmer is a Drayton LP522 which in theory allows HW and CH to be controlled separately. However in practice if the HW circuit is not active and not demanding heat from the boiler, then the CH goes off. I can affect this by raising...
  12. S

    hot water/heating problem (again)

    in my house we have hot water and heating both on constant, but about a week ago they both suddenly stopped working. the pilot light was still lit in the boiler, so i power-cycled the programmer, mid position valve, and pump in the airing cupboard. i' managed to get the heating or hot water...
  13. M

    Bolier not firing for hot water

    Hi, About a week ago, our neighbour was having the waterpipe to his house replaced. As a result our water supply was cut off for a couple of hours whilst united utilities did the work. Since the water was turned back on, our boiler no longer works properly. The hot water no longer triggers the...
  14. C

    Systemate SP118 hot water problem

    Hi, I recently moved into this flat which has a maxol boiler and a systemate SP118 thermal storage unit. It looks like the whole setup was installed in 1997. The heating works really fine. But the hot water doesn't seem to be working. The boilor doesn't power on when the programmer turns on the...
  15. E

    Central heating still not working after 3 port valve replacement

    A week back our central heating wouldnt come on, with timer or switched to constant. The only way we could solve this problem was to run the central heating while the hot water was on and radiators worked fine. Through reading a lot of forums online and asking a plumber, we thought it would...
  16. C

    Cold water supply design

    Hi All, I am totally renovating my home i've just bought. We've ripped out al the plumbing plus had a new 25mm MPDE water main installed with good pressure. We're doing a loft conversion so there will be a total of 3 floors with 2 bathrooms (1 on each upper level). I am trying to design the...
  17. M

    Baxi Combi 80e, Water only warm, not hot.

    Evening all Recently moved house. New house has a Baxicombi 80e I had a problem with the hot water, the flow rate through the shower wasn't sufficient to trigger the hot water microswitch, unless I ran the washbasin tap first. Believed it to be the DHW Diaphragm, so replaced it. Genuine Baxi...
  18. J

    heatrae sadia, water stop flowing

    I have an heatrae sadia FBM water heater. recently, when the water is heating up, after its been on for 15-20 mins the water stop flowing. its starts to slow up and then stops completely. any ideas on how to fix it? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  19. G

    Potterton EP2001 to EP2 - CH work independently??

    Good Morning, I hope someone can help. We had a Potterton EP2001 programmer and Potterton PTT2 Cylinder Stat (along with PRT2 Room Stat). The PTT2 Cylinder Stat failed and was replaced with a Drayton HTS3 and the Programmer with the Potterton EP2. The Programmer front section was simply...