1. CJaneway69

    Hotpoint Fridge Freezer intermittently tripping power

    Hi This is my first time posting. I'm trying to find out the problem with my Hotpoint fridge freezer. Before Xmas, the power tripped. As time has gone on, we've determined that it's the fridge freezer. It's become more frequent now. When the door is opened (and not every time) the power trips...
  2. B

    Hotpoint Dishwasher not draining during programme

    Hi, I have a Hotpoint dwl-dea 701-b - it's approximately 3.5 years old. Recently the tap / water flow error light has been coming on intermittently. In the past 2 days the dishwasher has become dysfunctional, and the drain is refusing to work correctly. 1. Starting point for debugging is...
  3. M

    Hotpoint Freezer HF 1801 evaporator fan noise

    My Hotpoint HF1801 tall freezer has started making a noise right at the top of the freezer like fan blades hitting something. Just below the main control panel at the top of the freezer I can see a white plastic grill with some iced up pipes behind it. My guess is this is the evaporator and...
  4. S

    Hotpoint- ARMXXL 125 door lock rapid trigger

    Hello! My Hotpoint Ariston ARMXXL 125 washing machine door lock rapid trigger when push start button. I have tried new door lock, but same problem. Please help me.
  5. F

    Replacing a bottled gas cooker on a narrowboat

    Hi... I am moderately competent at any DIY and currently refitting my narrow boat with a new (bottled) gas cooker. The old one had a piezo igniter and worked fine. The info from the installation manual for new one and problems is given here below as the message I sent to Hotpoint (and their...
  6. P

    Hotpoint Aquarius DF61 Dishwasher

    I have a DF61 dishwasher with a problem. It turns on and starts its cycle but the dial stops turning around, and the machine just hums. It can be manually turned the full way around and I can hear it going through the different stages of its cycle, but won't turn through its cycle automatically...
  7. mpaxton78

    Hotpoint FF PCB programming costs

    PCB got water damaged some time ago and when Hotpoint came out that refused to repair it due to the associated risks. I can get a new PCB fairly cheap but is there any way to get Hotpoint to reprogram it without it costing me £100+ which is what it appears to cost if I go via D&G. FF is only 3...
  8. J

    Hotpoint Ultima washer does not spin

    The model number is RPD 9467 J. The program starts normally, except the drum does not rotate at all. After 10 minutes or so it shows F.01 The PCB was replaced recently through Hotpoint service. The lock indicator is showing up, so it's not a lock issue. The belt is fine I checked. The motor...
  9. H

    Hotpoint Fridge Freezer making loud noises

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand fridge freezer and carefully brought it home in a van. We noticed it started making loud noises once or twice a day, these are incredibly loud tapping or buzzing sounds followed by the freezer defrosting sounds I’m guessing (like ice cracking) and these I know...
  10. J

    Hotpoint WMD960 Ultima not starting (intermittent fault - no key symbol)

    Hi all, I have a ten year old WMD960, it's been going strong up till now. It had a new circuit board about 5/6 years ago and a other than that no problems really. However, over the last few weeks, it has been acting a little weird. When you press the start/play button nothing happens. No key...
  11. JD2012

    Hotpoint Aquarius Extra WMA64 1400 Spin - Broken Door Handle

    I have broken the Door handle on my Washing Machine the model stated above. Do I have to buy a complete new door or can you just buy the plastic part? The picture below is not the exact model but the panel is more or less the same.
  12. H

    Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P - Starts but then stops - Any ideas ?

    We are having problems with our Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P washer dryer. It will power on without any warning lights. We can select the programme, and start. It starts to fill with water and the drum starts turning. After a very short time it stops turning and nothing then happens at all...
  13. Dave Banner

    Hotpoint DWF 34 timer issues

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help I have dishwasher issues !! Timer goes to 199 on intensive, normal or economy washed and 53 on quick wash. Is it fixable guys ?? Thanks for taking the time to read.
  14. A

    Hotpoint dishwasher, Fairy Liquid disaster!

    Well... I very stupidly put washing up liquid into my Hotpoint Futura dishwasher when I ran out of tablets. After hearing a beeping from the kitchen I discovered a small amount of water leaking out of the front of the machine and the inside was a soapy mess. It hasn't worked since and I can't...
  15. N

    Hotpoint ctd80

    Hi All, can you help? My tumble dryer water container isn't collecting all of the water from the machine therefore water is pooling in the chamber. Any ideas as to why this is happening and what I can do about it? Many thanks. Nick
  16. S

    Mistral FF71N rear fan not working

    The original fan's armature within the fan motor had worn so I sourced a replacement. The original fan was wanting to spin but got stuck and squealed at each active cycle. I replaced the motor with the same type but now the fan isn't even willing to power up. Does a capacitor initialise the...
  17. adougl16

    Hotpoint WMA40 door won't lock

    Hello, While using my Hotpoint Aquarius WMA40 it made a bang and stopped working. The drum was full of water. I have drained it and checked all the waste pipes for blocks and changed the fuse. It will now switch on but won't go past the "door locked" stage. Door locked light flashes and as a...
  18. T

    Hotpoint ctd00 tripping electric

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my hotpoint ctd00 tripping the electric each time I try to turn it on. I've checked the pumps and pipes and they're clear and dry, cleared out as much lint from all the holes I can see. Filament is also dry. If I take off the panel that houses the filament and...
  19. andyr123

    why dont the Drum Lifters / Paddles go all the way front to back of drums on Indesit/Hotpoint ?

    I have a Hotpoint 8KG and an Indesit 9KG washing machine - both share same type and physical size of drum and lifters/paddles. Just wondering why the paddles dont stretch all the way from front to back of the drum. They come about 3/4 a way to front of the drum/door only and stop short. - Does...
  20. M

    Hotpoint DF22 dishwasher getting stuck mid-cycle (doubtless others with mechanical timer)

    Just thought I'd post here in the fond hope that it may save someone else some pain and suffering. I recently inherited a little-used and basic Hotpoint DF22 dishwasher from some friends who were re-working their kitchen. Looked tidy, and supposedly in good working order, so I had it all...