1. I

    ideal logic combi 30

    I have ideal logic combi 30. I have put the hot water setting to maximum heat and reduced the water pressure to very low but I am still getting luke warm water. Central heating is working fine. some one told me that it could be heat exchanger plate. I don't know much about these. any help would...
  2. T

    Radiator comes on with hot water

    Hello all, I've just had a new radiator installed and it comes on with the heating as expected but then also came on when the hot water came on without the heating. Ours is a system boiler worcester greenstar 30cdi with an unvented cylinder. The new radiator has been hung in the w/c on the...
  3. M

    Hot and cold bath tap

    our boiler pressure is dropping to 0 even after having the blender valve replaced, paid £80. Maybe 2weeks ago. This was when our pressure was at 0 and only cold water was coming out. Now my water is going hot and cold every 15/20 seconds from the bath tap. Any ideas only moved in a month ago
  4. M

    Baxi bermuda seems to be running at full tilt

    Hi there, I have recently moved into a new home which has a baxi bermuda installed, my aim is ultimately to replace the system but ideally not until next year. I have just had a new three way valve installed on the system as there was no hot water when we moved in, however, ever since doing...
  5. Bibby1

    Not so hot water

    Hi Not a plumber, but hoping for some advice before going out to get help in. One of our bathrooms seems to be losing hot water, taps get warm but then cool back down. Water still runs. No issues in any other rooms and c.heating works fine. The taps aren’t mixer, separate hot and cold. we’ve...
  6. A

    Keep power shower (off) with unvented cylinder

    I'm about to start the process of replacing my vented hot water tank with an unvented cylinder. Currently, I have a power shower installed (Aqualisa Aquastream). I've been told that I can't use that with an unvented cylinder. Would I be able to keep using it for a while if I simply unplug the...
  7. N

    Valiant Turbomax VUW 282 E - Hot Water

    Hi All, I need a little help with my boiler I have the Valiant Turbomax VUW 282 E It’s been working fine for a long time, I think the diverter was replaced ages ago. The only other thing that need replacing is the microswitch (126262) that starts the boiler for the hot water. I and have learnt...
  8. S

    Can’t get radiators to turn off

    Hi, As it’s now summer I’ve wanted to switch off my heating entirely. It’s a modern system in a new build house. I’ve got a control panel (that now shows heating as off, hot water still on fine). I noticed that some of my radiators were still hot - even though on their controls I had turned...
  9. R

    Boiler/ufh issue, please help

    I’ve had many engineers with no luck, please help! I am running a glow worm 30 HXI boiler, approx 3 years old. It is a three zone system - one zone is the underfloor heating consisting of 5 loops (approx. 35sqm room), another zone is the rads consisting of 7 rads (6 have TRV's) and the final...
  10. J

    Summer hot water... Oil or Electric?

    Hello all I'm wondering what the best way to heat my hot water over the summer would be. We have oil central heating which also heats the hot water. Now that it is summer the heating is generally not on, but I can have the oil boiler heat the hot water. However I was wondering if it is more...
  11. G

    Gloworm 24cx New PCB

    Hi, New PCB that i purchased comes up with F70 code (incompatible software). I have been made aware that i need to reset it, however Vaillant woudl only release info ofr GasSafe engineer. Anyone can help? The display has only 3 buttons, Mode, + and - Could not find any info in the manual...
  12. O

    CH/HW sudden breakdown - pump starts overheat

    Hi guys, I am in a new build. Central heating and hot water works perfectly. Apart from one radiator that only seems to be hot at the bottom. This radiator is the only radiator in the house that is without one of those 'temperature spinners'. First I tried bleeding it but there was no water...
  13. R

    Alpha CD28C

    Hi we have an alpha cd28c which was installed in 2009 and been fine, we get it serviced each year and all okay. Now its getting colder we switched on the heating which is working fine, the problem we are having is that when the heating is on the Hot water is luke warm at best and a shower or...