1. phykell

    Opening an Ikea Bottle Trap

    I dropped an item in the sink and it went down the plug hole. Unfortunately, it’s an Ikea sink and is fitted with usual woeful Ikea bottle trap. Although the bottom of it looks like the cap should be removable, I don’t seem to be able to unscrew it. Does anyone know if it can be removed and, if...
  2. J

    Wiring Ikea PS2014 Pendant Light with exisiting ceiling rose

    Hi all, New here and a novice with electrics but i have this light thats taking up space in my house so id like to put it up. Ive attached images (see below) of my existing ceiling rose and also the terminal box i intend to wire up. Yes i will turn the fuse box switch to the off position and...
  3. T

    Ikea kitchen sink and waste disposal

    Does anyone know what size the waste outlet (plug hole) is for a ikea stainless steel sink and will an insinkerator waste disposal fit? I am hoping to fit an insinkerator waste disposal unit to a ikea norrsjon sink.
  4. Maxlear

    extending outlet hose on IKEA dishwasher

    Hi there. Anyone out there who has any experience with extending outlet hose on IKEA dishwashers please? The current outlet hose is too short to reach my waste under the sink so I need to extend it. I have bought a standard 17mm/17mm outlet hose connector as well as extension hose but the...
  5. Maxlear

    extending IKEA dishwasher inlet hose

    HI there... I have bought IKEA dishwasher but the inlet hose is too short to reach my water supply under the sink. The inlet hose itself is built-in so there is no option to simply buy a new, longer one. How can I extend it please? Am I right to think I can buy male-to-male 3/4inch connector and...
  6. janieJones123

    Installing Ikea kitchen - Advice on cover panel for larder

    Hi all, I am looking for confirmation on how to attach a cover panel to the side of a 220cm tall larder cupboard, between a normal height base unit. This image shows that you do run a panel the entire height of the larder cupboard, then the worktop and cupboard door of the base unit finish...
  7. robodelfy

    IKEA kitchen, oven ventilation?

    I'm just installing my IKEA kitchen cabinets, I'm using my Neff oven, not an IKEA oven. The Metod cabinet for my oven has the little chipboard backing. It says nothing about removing this for the oven. Would you just not use this piece? It seems like it would only diminish ventilation...
  8. G

    Fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section - let me know if I should post elsewhere! Currently fitting a new IKEA kitchen, they come with the metal rails, which you fix to the wall and "hang" the cabinets onto...
  9. Stax1970

    Bathroom cabinet with lights now needs a switch fitted

    Not impressed with the communication and instructions on my new Ikea Storjorm Bathroom mirror cabinet. The cabinet has lights built in behind the glass doors. I fitted the cabinet to the wall and wired up the lights straight from the mains wire that was already there from the last cabinet. The...
  10. C

    Help retrofitting new thermostatic shower

    Hi there. I’m looking to replace our existing Aqualisa Colt shower with a new shower from IKEA. I thought it was going to be a simple replacement job but I’ve discovered they’re fitted in different ways. Our existing shower fits on with its own bracket and plastic ends just slip directly on to...
  11. L

    Fitting GU10 light bulbs into L1 sockets/fittings

    Just wanted to post a quick status on this since I couldn't find anything while googling. Basically, what happened was that I bought IKEA's smart bulbs with GU10 sockets, only to discover that they didn't fit in my ceiling socket even though they looked very alike. After discovering this...
  12. D

    Bathroom cabinets side by side?

    I'm looking to install mirrored bathroom cabinets, and due to needing around 2.3m width of wall to cover, struggling to find any single mirrored cabinet to buy that wide. So looking to maybe get a few units of one, and just hang them side by side. Problem is, will the doors get in the way of...
  13. samclarke666

    IKEA Light fitting hook

    Hi all. I'm sure this has been asked a million times but i'm really new to this and struggling. Bought a couple of lights from IKEA and had no idea you needed a hook in your ceiling! Our house has the standard ceiling rose screw fitting which seems like it's around 9/10cm. I need to buy 2...