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20 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all.

I'm sure this has been asked a million times but i'm really new to this and struggling.

Bought a couple of lights from IKEA and had no idea you needed a hook in your ceiling!

Our house has the standard ceiling rose screw fitting which seems like it's around 9/10cm.

I need to buy 2 ceiling rose hooks which screw into this mount but there seems to be way too many to chose from and i'm sure i'm going to buy the wrong one!

If someone can help guide me that would be amazing

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If the lights are the usual type with the flex twisted around a plastic clip, a couple of terminal blocks and a flimsy plastic cup to cover over the connections, then a better way is to dispose of that entirely and just connect the flex into the existing ceiling rose.

When visiting Ikea, there are two things to always remember:
1. Everything they sell has been made down to the cheapest possible price by removing everything that can be removed and making what's left out of the lowest cost materials.
2. Any part you expect to have supplied as standard will not be included and has to be purchased separately, so the price of the item is never the actual price.
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Unscrew your ceiling rose cap.
If you can see three wires - brown / blue / green yellow then these can be secured into a terminal block within the new fitting.
However - if you see many more wires (9) then this is a loop in system which needs more specialist knowledge and a refitting of the rose elsewhere preferably. Fiddling with this will give you a nightmare!
John :)
You can use a simple cup hook with a long thread, you will probably need to remove the ceiling rose as they rarely fit inside a the ikea fitting.You may need an electrician if you are unsure of wiring.
Hey Sam

I've just done EXACTLY the same thing, and bought an IKEA pendant lamp, got it home and realised they hanging hook they expect you to have, doesn't exist.


I removed the existing "cup" and cable, making note of where the LIVE / NEUTRAL cables were attached

I removed the plastic hanging bit from the end of the new IKEA lamp cable

I tried doing all of the steps below with a long cable, and the idea that you can tuck excess cable into the cup is tricky.... SO

I cut the hanging cable to length (for me, around 8" but obvs depends on your desired lamp height)

I stripped back the cable by 2"to reveal the LIVE / NEUTRAL wires, and then stripped back the ends by 1cm to reveal the copper inner

I then attached the plastic hanging bit again - just looping the cable through it


I originally tried mounting a hook just next to the ceiling rose, but unless you hang from directly in the centre, the lamp won't hang correctly.


I HALF unscrewed the 2 screws which hold the existing ceiling rose in place

I wrapped some picture hanging wire around one screw, then fed it through the plastic hanging bit, and then wrapped the other end around the other screw, and then re-screwed in the screws, forming a wire "hanger" for the pendant to hang from.

I then attached the LIVE / NEUTRAL cables into the ceiling rose where the previous cables had been

Seems to work! Best of luck

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