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26 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom

I've got an ikea pendant lamp which needs to hand on a hook. I've got a hook on a plate which screws into the ceiling. But it looks like useing the hook plate would mean removing the existing ceiling rose base and cover and dealing with the wiring.

I'm not sure of the best way to proceed, Can I put the hook plate over the ceiling rose plate, or I might be able to put a small hook straight through the plastic base plate itself. Either would mean doing without the ceiling rose cover. Would this be safe? The pendant fitting does have a plastic cup which pushes against the ceiling. Or should I put a hook next the ceiling rose? There might be enough space inside the plastic ceiling cup for this. Or is it a case of removing everything fitting the ceiling hook and finding out how to wire it all up.

Any advice welcome.

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You need to completely remove the ceiling Rose and terminate the wires in separate terminal blocks.
These then are located inside the cup.
Then screw your hook on the ceiling.
One thing that people never say is that you should mark any wires of the same colour in a distinct way and make sure that the marks appear in the picture. The problem is that once you've disconnected everything it can be difficult to know e.g. which red wire is which, unless they have been marked in some way.
Dont just connect all the reds/browns together and all the blacks/blues together, its a common mistake when removing the ceiling rose. As mentioned mark them somehow so you can connect them exactly as they are now, just going by the colours usually isn't enough.
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Re the marking of all the wires, before you even get to that stage take a bit of time to learn how lights are wired, so that you genuinely understand what's going on with all the different conductors.

Re the above:
It is probable that you are interested in

Replacing a ceiling rose with a light that only has L/N/E connections

which can be directly accessed at

While you have an ikea pendant lamp which needs to hang on a hook and the pendant fitting does have a plastic cup,
you might consider using one of these (https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/LDMC11E.html)

This is a ceiling rose replacement,
is supplied with an optional hook and
the lamp can be unplugged and taken down at any time - for cleaning.

(Also available in Chrome and Brass https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/tcl/search?query=Maestro+Plug+In+Ceiling+Rose&Submit=Search)
If the light is not too heavy, you could just use the rose in the normal way.
I did that with an Ikea light fitting - I liked the shade end but the rose end was the silly hook with the slide on cup. Just rewired into a standard MK pendant. The stupid cup things just slide down and look awful
I've got an ikea pendant lamp
How unfortunate. Other lighting suppliers are available.

which needs to hand on a hook.
Don't bother - just wire into the existing ceiling rose as already suggested.
Or even buy a new ceiling rose if the existing one is dirty / damaged / covered in paint or whatever.
Hook and wonky plastic cover go in the bin.
Maestro ceiling rose is the way to hang heavy lights. Already a link has been given.

I used one in mothers house and it makes it so easy.

Tried with hook and cover in father in laws house. Ended up unhooking it's self and while attempting to catch it I got a right belt. Just not worth cutting corners do it once and do it proper.

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