kitchen fitting

  1. F

    Belfast sink doesn’t fit - any advice?

    Hi- we recently replaced our kitchen doors to give the old kitchen a refresh, and replaced the stainless steel sink with a Belfast sink to match the new style. The sink we bought was the same dimension as the old one, but as it’s curved it doesn’t fit the space. Annoyingly the plumber broke the...
  2. S

    B&Q 1000 base unit for sink

    Hi, I’m currently fitting B&Q goodhome caraway kitchen base Units. I have a 1000 base unit which will be fitted as a straight corner and be used for a sink. Within their instructions they say to move the top back rail down the unit and cut out the top of the back panel if fitting a sink or...
  3. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Fitting Service Gone Wrong

    Hi Everyone, This thread has been invaluable to me the last few weeks. We have had an ongoing, 5 month saga with a B&Q kitchen fitting. The first fitters that attended were clearly not qualified and did virtually everything wrong. This needed to be assessed and refitted. The work included not...
  4. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Kitchen Fitting Problems - Next Course Of Action?

    Hi Everyone, This forum has been invaluable to me the last few weeks and I really appreciate all of the help I’ve been given regarding a variety of issues. We had a kitchen fitting with B&Q that has been plagued with issues for the get go. It’s now over four months since the fitting started...
  5. nbellyjnr

    Wooden Worktop Knot

    Hi, Hoping someone can help with this. I’ve just had a wooden worktop fitted by B&Q and after it has been oiled, I’ve notice a knot (hole) in the surface. The fitter has said it’s really common and just to leave it. Does it need filled? Should it be there in the first place? Thanks
  6. A

    Chips on New Kitchen installed

    Hi All, I’m currently having a new kitchen installed and noticed quite a few chips in the worktop and in the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. I flagged this up to the builder who tells me he’ll fix it but he has just painted over the chips. Am I being too pedantic in asking for these to be...
  7. leaf17

    Fitting kitchen around a pillar

    Hi all, Just started fitting our new units from DIY Kitchens. There's a pillar that comes out of the wall by 11cm and is 66cm wide. I'll have to cut out the back of 3 units to accommodate the pillar. Not too worried about the tall unit and base unit, but not sure how to deal with the wall unit...
  8. G

    How to cut plinth when floor is out

    Hi, Im fitting a kitchen kickboard, the floor is uneven , Ive read to trim the top off not the bottom, but then my joints will not be quite square, is that the correct way to do it ? thanks
  9. G

    should I use foil tape above oven ?

    Ive fitted a kitchen, just about to install hob and oven, do I need to use foil tape above the oven ? Also does it need to be a certain type ? eg fire resistant ? I found some in my garage from years ago will that do ? I had to remove the front support on the oven unit , should I add a bit...
  10. G

    how do kitchen plinth drawers work ?

    I have the plastic plinth drawer ( from magnet) on the runners under the oven cabinet, how can I remove it to fit the section of plinth and narrower drawer part ? is it supposed to come out like the other soft close drawers ?
  11. G

    whats the best glue for a laminate worktop joint ?

    should I use contact adhesive ?
  12. G

    can I remove top front section of oven unit ?

    Im fitting a hob but it is thicker than the worktop so I could do with removing the front upper section of the cabinet. If I do should I do something to strengthen it or deflect heat from the worktop ? eg reflective tape ? thanks
  13. G

    should I fit tap in worktop or sink ?

    My daughter has bought a very small ikea sink for the kitchen, its shown with a tap fitted in the worktop. Would I be better to stick to that or cut a hole in the sink for it ?
  14. G

    how to strengthen kitchen corner cabinet

    Hi, Im going to butt join a worktop where it meets over a corner cabinet , the trouble is the cabinet top isnt very strong or supportive. Theres no carousel or anything in it. I was wondering if I should try to strengthen it somehow, maybe by adding some kind of post ?
  15. G

    Can I butt joint square edge laminate worktop

    I was planning on removing the edging and using the cut edge to butt join to it, but Ive offered it up and it looks ok using the edges leaving the laminate on. Is there any reason I cant do this if I cut the dog bone shapes underneath and clamp it together ? Maybe using contact adhesive too...
  16. G

    Any kitchen fitting tips please ?

    Hi, I have a basic diy knowledge and am looking to fit a small l shape kitchen. I was wondering if there are any tips or good videos / web pages please. Questions that occur to me are, would you normally start with wall or base units ? I only have a small spirit level, but I know its...