kitchen installation

  1. R

    900mm gas hob above 1000mm drawer unit install

    Hi all, Have a 900mm gas hob that I need to install on a 1000mm set of pan drawers. But as I see it, the width of the hob means I would have to cut out most of the support at the front of the unit to be able to fit it in because of it's depth. Have a 20mm work surface which is easy enough to...
  2. DerMitchie

    Concreted Gully

    Hi there, We moved into a victorian property a couple of years ago, which already had a wrap around extension built in the 70's. The kitchen wastes run alongside an internal wall and then through what would have been the external wall at the back and down into what is now a concreted floor...
  3. janieJones123

    Affixing end panel between dishwasher and range cooker

    I am installing an Ikea kitchen and am getting one of their custom ceramic worktops installed. I will be having my dishwasher and range cooker side by side, so they told me I need to install a cover panel between the two for additional support for the worktop. However this needs to be...
  4. janieJones123

    Building a half stud wall for kitchen cabinets

    Hi everyone, I am getting a new kitchen installed and need to build a half height stud wall to attach some floor cabinets onto. The kitchen is going to be from Ikea. In the attached photos from the planner, I will only be building the half height part, the other small bit of wall already...
  5. C

    Under cabinet LEDs running too hot?

    Sorry, this isn't strictly DIY but I thought people here might know. I recently had a new kitchen installed. The cabinets have 2.6W Sycamore LEDs recessed into the undersides to cast light over the worktop. However, I soon noticed that the insides of the cabinets were getting pretty hot when the...
  6. M

    Granite / Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters, Measuring / Template and Installation.

    Hi Guys, I am just wondering if anyone out there knows of any Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters in the area. Due to personal health issues, the majority of my kitchen refurb budget was spent on my health costs treatment. I still have some funds left, though, not enough for the...
  7. M

    Seal worktop sink cutout

    Hi all, Looking to seal the rough cut, open chipboard of laminate worktop. I know that regular PVA glue isn’t waterproof but you can get a waterproof PVA. Many suggestions like SBR and varnish but looking for quick setting stuff. Noticed Everbuild D4 Wood Glue as in this link...
  8. D

    attaching upper kitchen cupboard unit to stramit wall

    Basically just wondering how to attach a kitchen cupboard unit to a wall that is filled with stramit (straw). Anybody had any experience with this stuff? thanks
  9. L

    Where to vent cooker hood ducting

    I'm not yet onto doing our kitchen, however I will have the floors in the bathroom above the kitchen up for replacement before then, and so I want to take the opportunity to get some ducting put there while I can for the eventual cooker hood. I had in mind to take the hood outlet up, 90 turn...
  10. C

    Ikea kitchen suspension rail screw

    Hi there, I'm in the process of fitting an ikea kitchen (we've had all our services modified to accomedate ikeas lake of service void) and am about to start fitting the rail systems. In the instructions it states that you shouldn't use counter sunk screws, and instead use either pan or flanged...
  11. C

    kitchen hinge - wide opening

    I can't find or even seem to identify a replacement for this hinge - any ideas where I can get a couple?
  12. The Mrs

    Help with installing a Howden's kitchen

    Dear all, My husband and I are putting in a new Howden's kitchen, and there is one small problem, which that is we have never put a kitchen in before (so you might ask how we got a Howden's kitchen? Well I have an account, they asked if we were 'in the trade', I am in a trade, just not a...