kitchen worktop

  1. K

    Kitchen worktop refresh

    Hello! A friend has just moved into a flat that has a kitchen that is ‘tired’. Replacing the kitchen or even worktop is not an option. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I (as a diyer) could refresh the worktops? Vinyl looks a bit too thin, but is there anything similar available that is...
  2. E

    Compact laminate butt joint

    Hello all, would appreciate some advice here. I have a contractor doing house renovations. Bought a u shaped kitchen which he is fitting but he is struggling with the Compact Laminate joints (butt joint). The joints have a visible gap which is an eyesore and far from the seamless look I...
  3. RustyHAT

    Split/swollen upstand edge laminate

    Hi all, first time poster. I am wondering if anybody has any solutions for this without replacing the upstand? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. L

    Cover up / minimise appearance of damage to kitchen worktop

    I’ve just moved into a rented flat where the previous tenants have done quite a bit of damage. There are three holes/chips in the worktop next to the hob (see picture). Any idea how I can make these seem less noticeable please? I’m not very experienced with DIY so a less effective solution...
  5. P

    Quartz Worktops - Grosvenor Granite and others

    Hi everyone We're in the midst of an extension / kitchen remodel and need to make a decision on worktop. We're having a 3500 run of cupboards and a 2400x1200 island. Just two cutouts for sink (inset so no drainage grooves or anything like that) and hob. We've chosen the quartz we want...
  6. G

    any ideas for crumbling worktop ?

    Hi, the underneath edge of my worktop is chipping away as they do after some tine. I wondered if theres something I can do to prevent it crumbling for a while ? I thought obviously paint it or maybe a small 90 degree trim of some sort ? any ideas please ?
  7. G

    how to strengthen kitchen corner cabinet

    Hi, Im going to butt join a worktop where it meets over a corner cabinet , the trouble is the cabinet top isnt very strong or supportive. Theres no carousel or anything in it. I was wondering if I should try to strengthen it somehow, maybe by adding some kind of post ?
  8. G

    kitchen worktop jointing square edge

    Hi, I need to do s joint on a square edge laminate worktop. Ive seen a video where a kitchen fitter heats up the edge of the worktop and strips it with a chisel , then sands the glue away and joins it. It looks quite easy, is this the best way ? I will still need a router to cut the channels...
  9. B

    Howden Kitchen Worktops

    We have recently moved house and inherited a lovely Howden wooden Kitchen worktop. I wondered if there maybe an existing link with advice re maintanace ie - Frequeny of oiling. - Method of application. - What not to put on surface (ie saucepans!) Also, at the moment the surface is slightly...
  10. L

    Suffed/scrached worktop repolishing

    Ill get some pictures added asap, but untill then im hoping to repair a black laminate worktop that has been scuffed and lightly scrached to the point where some areas are looking more of a misty grey colour. Is there any kind of polish/product that can get the worktop back to black?
  11. M

    Granite / Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters, Measuring / Template and Installation.

    Hi Guys, I am just wondering if anyone out there knows of any Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters in the area. Due to personal health issues, the majority of my kitchen refurb budget was spent on my health costs treatment. I still have some funds left, though, not enough for the...
  12. K

    What is Howdens Prime Worktop Oil?

    Hi Folks, I have a kitchen worktop that needs to be re-oiled. It was originally oiled with Howdens' Prime Worktop Oil, which has lasted well. I'd like to re-oil it with the same, but since Howdens are refusing to sell to me as I'm not trade, and are also quite grumpy and refusing to discuss...