Howden Kitchen Worktops

15 Sep 2018
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United Kingdom
We have recently moved house and inherited a lovely Howden wooden Kitchen worktop.

I wondered if there maybe an existing link with advice re maintanace ie

- Frequeny of oiling.
- Method of application.
- What not to put on surface (ie saucepans!)

Also, at the moment the surface is slightly gummy. Is this normal?
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Contact Howdens and ask them for an operation and maintenance manual. They should be able to either email you something or there should be something online that you can download for it if it's still being sold.
Its a worktop marra not an aircraft.:whistle:

Part of my previous job involved compiling manuals for clients based on what was installed. That involved me having to source manuals for just about every component that was installed. There is a discrepency where suppliers don't manufacture their own components (which occurs most of the time) as it means one has to go back to the manufacturer to source the details, and sometimes it isn't at all obvious who the manufacturer is.
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The best advice is: dry around the sink constantly, all day everyday!

And save up for granite :sneaky:
I have a Howdens oak worktop about 12yrs old now. The sink sealing is always the weakest point as no matter how much we wipe things down, water will eventually get through the seal.
Make sure the fitters apply several coats of good wood oil around all the sink cutout surfaces before fitting.
I make a point of removing the sink every 3/4yrs and give it a good sanding and oiling.
Always comes up a treat and still looks like new :)
Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Any thoughts re application frequency - annual/every 2/3 years ?
Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Any thoughts re application frequency - annual/every 2/3 years ?

If the top is looking tired and washed out I'd consider doing it then, otherwise every other year possibly. Howdens supply oils for retreating which you may want to look at on their site. Otherwise I'd consider looking at osmo products.
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