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    lead work - fit into a wall or not?

    Hi All, I am going to render the walls after my Extention completion. The question is - I'm extending the backside kitchen (single floor), for the roof, do I need to fit the lead into the wall and cement it? my roofer says just nail to the wall and render will cover that and no water will go...
  2. T

    Is this a gas pipe or water pipe?

    My gas meter has lead pipes coming off it. I need some work doing, but new regulations say that lead pipes cannot be connected to copper pipes. My boiler however has copper pipes coming off it. So, somewhere the copper pipes must have joined the lead pipes before the law made such connections...
  3. L

    Where's the water coming from??

    Hi , The boxed in support beam in my kitchen had water coming in. The hole in pic was made to see where exactly the water was coming from (photo attached). I've been told three different things - that it's because there is probably no tray in the cavity wall, that it's the render, that it's the...
  4. S

    Copper or Lead pipe

    Looks like copper underneath but looks like lead on top
  5. R

    How to make safe stained glass (exposed lead)

    Hello all, can anyone recommend a way to reliably seal the lead on internal stained glass windows/doors to keep them safe from small hands (and mouths!)? Also to prevent lead dust. I've attached an example of one of my doors. I know I could fit additional glass over and around but wondered if...
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    Query CAT scan for utilities

    Hi, first post here. I'm in the process of swapping out a lead water main for MDPE and replacing Cast iron and clay drainage. I've hired a CAT and genny to try and locate the existing utilities, but I'm not sure about the results. With the genny attached, the services seem easy to detect, but...
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    Is this normal!?

    Had a new roof done and I'm a little concerned as to the standard of finish. Is this normal!? New home owner and first time employing a roofer, so Im not sure what it should look like, flashing and pointing wise.
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    Ceramic Ceiling rose?

    I recently installed a loft light in preparation for adding extra insulation. While I was up there, I thought it would be a good idea to remove some old cables the electricians had left during a rewire. There's lots of lead wiring and even hollow lead tubing, which I assume is for gas lights (I...
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    Flashing headscratcher...

    Hi all, this has been an excellent resource. I'm posting for the first time (please go easy) We have a conservatory (south facing) with interlocking profile tiles. A cover flashing was applied on roof construction with no soaker or hidden gutter. The lead did not extend the required min of...
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    woodburner flashing leak easy fix?

    Hi - woodburner - stainless pipe through roof via lead flashing - has storm collar - ok for several years now (after some external sealing with grey lead sealant) though now leaking a bit in intense rain between the double wall pipe and the lead tube. (suspect through rain bouncing off roof...
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    DIY Lead Flashing - Opinions Please?

    Hi All, Recently added a new single storey extension with a gable style roof that abuts the existing house wall. I took a gamble, and decided to have a stab at doing the step and cover flashing myself. I knew it was a risk. Now hlat the point of boarding it out, however I decided to do one...
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    Chips / Flaking in Lead Paintwork - Advice Needed!

    Hi, I have a mid 1940s house so am assuming that the wooden skirtings, door frames etc are likely to contain lead... Should I be worried that many areas have chips exposing bare wood underneath and a few areas are flaky, potentially exposing my family to lead? (I used to think that as long as...
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    Dismantle cast iron/lead socket joint

    I want to remove a swan neck fitting from the top of a cast iron soil stack which is about 4"/100 mm diameter. This piece attaches to the vertical stack with a lead-sealed socket joint (see sketch). How can I dismantle this joint? I don't want to damage any of the main vertical pipe, including...
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    New water main requires digging up neighbours garden

    Hi all. I had Bristol water over today to assess my lead replacement. Our water supply is shared with the neighbours (possibly 2 other houses) and is connected in front of their front garden (victorian terrace). Bristol water said we would only qualify for the free connection if we brought the...
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    Lead replacement - Is this quote in the ball park?

    Ive had a quote to replace lead which is between the house and a flat fibreglass roof (which is also a fairly large balcony area). The original lead, I am told, was installed wrong, as it wasnt split in to sections to allow thermal expansion and contraction, so it has split. It also seems to...
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    Flashing into stone

    I’m about to start work on converting and extending an old stone barn. Ground floor extension is due to be flashed into a round stone wall (external of turret style room) for a short section above the door (see picture). Surface of stonework is irregular and curved (see picture) which makes...
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    Gully lead set up?

    My gully was never put in correctly and has always been iffy, I'll have to bite the bullet and get it replaced. The run is long and has rolled joints when apparently it should have steps to accommodate sliding laps. The lead is sat on a membrane (on top of ply) but I was wondering wether a...
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    Gloss lead paint

    In my house the wood has all been painted with a gloss lead paint. The doors, the skirting and the windows. I know I cant paint directly over the gloss and I dont want to sand it because of the dust and with it being lead paint. I have seen a few people recommend primers but wondered what...
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    Is this flashing acceptable?

    hi. Yesterday the builder finished the roof on our extension. I was slightly concerned to see these gaps at the nose of each tile as the flashing steps down the pitch. Potential for water ingress with rain/wind and insect entry?? Any advice would be greatly received. Many thanks.
  20. J

    How on earth do I actually fit a C100 Simulated Flashing?

    Hey Folks! I am about to fit a new fibreglass roof and i've got the whole sequence down except this one piece. I've fitted lead flashings before and understand how they go in, but I'm looking at these fibreglass replacements and i'm filled with trepidation. I'm hoping someone can put me out...