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    Leaky tub faucet

    My bathtub faucet is leaking. I have closed the mains and removed the only screw. This is on the cold/hot regulation handle. I see this now but I am not sure how I am supposed to extract the cartridge. Can you help please?
  2. K

    Water leak through extractor fan or Roof?

    Hi All, New house and the top floor corner wall was soft to touch and being curious I pulled away at it and found a small hole directly going into the loft. Went up there and found patches and marks around extractor fan and looks like the plasterboard has water damage. I can't quite tell if...
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    Pressure gauge leaking

    Hi I have a pressure gauge on the outside pipe just before it enters our house. It has started leak. Is it just a case of turning the water off then swapping it for a new one. Do I even need a pressure gauge or could I just close it off? Thanks in advance Kev
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    Damp stains and leakage in a newly built house

    Hi there, Since we moved in to a newly built house we noticed annoying damp stains, patches and the paint crumbling in a living room floor are - you can see it from the staircase. We've been trying to establish the potential cause of the issue and we failed. Had a plumber testing our boiler...
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    Advice Wanted; Carpet under washing machine

    Hi, I’ve got this really small utility room I’m building a diy riser in, to raise the washing machine up a little. The room has recently been carpeted and I’ve read online about being careful or cautious in case of any possible unforeseen leaks from the machine. The carpet is underlaid and all...
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    HIU double check valve leaking

    I am currently in a process purchasing a property and just realise it seems to be a leakage on the pipe connecting the HIU (Heat Interface Unit, transfers communal boiler to individual apartment then reheat the water). I have done some research and it looks like the double check valve. You may...
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    Bathroom Extractor Fan Issues

    Hi, Looking for some advice. Having an issue with bathroom extractor fan in a 2 year old house. After noticing some staining on the roof around the fan we had a look in the loft and found the ducting full of water. The duct lies horizontally for about 2 metres then vertically for about 2.5...
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    Help me identify this broken pipe- water leaking along the external wall

    Hello I have urgently have to change this broken pipe but dont know the name of it and what tools are needed to fix it . Its external pipe that comes from the kitchen .At the moment water runs along the walls instead to the drain. As Im complete newbie , I feel overwhelmed by the choice of...