led bulbs

  1. F

    Quinetic receiver

    I'm looking into using Quinetic receivers for lighting and see a lot of entries on the forum. But I can't find an answer so hoping a user can help. Does the receiver require a minimum load for the lighting. I've had problems with electronic switches before when using standard mains LED lamps...
  2. L

    Replacing LED bulbs and can't find an alternative

    Hi, I've recently moved into a new home and the previous owner has LED's in all the bedrooms and within several weeks some of them have blown (about 3). I've removed one of the bulbs and can see ETON GU5050D WW 240V 50Hz Dimmable. I've been online and even if I search for GU5050D all I get...
  3. S

    how do I change LED bulb

    I cannot find how to replace the bulb (picture attached). The housing pulls down around 1 cm. There are no clips or springs etc visible to me. The metal rim does not seem to unscrew - unwilling to use excessive force without knowing that that is the correct thing to do. Any advice?
  4. D

    Help Removing LED bathroom light

    Hi, I've an LED light in my bathroom that's failing. I was going to remove it but not sure how, and don't want to damage the fitting. Unlike my kitchen leds which have a twist fitting, the bathroom one has a silver (ish) ring around it. I've turned this anti-clockwise to pull it off but am not...
  5. ChrisinShropshire

    Choosing the right led bulb.

    I have been looking at replacement luminaries for the wall outside our French windows. For the ones we like, the box says E27, 10 W led. The data sheet on the manufacturer's website says 60W max. I presume the 60W limit is due to heat build up from an incandescent bulb within the enclosed...
  6. Mist78

    Led dimming

    Can somebody help me understand what my dimmer is capable of please? I've recently ordered an aurora aone 250w smart dimmer (because I'm tired of my smart bulbs becoming inaccessible when people flick the switch, so this way I just use normal dimmable bulbs). The minimum load is 10w, the...
  7. Hayabslee

    MR16 to LED no driver

    Hi all...first timer, be gentle :D We recently moved into our new house where the previous owners went spotlight crazy in every room .I hate the things but can't be bothered to get rid of them yet. Anyway... All the bulbs were 50w halogen MR16. I want to change all bulbs to LED to save money...
  8. D

    LED on 5amp circuit

    I am a novice when it comes to the 5amp circuits and LED bulbs We have a 5 amp circuit for lighting in one room with no dimmer attached. We plugged a lamp with a dimmable 6w LED bulb (it was the only bulb we had) into the 5amp circuit. The light from the bulb was significantly less than when we...
  9. T

    Change the bulb in my LED spots

    Hi, One of the LED spots in my kitchen has gone (after only 4-5 years?) I'm trying to replace the 'bulb' but I can't see how, it looks like the whole fitting needs replacing, which is just insane. Make/model: AURORA AU-FRLD913. Images below:
  10. StephenStephen

    Does it matter which way round I connect an LED dimmable bulb?

    Hi all, I've 4 wall lights with these bulbs: 5 Watt G9 LED Bulb - 36x SMD5050 Warm White Dimmable G9/5050SMD/WWD Wired to a dimmer switch They were working fine, I took them off to paint the walls, and can't remember which way round to reconnect them (and who know where I put the piece of...
  11. W

    18 LED bulbs in to 2-gang dimmer... help please

    Hey there! I have an open plan kitchen-dining room, each has a 3x3 grid of spot lights with LEDs. 9 LEDs per room, 18 in total, all going in to a 2-gang dimmer switch (so each knob controls 9 LEDs). Now, when I first moved in a few years ago, I swapped all the halogens in the house (every...
  12. eveares

    "Replacing Non-Dimmable LED's with Dimmable LED's due to No Earth" - Not my Words!

    Just a quick post that some on here may find amusing. The other day I replaced the non-dimmable LED light bulbs in the living room and downstairs hallway with dimmable counterparts as they can be used with automated Z-Wave switches what don't require a neutral connection. (Hallway and Living...