lining paper

  1. A

    Thinning down vinyl matt emulsion

    Hi, Can I thin out some vinyl matt emulsion paint with water to paint a first coat over some new lining paper? The paper is quite absorbent so I was thinking maybe water down the paint for the first coat? what ratio to water down? Any advise appreciated?
  2. A

    Zinsser perma white over lining paper

    I've pasted some fresh 1700 grade lining paper. Is zinsser perma white suitable to paint over lining paper and do I need to thin the first coat when painting fresh lining paper of such a heavy grade?
  3. A

    Painting on top of wallpaper backing paper

    I've removed the top layer of some wallpaper which has left its backing paper. Underneath the backing paper is lining paper. Can I paint over the wallpaper backing paper or I'm I going to have to strip back to the plaster, reline it again and then paint? Please note I can't paint directly...
  4. M

    2 Coats Emulsion?

    Hi I skimmed a wall after a repair job and then put wallrock lining paper on. I then bought a 2.5l tin of Laura Ashley pale linen paint. Fine. Then the mrs said the lining paper looked so good why dont we put it on the other walls?. I agreed. However now I have relaised that I don't now think...
  5. S

    Lining paper fail on bad filler

    Hi everyone- new to this site as a poster but have lurked many times and found it useful. Cant find anything specific to this issue and was hoping someone could help Have used wallrock fibreliner previously in our master bedroom (in the same house) with amazing, close to skim coat of plaster...
  6. M

    Thermal KV600 for loft conversion cold spots?

    We are having a L shaped loft conversion done with wet, between joist, under floor heating. As we are installing carpets (2.2 combined tog) the UFH supplier warned us about heat loss with regards to warm up time performance. We have 100mm PIR everywhere, but there are lot of battens and two...
  7. B

    Masonry paint on internal walls

    Im about to start a small project making an office space in a small room/large cupboard under the stairs. The previous owner seemed to have painted the plastered walls with masonary paint. I want a smooth finish on the walls and am wondering how i should go about removing the paint? will it...
  8. C

    Lath & plaster ceiling & cornice - repair and paint in old Victorian house

    Hi all, I have a lath & plaster cracked ceiling repair to do and I need some advice on how to best tackle this problem. The cracks extend to the cornice as well, so those cracks need to be filled, made good and painted as well. Originally, the hall ceiling was covered with woodchip wallpaper. I...
  9. Derekbirmingham

    Where to start wallpapering

    hello people ive been spending ages stripping and filling and sanding spare bedroom..this weekend im gonna start hanging 1400 plain paper.. First time wallpapering,from the photo,where would i start with first piece,on the corner marked by the bedroom door and wrap around the corner 12”.. Im in...
  10. C

    Painting Lining Paper

    Hi, A few years back I covered our walls with heavy duty lining paper as the plaster was ok but not perfect enough for painting. I was careful to let the paste soak on each piece of paper for 15 mins per run, before hanging then I made sure I carefully butted each piece bang on with no...
  11. C

    New lining paper pulling off plaster

    Hello all, My husband and FIL did a great job putting up 1400 grade lining paper in a bedroom. The walls were thoroughly prepped, filled, rubbed and sized, the paper soaked and sealed with base coat after hanging, and everything nicely done. They used the method of leaving a small gap between...
  12. N

    Do I need to prime lining paper before painting it?

    Hello, I've just finished hanging 1700 grade lining paper in one of my rooms, which I plan to paint directly onto, and it looks great. My question is, do I need to prime the lining paper before I put the emulsion on? I've already purchased a multi-surface primer, as I thought it would be...
  13. T

    Thermal lining paper

    hi I am decorating my living room. Having stripped back all the old wallpaper and lining, the original plaster underneath is surprisingly good nick - it is not the flattest, but generally still all sound and attached the wall. There is a picture rail too which I don't want to remove. I have...